you are beautiful (RAGSAN) episode 5

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Recap : swararagsanlak meet
Episode starts with embarrassing faces of ragsan and smiling faces of swalak
Swara understood the situation of ragini and changed topic
Swara-guys lets move
Laksh- yeah lets go
With that they started moving from there
At restaurant they all are happy to get new friends in this meantime raglak and swasan became bestfriends
After eating they came out of restaurant and about to go
Swara- yaar I forgot my wallet ,you guys carry on I will come
Laksh- wait I will also come guys you carry on
Ragsan- its ok
They are walking and no one are talking suddenly sanky’s phone rings
Sanky – ragini you wait here I will come just come now
Sanky also goes from there
Meanwhile someone goons start misbehaving with her
Goon- hey beautiful will you be with me
Ragini start beating them with her full energy meanwhile one of the goon takes knife
But still ragini beats them and by mistake she gets a cut on her wrist
Meanwhile sanky sees this and comes
Sanky- hey you just get lost from here or you will die in my hands
Goons – haha now hero came hey you just get off from here or else you will also get this and shows ragini’s wrist by seeing that sanky’s anger is in 9th cloud and start beating them badly , goons run off from there
Sanky came towards ragini and
Sanky- have you gone mad why you fought them can’t you call me
Ragini- sorry
Sanky- what sorry see now what happened and he did first aid through restaurant managers help
And swalak are shocked to see this
Swara- what happened rags
Ragini explained everything
Laksh sees that sanky is in full anger
Laksh-And ok now come lets go
Swar- ha lets go
They started moving in auto and in the way they came across pushkarghat (bank of the river)
Ragini- yaar lets go there
Swara- no you are not feeling well
Ragini-plzzz yaar I am fyn see we will get fresh air there
Swara- ok
They sat there and started talking
Swara- so whats your story?
Ragini- first you say your story
Swara- no yours
Sanskar is eagerly waiting for ragini’s story but if ask he will get caught so he simply sat silent
Ragini- laksh say your story
Laksh- ofcourse rags anything for you
Ragini is smiling while swara is feeling jealous and not only swara but our sanskar is also feeling jealous but don’t know what is that feeling
Laksh – but its long story rags
Ragini- in shortcut plzzzzz making cute face
Sanskar is not istening anything he is just staring at her
Laksh- ok
I love her and she too loved me our parents didn’t agree so we eloped that’s it
Ragini- that’s not fair its too shortcut
Laksh- you said shortcut only na
Ragini- I hate you laksh I wont talk to you(making faces)
Laksh-when I did cheating
Ragini- swara plzzzzz you say it yaar
Swara- no (she is blushing)
Ragini- I think someone Is blushing here
Swara- no no I am not
Ragini- did I say that you are blushing
Swara was caught redhanded
Swara- plz rags
Ragini(pout)- I hurt you said that I am your bestfriend but you are not sharing your story
Swalak(together)- ok I will say

Episode ends with exciting face of ragini and blushing face of swalak and staring face of sanky

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