A Beautiful Relationship (Part 17)(Sanskar’s Realization)


Part 17…….
Swara looked at the both man who are ripping each other through their eyes and freed herself from Sanskar.
“Yudh thank you so much for what you did in the college” Swara said and she could feel Sanskar’s gaze on her.
“It’s ok Shona it’s my duty to safeguard you from all” Yudh said looking at Sanskar while he got what Yudh means.
“Mr. Kuruvilla the party is going on inside I think you must leave” Sanskar holding Swara’s hand.
“Yes Mr. Maheswari I think we will see again” Yudh said and left. The next minute Sanskar dragged Swara far from the mansion and entered the garden house.
“Ji what are you doing leave me” Swara said but Sanskar didn’t gave a heed to her. He pushed her inside and locked the door.
“What was that haan” Sanskar asked walking towards her.
“Wh…..What are you asking for” Swara shuttered in nervous.
“You know very well Swara about what I am talking how do you know Yudh” Sanskar asked standing close to her.
“Yes….yesterday when I was in the library one guy flirted with me and Yudh rescued me from him” Swara said looking at the floor.
Sanskar lifts her face grabbing her cheeks in his hand and moved closer to her.
“Is it then about that Shona only your dearest calls you that listen If I see that jerk around you I will screw him” Sanskar said in dangerous low voice.
“Why and who are you to tell me that and what is that behaviour in front of Yudh who are you huh” Swara jerks his hand in anger and walks past him but Sanskar holds her wrist and twist it backwards and pulls her towards him.
“Because you are my everything Swara like wise I am your everything did you get that” Sanskar said in low husky voice which made Swara shiver.
He leaves her hand and walks out in the same jealous face.

In the party also whenever Yudh tries to be near Swara she feels Sanskar’s gaze on her.
Raglak saw this and felt something fishy.
“Unlucky Boy something happened between them we planned something and another thing is happening”
“Haan Rago I am also thinking about it” Laksh said.
“Which means both love each other but didn’t realise it” Raglak said it chorus.
“No never ever I will accept that Arrogant Cow for my Shona” Ragini grunted.
“Excuse me he is my Bhai why are you always accusing him do you know how much he suffered today Bhai is with us happily dancing around our house like before is only because of Shona I know Bhai misbehaved with her but think Rago have you ever seen happy this much”
“It’s because both are the heal for each other wounds Plz Rago both will be happy if this happens” Laksh pleaded. After thinking Ragini agreed.
“Ok I will help you but if I feel that your Bhai is not perfect for her means I will back off”
“Thank you so much Rago Ok listen today in the party let’s make them feel that they are made for each other Ok” Laksh asked
“Done Unlucky Boy” Ragini said smiling.
Flashback Ends……..
The party finished and all went to their respective home.

In GH……..
Swara is folding the clothes and arranging the room when her heart drifted to the words of Sanskar “YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING SWARA AND I AM YOUR EVERYTHING”
Ragini after changing came to the room and saw Swara in deep thought.
“Shona what happened to you from the time we arrived I am watching you are always in deep thinking” Ragini snapped Swara.

In MM…….
Sanskar is walking in the lawn smoking and thinks about his behaviour towards Swara.
“What happened to me I was not like this before and what was that with Swara everytime when I see her with that Yudh my blood boils What happened to me”
“ You have fallen in love Bhai” Suddenly he heard and turned to see Laksh smirking at him.

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