A Beautiful Relationship (Part 10)


Part 10………
In GM……
Swara is helping Sumi in the kitchen when Dadi enters.
“Arre Sumi how dare you to make my Shona work” Dadi asked in fake anger.
“Maa its not me she herself compelled to help me” Sumi said in fake fear.
Swara laughed whole heartedly making Sumi and Dadi overwhelmed.
“Always be happy like this Shona” Sumi said caressing her head.
“Arre Rago beta come fast you are getting late for college”Sumi shouted. But Ragini is Ragini na she is sleeping like nothing. Swara and Sumi went to the room and tried to wake her.
“Maa I got cold see how red is my nose” Rag said making faces.
Swara immediately went to kitchen and made Kada for Ragini.
Sumi is massaging Ragini’s head when Swara entered with Kada.
“Rago now drink this Kada you will feel better” Swara said.
“But how you know to prepare it Shona” Sumi asked.
“Maa actually whenever I get fever Chachi will not take my to hospital so I make this myself to get me cured” Swara with teary eyes thinking about her past.
“Hey Shona wont you make drink this” Ragini asked and Shona fed her.
As soon as the drink touched her taste bud Ragini made horrible face and swallowed it with great difficulty.
“Yuck Maa Shona its just horrible how could you all drink this” Ragini said and covered her face with bedsheet. After so many tantrums Ragini finished the Kada and Swara left for the college.

In the college……….
Swara is trying to cross the road. She saw a puppy struggling and a car is speeding towards it. Without a thought Swara ran and took the puppy. The car took a sharp turn seeing her and hits a tree. Sanskar comes out of the car holding his head. He saw Swara with the puppy and move towards her.
Swara left the puppy beside its mother and turns to see Sanskar who is looking at her with utter disbelief. A fear ran down her spine seeing him.
Swara tries to move but Sanskar held tightly by her shoulder piercing his nails into her skin.
“Are you mad or what, what if had hit you is it necessary to rescue that puppy” Sanskar shouted at her.
Tears formed in her eyes. Slowly she gathered courage and spoke.
“ It was struggling to reach its mother if you have hitted it means you would have separated a child from its mother everybody in this world are not lucky to get a mother”
Sanskar loosen his hands and starts to walk when Swara stopped him.
“ Rago told me that you only brought me from my house for that I am really thankful to you” She said with tears.
Sanskar turned back in fury and walked to her.
“Oh just shut up I did it because Lucky asked me to do but now I regret because of you he is not talking to me” Sanskar said.
“You are not what you are showing to the world” Swara blunty said with a dry laugh. Hearing it Sanskar looked at her in utter shock.
“If you need to talk just think that I am always there” Swara said and started to walk towards her college.
Sanskar walked off from there. He lead his leg to be controlled by his heart for the first time after 8 years.
He went to church which is the place where he pour his heart out. That doesn’t mean he don’t like his religion God but Jesus is always close to him from his childhood.
He sat on the bench and looked at the statue of Jesus for a long time without any emotion.
“Why are you doing this to me Huh when I was being good all pointed their finger at me now I am arrogant heartless but this girl always breaking my walls what does she know me huh” Sanskar shouted and buried his face in his palm.

In the college……
Swara covered her hands with spare stole to hide the marks. Laksh wished her and looked for Ragini.
“Shona where is Rago”
“Laksh she is not well so she did come today by the way I want to talk to you” Swara said. Laksh is surprised to hear Swara as she always speak less even with him so he agreed instantly. And they settled themselves near by bench.
“Haan Shona what do you want to ask”
“I am looking at you from the start you are looking dull and your Bhai what happened between you both” Swara asked.
“No Shona its not like that” Laksh said without looking at her.
“Laksh I know that you came to know that because your Bhai I was treated like that” she said thinking about it.
“But Laksh don’t forge that because of your Bhai only I am here infront of you all smiling and talking. Everyone do mistakes Laksh but think this in other way if your Bhai didn’t made me to go with Raj Bhai then I would have been in that house only” Swara said when Laksh realised about his meaningless anger. He caress her hair lovingly.
“ My Shona have become this much big na and I will forgive Bhai” Laksh said with relief smile.
Swara thought of something and hesitantly asked him.
“Laksh I want to ask something”
“Haan Shona”
“Its about your Bhai”Swara said and Laksh looked at her shockingly.

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