A Beautiful Relationship (Part 14)

Part 14………
Swasan looked at Raglak in disbelief.
In GM…….
“Rago are you mad look it’s just a friendly way and btw who will love me it’s been two years since Chacha Chachi left me they are thinking I am still in their house” Swara said with tears thinking about her past.
Ragini wiped her tears. “No Shona I asked because I have these kind of feelings for Laksh because I love him”
“What are you serious Rago” Swara asked in shocked. Ragini blushed and Swara smiles seeing her.
In MM………
“Lucky I think you have gone nuts” Sanskar said and jumps on his bed.
“No Bhai because Love ridden people talk like this now look at me how I am floating in my Rago’s Love” Laksh said and jumps on the bed. Sanskar eyes popped out.
“What……, Lucky are you serious you love that chatpatta” Sanskar asked.
“Haan Bhai you know how sweet she was when I saw her first time…..”
“Hold on Lucky Plz my ears are bleeding sweet that too chatpatta even now I can feel her slap Plz don’t disturb me” Sanskar said and fell asleep.
Next Morning………
As usual Sanskar went office with Dp and Rp Laksh to college.
In the college……..
Swaragini entered the college and the scene what they saw made Ragini to fume. Laksh is flirting with a junior girl. Swara shakes her head and left to library.
Ragini went towards Laksh and signed the girl to leave. Seeing her anger that girl leaves.
“Arre Kiran where are you going”
“To her class Mr. Laksh Maheswari” Ragini said and Laksh turned towards her. He can feel her jealous and smirked.
“Oh Ragini when did you come”
“Long before Mr. Laksh”
“Come on Yaar I didn’t meant to flirt with her”
“Achaa Ok Mr. flirty head I can see it BTW how is your so called Bhai” she asked with attitude.
“You know Rago it was my dream to see my family happy like this I don’t know how to thank God because he sent Shona in Bhai’s life you know what Rago after so many years I saw the spark of happiness in his eyes” Laksh said with teary eyes.
“Laksh I want to tell you something even I saw the dream of love in Swara’s eyes” Ragini said. After second of silence “Which means both love each other but didn’t realise it” both hooted.
In the library……
Swara is taking notes when she heard a guy calling her.
“Swara….. Swara”
Swara turned and saw a guy siting opposite to her. As we all know she is bit shy she again lowered her head to the book.
That guy got up and sat beside her.
“Hi Swara I am Karan your senior” Karan said.
“Hello how could I help you” Swara asked in trembling voice.
“Nothing just a cup of coffee and some talks” Karan said with a sensual smile.
Before she could react a voice interrupted them.
“Sorry Buddy but she is not free”
Guess who is it?
Karan is played by Karan Wahi

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