you are beautiful (RAGSAN) episode 4


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Recap:ragsan helping eachother and parents got to know about them

Coming into story:
Taxi- ha you have to say that else you will not get any house for rent
Ragsan- no way ,we will atleast try asking them
Taxi driver- what you thought its like Hyderabad or Mumbai or delhi it’s a village and everyone know their neighbours if you say that you are not a couple then no one will give you house for rent
Ragsan-oh god now what to do?
Taxi-only one option
Ragsan – no way
Taxi driver- listen ofcourse you both will go to your jobs daily morning and comeback at night then what is the problem I think you can manage eachother at nights and holidays and you two can share rent ,current bills etc
Ragsan(mind)-actually it’s a gud idea
And they two agreed and asked the driver to show a house
And he showed a three bedroom apartment near park
And they are happy that they got three bedrooms so they can avoid eachother and rent its 5,000 and they can share it
And they adjusted themselves but remembered they need furniture
And thought of going to shopping
Ragsan(mind )- I don’t want to go to shopping with the other but I can’t help I can’t live in what they selected
And they went to shopping and brought which are necessary to house and the remaining which they need and its late so they thought of eating outside
And they went to a restaurant and ordered biryani and they it eat without talking and came back to house as they are tired they slept without speaking
Next morning as they are new to house even though three washrooms in two them there is a water problem
So they started fighting
Ragini- I will do bath first
Sanky- no I will
Ragini- no I will
Sanky- no way I am going to use it first as I should go out in search of a job
Ragini- even me
Sanky- but I will go now
Ragini- ok we will keep timetable
Mon- you
Tue –me
Wed- you
Thur- me
Fri- you
Sat- me
And today is Tuesday I should go first and went in first before sanky can stop her
Sanky- this girl because of her I am going to late but anyway I should search job today so let me check in internet first
And he sat with his laptop and didn’t notice ragini coming out
And when heard door sound he saw her
She is wearing pink long kali dress and her hair is wet she is rubbing her hair
He is mermerised to see her
He came his senses hearing door bell
He opened door and owner of the house
Sanky- come Mr.Khanna
MR.khanna-good morning sanskar I am sorry that I am disturbing you this morning but what to do I need to inform you this place and all and Mrs.sanskar can you bring us tea
Ragini is in work not realising that Mr.Khanna is talking about her
Sanky- hey ragini can you bring us tea
She realised that they are talking to her and went inside and brought tea just like an obedient wife and served them
and went inside
and sanky sipped his tea and realised that its awesome that is when Mr.Khanna said
MR.khanna-Mr.sanskar you are very lucky that you are having a very good wife
Sanky(fake smile)-thank you Mr.khanna
They talked for a while and Mr.Khanna left from there
And ragini came to him and said
Ragini- I can’t cook daily so we should share every duty
As we already decided who is going to use washroom first they are only going to cook
Sanky silently obeyed
Ragini-as today is my turn I prepared lemon rice and I am leaving and I don’t know when I will come back and I want your number
Sanky-**********(phone number)
Ragini- here is mine **********
And ragini left from there
Sanky got ready and ate the lemon rice prepared by ragini and
Sanky- she is really awesome ,I think she has magic in her hands
He realised what he said and thinks
Oh god what is happening to me I never talked to a girl properly but this girl when I saw her sleeping I can’t control myself from staring her
And when I saw her morning after she got ready I was thinking about her
And I never even talked to anygirl but I am praising this girl and even now I am just thinking about her no no I should not think about her omg its getting late I should leave now and he left in search of job as expected they two got job in same college
She is singing teacher and he is basketball coach ( guys I know you think they are not good for them but I want them to enjoy their life if they any software jobs they can’t enjoy their life that is why I kept like that)
But they don’t know that they got job in same college
And they are too happy and they did not see each other and ragini bumped into sanskar and about to fall but he again saves her
Just then she closes her eyes tightly and remembers her dream and dreamboy
And sanky is staring her he lost in her innocence and suddenly they hear some sounds of someone coming and they compose themselves and ragini is shocked to see sanskar and thinks
Ragini(mind)- what!! No way he is not my dreamboy he just saved me and I can’t think anything about him
Sanky(mind)-oh god again I am lost in her what is happening to me?
Suddenly they hear two voices and turn back
They see a boy and girl are coming towards them fighting with each other and they suddenly realised that sanky and rags are watching them
Boy- excuse me can I know who are you ? pointing towards sanskar
Sanskar- hi I am sanskar basketball coach and you?
Boy- oh nice to meet you and I am laksh swimming coach
Sanskar –same here
Girl – my name is swara dance teacher and what about you?
Ragini- my name is ragini singing teacher and nice to meet you
Soon they became friends and comes to know that swalak love eachother
Ragini-Ok I should leave
Swara- where are you leaving?
Ragini is seeing sanskar thinking what to say
Sanky- guys we are leaving together
Laksh – omg you are in relationship
ragSan- no way
and says everything what happened with them (after coming to kovvur)
swalak- oh really
swalak-guys can I ask you help
ragsan- ofcourse
swalak – don’t mind that we are asking this but can we share your house I mean we will also pay actually what happened is we are also new here we are from delhi and as we love eachother we eloped from house and we are staying in hotel and yesterday itself we came to this school
san – that’s great ofcourse but onething we should know
do you want to live in single room or separate rooms?
We mean actually our flat is three bedroom one and we both took 2 rooms
If you want to stay together you can else me & laksh in one room and swara and ragini in one room
Swalak-2nd option is good
Ragsan- as your wish then when are you going to shift
Swalak- today itself
Ragsan- even we bought furniture yesterday itself
Swalak- we have a car
Then we can daily travel in that
Swara- ok then first go to hotel and then we move to apartment
Ragsanlak-that’s good idea
And they reached home and adjusted themselves
Swara went to kitchen to drink water and saw that who is going to cook and laughed and showed it too laksh
Laksh- then what about us?
Rag- swara will help me and you will help sanskar
San- good idea
Swara- guys I want to go to a restaurant we should celebrate that we got jobs
Ragsanlak- ok done now get ready
They four left to get ready
Ragini- what should I wear?
Swara- saree
Ragini- what?
Swara- plzzzzz actually I want to impress laksh
Ragini- then you wear it
Swara(with cute innocent face)- if I am the only one who will be wearing saree then it will be weird plzzzzz
Swara-yahoo she jumped in happiness
They both wear sarees
Ragini in blue saree loose hair
Swara in pink saree loose hair
Swara- you look gorgeous ragini
Ragini- tq and you too look amazing and your plan is going to be success laksh is going to impress by seeing you
Sanlak- areey yaar they are making late SWARA ,RAGINI they are shouting
Swaragini came out
Sanlak are mesmerized seeing them
Swalak are busy in seeing eachother
While ragsan are having eyelock
And swalak saw ragsan like that and smiled and
Laksh- ahem ahem
They are still continuing their eyelock
Swara- I think they love eachother we should bring them close
Laksh – yeah
And they too shaked them
And ragsan composed themselves and embarrassed and avoiding eye contact

Episode ends with ragsan embarrassing faces and smiling faces of swalak

Guys I know its boring but plz bare me and I have last exam today so plz wish that I should write my exam well
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Credit to: rags

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