A Beautiful Relationship (Part 1)


One year ago……..
A beautiful house is shown a boy and a lady comes down. The boy is so angry.
Swara….. Swara he shouts.
From a lone corner room a came out running hearing his shout. Her eyes are with dark circles and she looks pale. Yes its Swara.
Raj Bhai what happened she asked.
What is this the dirt in my hanky has not gone he said.
Bhai I washed it lot of times but…..she gets interuppted by the lady.
Hey Swara your raising your voice against me and my son just shut up Go and prepare our breakfast the lady said.
Ji Chachi Swara said. These and all seen by her Chacha who is helpless.
Its her daily routine. She cooks food, cleans the house and then goes to college.
Swara gives coffee to her Chachi.
Chachi taste it and throws it on the ground. Swara gets scared and shivers n fear. Tears rolled down her eyes.
Swara dont you even know how to make coffee now go and get me another one sge said. Swara makes another one and gives it to her.

On the other hand……
In Garodia Mansion a lady came to room which is beautifully decorated in pink colour.
Rago…..Rago… get up fast you are getting for college the lady said.
Sumi Maa please 5 more mins Ragini said and went back to sleep.
After some many tries Ragini got up and went to washroom. Ragini came out wearing a beautiful blue salwar.
Bechari Shona she must be waiting for you in the college Sumi said. Hearing Swara’s name Ragini’s face lits up. Sumi gave a beautiful full length green skirt and blouse dress to Ragini.
Rago I know Shona dont have any dress today you give this to her I will send some dresses for her Sumi said giving it to her.
Maa I happy that you accepted Shona as your beti even though she is not Ragini said with happiness. Pagal now go fast Sumi and Ragini immediately went to college bidding Sumi.

In the college……
Ragini is waiting impaitently for Swara when she entered wearing a black full length skirt and blouse which had some patches to hide the holes on the dress. Ragini felt sad but composed herself. Seeing Ragini Swara felt all her sadness and pain gone far away from her. She hugged Ragini tightly.
Shona what is this today is our first day of college and you are wearing now wear this Maa specially bought it for you Ragini said and gave her the dress.
But Rago Chachi…… but Ragini cuts her.

Its my order Shona now wear it and cone I will see who have the guts to go against Ragini Garodia Ragini with anger yet with affection. Swara smiled looking at her love and got ready in the dresss and headed towards the classroom.

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    Awesome dr…. But dont take it in the same way of anoka bandan

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