A Beautiful Relationship (Part 11)


In the church……
Priest came and sat beside Sanskar. “Sanskar why you always complain about your life” Priest asked.
Sanskar laughed dryly. “what is left father when I had everything in my life I asked to give all my happiness to my family now look at me I am not the same Sanskar who will play prank make others laugh he died 8 years back”
“But now an angel is bringing back the old Sanskar” Priest said and he noded.
“Look at Jesus Sanskar when he loved everyone all hated him only few loved him and he died for his loved ones but if there was an angel who bring back him means it would be nice so one day Jesus thought I didn’t had an angel to rectify me so he sent angels in our in the form of our mate look my mate is Jesus I think you should open up yourself to her may be is the angel to rectify you” Priest said and Sanskar heard it silently and left from there.

In the college………
Laksh started to narrate Sanskar’s past. “You know Shona my Bhai is not like this he is the prince of our family and the prankster king” Laksh said with a smile and Swara keenly listened. “Even though I am the younger son including me we all pampered Bhai very much but one day it all turned upside down believing stranger girl who accused Bhai for her dignity they thrown him out of the house” Laksh said with tears. Sswara gasped hearing it. Its more cruel than what she thought the pain which she bore is mere in infront what Sanskar suffered being most pampered by your family and the next moment being accused by them it is just…… she cant explain.
“Bhai begged them and pleaded not to believe but…… now its being 8 years since I lost my Bhai Shona” Laksh said and wiped his tears.
“Come its time for our class” he said and both left. In the class Laksh missed Ragini very badly he couldn’t concentrate on anything and left the class in the middle. In GM Ragini became perfectly alright and Swara she covered her bruised arms with full arm shirt.

Next Day………
It’s a new morning for everyone Laksh called Sanskar and both of them reconciled with eachother. Swaragini got ready and the trio met in the college.
“So Unlucky Boy what is today’s plan” Ragini asked with evil smile.
“Lets bunk the class” Laksh said and both give hifi to each other.
“No Guys we have so many work pending we will go to library” Swara said.
“Shona you are unbelievable” Ragini said.
“Achha Ok I will ask you a question will you both able to answer” She asked pointing towards them.
“Shona my sweet little sister plz today only from tomorrow we will study” Laksh pleaded her.
“Pakka” Swara asked childishly for which both nodded and left. Sanskar who came to talk to Laksh saw Swara going alone towards library. Priest word rang in his head. He got down and immediately moved towards her and blocked her way. Swara who saw Sanskar flinched in fear and took a step back.
“Sorry… Sorry I didn’t know you are here plz don’t hurt me” Swara said. Sanskar felt bad feeling her fear for him.
“I am sorry for what I did” He said and Swara looked at him in disbelief.
“Its Ok I know you did it because you love Laksh more I can see it in your eyes” Swara said looking into his eyes. For a moment both of them lost into each other eyes. She wanted to drown in his blue eyes and to caged in his arms. For Sanskar also it’s the same he fell on his knees and cried.
“Why you always look deep inside me when all look at my outer shell, why you always break the wall which I built 8 years ago” He asked and buried his face into his palm. Swara don’t know what to do and slowly with took him in her embrace. Sanskar buried his face in the crook of her neck and sobbed. Swara sooth him and let him pour his heart. As the priest said she is the angel to rectify and heal him She became the one.

Hello friends after long time posting I know you all waiting for this story to proceed with Swasan love story. I want to clear one thing Swasan dont love each other now they can feel for each other but they couldnt find what feeling is this so slowly their realization takes place. Plz comment.

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