A Beautiful Relationship (Part 18)


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Part 18……
“You have fallen in love Bhai” Sanskar heard a voice and turned to see Laksh smirking at him.
He immediately threw the cigarette and put on a gum.
“What are you talking about Lucky” Sanskar asked as if he was deaf.
“Bhai Don’t try to hide your feelings from yourself I know that you love Shona very much See even now I can see a spark in your eyes when I say her name Bhai I know I can’t tell you how it feels but just close your eyes for a second you will get your answer” Laksh said.
Sanskar took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He saw a girl wearing a beautiful saree standing along the river bank. He just stood there and when she turned his eyes feel on her beautiful black eyes which is a mirror of her heart. Then her cute lips which always gets in between her teeth which makes it to look more tender.
Sanskar opened his eyes with a big smile on his face and hugged Laksh tightly.
“God man I love her Lucky I love Swara Yahoo……” Sanskar shouted and started jumping with Laksh.

“Bhai…… Bhai calm down relax Ok I know that you are a love stricken boy so keep calm” Laksh said.
“But Lucky what about Swara does she love me what if…..”
“That’s in your hand Bhai you have to make her realise her love for you so All the best it’s already late My Rago will be waiting for me” Laksh said dramatically and went to sleep.
In GH……..
Swara looked at Ragini in horror and started to bite her lower lip. “Shona what happened why are doing this anything serious” Ragini asked worriedly.
“Nah Rago I was just think about Ap Maa and Suju Maa that’s it you suddenly called me na so I got scared” Swara said and let out a deep sigh.
“Ok leave all that I saw Sanskar dragging you outside what is the matter” Ragini asked rising her eyebrows.

“Rago why you always stress your this little brain don’t think too much it’s already late go sleep or else my Bhai cum Jiju will be upset” Swara said winking at her which made Ragini to blush.
Next Day……
In MM…..
Sanskar and Laksh both are sleeping peacefully when Laksh cuddled more into Sanskar.
“Oh Rago I missed you so much”
“Arre Shona come more close na I missed you so much” Sanskar said and hugged Laksh tightly which made him to wake up. When he saw Sanskar trying to kiss him he shouted and fell down which made Sanskar to wake up.
“Bhai what the hell are you trying to rape me” Laksh asked innocently while Sanskar scratched his head.

“Lucky it’s not me it was you who cuddled Ok don’t act innocent” Sanskar said with fake anger.
“Hey Bhagwan Plz make Shona realise soon so that I will be saved for my Rago as virgin” Laksh said dramatically wiping his fake tears causing Sanskar to roll his eyes.
Laksh went to his room to get fresh and as usual Sanskar went to the balcony puffing his slow poison with great pleasure. He looked at with a grateful eyes.
“If you were not with me these many years I don’t know how could I been survived”
After his routine he got down to see Laksh running behind Chatpata that is Ragini. What on Earth she is doing here he thought so he stopped Laksh.
“Bhai leave me my life is in grave danger” Laksh said trying to run.
“Laksh calm down and tell me”
“Bhai yesterday I thought to make Rago jealous and flirted with a girl she got jealous”
“Then what”
“She just came and said that I can flirt as much I want but before that she will tell papa about college affairs I got she is joking but now she came here telling me that she going to do it” Laksh said and got off from Sanskar to save his love.
Sanskar just shook his head thinking about this unique people who doesn’t leave a chance to surprise each other. As Sanskar descended the steps a familiar scent which drives him crossed his nostrils. A light morning dew fragrance which is the only smell he always wanted to be smelled by him throughout his life. He saw her the one who made his wonderful nights as sleepless one drives him crazy with her single look. Yes Swara sitting in the lounge waiting for Ragini to come.
Swara’s heart starts to beat faster which is the sign she gets whenever Sanskar is near her. She bite her lower lip to keep her gaze low because if once she looks at his brown orbs she lose all her senses and wants to be in his arms forever. Both of their trance broke when they heard a rattling sound from kitchen.
Swara went towards the kitchen and Sanskar followed her. Swara saw Ap siting on the floor and Suju giving her water. Immediately Swara went inside.
“Maa what happened”

“Nothing Shona just felt dizzy” Ap said and tries to get up.
“Hey Bhagwan today we have to finish this food” Suju said worriedly.
“What food Suju Maa” Swara asked.
“Vo Shona every Sunday me and Jiji will cook food for the children in the near by orphanage but it’s already late and nothing is prepared” Suju said looking at the clock. Sanskar came forward to give solution.
“Mom let’s order outside I think we can’t prepare in one hour and Dad Badepapa will reach in sometime for dinner” Sanskar said.
“No…..No…… the children will find the difference in food Suju Maa you take Maa outside and Ji you plz call Rago and Lucky” Swara said and Sanskar nodded.

Ragini and Lucky came down with Ragini giggling and Laksh with fake anger. But soon the mouth watering smell surrounds the air.
Sanskar came to them “Swara asked you both to meet her in the kitchen” Sanskar said. But the trio went and saw Ap,Suju looking at Swara and She without any help preparing the food.
Ragini went inside “Shona….”
“Hasan Rago plz cut this fruits and give it to Maa and Uncle and Lucky plz get me things from store room” Swara said gave the work to them.
“Shona beta let me help you” Suju said but Swara stopped her.

“Maa you plz relax I will look after the work” Swara said.
Ap and Suju but to argue when Ragini explained them.
“Aunty she won’t take help from anyone in the house also hardly Maa and Dadi let her do work but now she got the work na let her do it this will only give her happiness” Ragini looking at Swara. Ap and Suju felt sad as they came to know about her struggle. Suju turned and saw Sanskar who is admiring Swara leaning on the door. Suju shifted her gaze to Swara and then Sanskar. Then only it strikes her mind.
“Ohho A love story is blooming here Let’s wait and watch what is happening” Suju thought and smiled thinking about them together.

Precap: Surprise

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