A Beautiful Relationship (Part 13)

Hello everyone I think you all remember me and my story after a long gap I am posting because my phone got corrupted and I saved the story in word so today only I logged it in and posting it and Plz comment.

Part 13……….
Sanskar and Laksh entered MM. Sanskar looked at the house with teary eyes. He looked at the garden where he played with his brothers and sister.
The Gardener saw Sanskar and stood numb in happiness. He went to Sanskar and hugged him.
“Sanskar babu you……. Here I can’t believe it”
“Kaka…..” Sanskar said and took his blessing.
“You stay here I will call everyone…… Badi Bahu…..,Choti Bahu….” He said and went inside.
Inside MM……
All heard Kaka shouting.
“Arre Kaka why are you shouting like this” Sujatha asked.
“Choti Bahu he came” Kaka said.
“Who Kaka tell clearly” Ram asked.
“Arre Bhagwan Sanskar Babu came” He said. Then they saw Sanskar and Laksh standing on the door way.
All are happy as well as shocked to see their Prince, Pride and Charm of their family after 8 years.
“Why are you here I think you came here by mistake” Dp said turning his face.
Sanskar fell on his knees “Bade Papa I know I did wrong by not proving myself to you all instead of Solving the problems I ran away from it I don’t know what I was doing that time I am sorry Plz forgive me” He asked folding his hands.
“Bhai why are you asking apologise, after knowing it was not your fault they didn’t called you” Laksh shouted.
“Laksh you are right we were guilt when we came to know about the truth but what did he do he showed us his back” Ram said and dragged Sujatha in front of Sanskar.
“Did you know she got heart attack two times because of you she searched you, prayed to see you once but you didnt turned up” Ram said. Sanskar stood up wiping his tears.
“I am sorry for what and all I did I don’t want to justify myself I just want to ask to forgive me” Sanskar said and was about to leave but Dp walked towards him and slapped Sanskar. All are shocked.

“This is for not speaking against me when you knew I was wrong why you didn’t pointed and told Bade Papa you are wrong” Dp asked.
“I can lower my head for you Bade Papa but cant see you lowering your head in front of any one including me” Sanskar said. Dp hugged Sanskar. All are happy and Sujatha hugged Ap.
“Come inside before I slap you again” Dp said and was about to bring him inn but Ap stopped him.
“Ji after so many years we got our happiness back how could we let him inn without welcoming him we will be just back” Ap said and went inside. She brought Aarti plate and did Sanskar’s Aarti and welcomed him.

After sometime………
Laksh and Ram are looking at Sanskar in astonishment. Ap and Sujatha are stuffing Sanskar mouth with food and sweets.
“Chacha I think we won’t get food today” Laksh said.
“Haan Laksh before this laddoos get finished let’s eat it” Ram said and was about to touch but Suju takes that plate.
“Sanskar come on eat these laddoos like a good boy” Suju said and tries to feed him.
“Maa Mom I am full plz leave me” Sanskar pleaded.
“What full look at yourself how lean you are come on eat this” Ap said and feeds him.
“Ram finally Sanskar came so I thought to give all the responsibilities to Sanskar and relax myself” Dp said.
“Bade Papa how can I”
“Chup I am just ordering you, you told will obey my words then keep quiet” Dp said and all smile.
“And Ram tomorrow arrange everything in office I am going to introduce the heir of our empire and make every possibilities to merge both our companies and in the evening arrange grand party for his come back and don’t forget to call Garodia’s” Dp said.
Hearing Garodia’s Sanskar face lit up and thought about Swara how her words changed his life in this one hour.
Laksh got an idea and said “Dad I will look after the party arrangements”
“Laksh this is not like your foolish game” Dp said.
“Bade Papa I trust Lucky will do this preparation perfectly” Sanskar said and Dp sighed.
“Ok Sanskar and you idiot I want everything perfect” Dp said and Laksh murmured “Hitler” and made faces.

In Garodia’s House……..
Shekar enters kitchen along with Dada.
“Sumi Ram called me now that guy Sanskar who saved Shona he is Ram Prasad’s Son” Shekar said to Sumi.
Hearing it Swara smiled that finally he joined his family.
“It’s Good Shekar” Sumi said.
“Haan Sumi tomorrow they have arranged party we all should go” and all nods ok. But Ragini is burning in fire and went upstairs. Swara who saw this went behind her.
“Rago what happened you look worried” Swara asked innocently.
“Shona don’t act smart I saw you speaking with that Arrogant Cow I came to kitchen to ask about it only” Ragini said sternly.
“Rago he is not like what you think he is the most sensitive person I have seen I saw care behind his anger and pain behind his tears” Swara said and looked at the moon through the moon.

On the other side……..
Sanskar is telling how Swara changed him to Laksh.
“Lucky even though she is a kid She opened my blindfold and got me to the right path I thought is a thorn who pricked my heart everytime I thought about her. Lucky her eyes have some magic which made my heart melt” Sanskar said looking at the moon.
Both of them felt an immense happiness which flowed through the moonlight. Raglak looking at them with wide mouth and a question popped.
“Bhai/Shona do you love Shona/Arrogant Cow”

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