A Beautiful Relationship (Part 12)


Part 12………
Swasan are sitting on the nearby bench.
“8 years……………its been 8 years since I lost myself in this cruel world” Sanskar started.
This world always recognize people who show their fake heart, I was Prince of my family and the Prankster King.Everyday I ask God only one thing give all my happiness to my family but look at me now I am rude heartless person, believing a mere stranger they threw me out Swara. Because she accused me for her dignity. My family didn’t believe on their upbringing. I begged them, pleaded them but………..” He took a deep breath.
Tears were flowing from her eyes continuously. This man before her is completely different from what others see. She kept her hand on his shoulder.
You know what everybody doesn’t get chance to rectify. Why you always think what you had gone throough just once did you thought what would have your gone through when they heard that their charm did something which they didn’t even thought in their worst nightmare” Swara asked. Sanskar looked at her.
“Haan ji after whatever happened did you ever met your family” He nods in negatively.
“Life is short jji once look at myself I was little Princess of my family especially my Rahul Bhai he always pampered me, My Maa and Papa loved me so much. But in a minute everything went away from me ji I cried…………..I cried every single day of my life but I didn’t hate my family. Everyone don’t get mothers love and care ji. Parents always forgive their children like this if our Parents do mistake means we have to bring them to right path na. Go to your family and ask forgiveness ji because lowering our head before our parents wont let us down” She said and starts to go away.
Sanskar looked at her disappearing image of swara. Each and every word of hers made him realize the fault of his past deeds. That time Laksh came to call Swara and saw Sanskar there.
“Bhai what are you doing here” Laksh asked.
“I want to go to house Lucky” Sanskar said.
“Haan Bhai lets go to your house”
“Not my house Lucky OUR HOUSE where we played” Sanskar said.

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