A Beautiful Relationship (Part 16)

Part 16………

After the song, Swara came down with the help of Ragini. Ap and Suju escorted Swara from Ragini. Here Sanskar is very eager to meet Swara he impatiently pokes Laksh.
“Bhai what happened to you from the starting I am looking at you always poking me already my love story is in the thread” Laksh said looking at Ragini.
“Achaa Listen Lucky I just want Thank Swara for what she did but from the time she came Maa Mom are always around her what can I do” Sanskar asked with puppy face.
“Bhai don’t give me that look Ok I will make sure Swara will be out in 5 minutes and you wait outside” Laksh said and Sanskar showed thumbs up.
In a room…..
Ap and Suju made Swara sit in front of the mirror.
“Aunty why did you brought me here” Swara asked.
“You know Swara when you were in your mother’s womb we always wished for a little princess after Ragini and Uttara so me and Sujatha made a dress for you and kept it with us” Ap said caressing her face. Soon Ap and Suju made Swara ready in a beautiful light blue saree with glittering sliver designs on it.
“Suju she just like Janki No bad eye should fall on her” Ap said and puts a black dot behind her ear.
“Aunty can I call you both as Maa”Swara asked innocently. Ap and Suju nodded and Swara hugs them.
Just then Laksh enters the room. He is amazed to see his little sister all looking like a matured women.
“Maa Chachi pinch me once” Laksh asked and Ap pinched him.
“Aahh I can’t believe is this my little sister” Laksh teased her and Swara hid behind Sujatha in shy.
“Laksh shut up stop teasing my Beti” Sujatha said and hugged Swara.
“Ok enough….. Papa called you both down” Laksh said and they left to downstairs.

On the way……
“Shona Bhai wanted to talk to you” Laksh said.
“Me why” She asked.
“I don’t know he is in the garden waiting for you” Laksh said and left to meet the guests.

In the garden…..
Sanskar is waiting impatiently for Swara. He don’t know why his heart beats like it would throb out any moment. A cold chill ran down his spine when his eyes met an ultimate gorgeous angel stepping slowly towards him.
Swara suddenly tripped and about to fall when two hands caught her. Sanskar saw this and clutched his fist in jealousy.
Wait a minute if it is not Sanskar then ? Let’s check.
Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw Yudh holding her waist. Yudh is totally flat on seeing Swara. Swara felt uncomfortable with his touch sensing it Sanskar moved towards them and freed Swara from Yudh’s clutch. Both the men are throwing daggers at each other.
“Swara you are Ok na” Sanskar asked for which she nods.
“And who are you Mr”
“Me I am Yudh Kuruvilla senior to Swara (looking at Swara lovingly) and son Mr. Josh Kuruvilla”
“It’s nice I am Sanskar Maheswari sole owner of Karma Industries and now for Maheswari Company as well and…(grabbed Swara through her waist in a possessive manner) dearest friend of Swara” Sanskar said.
Swara looked at Sanskar with wide eyes while Sanskar smirked evilly at Yudh and Yudh glared Sanskar with red eyes.

A/N: So friends clash started between Sanskar and Yudh so who will win lets wait and watch and Plz comment I know I am irregular in posting but every now and then I am trying to write to my best already it’s a adopted story so without making it worse as well giving my touch I have to work hard so it will take time for me I hope you all support me

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    Awsum..loved.it..in knw sanskaar will only won da battle..waiting fr SwaSan love Confession..continue soo

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