you are beautiful (RAGSAN) episode 3

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Recap: ragsan meet

Coming into the story
Ragsan are sleeping opposite to each other
But sanskar is not comfortable in train so he is trying to sleep but he gets up and goes to window
And is enjoying music and ragini is opposite to him sleeping peacefully
And he is listening to the song just the way you are by Bruno mars
“Her eyes her eyes
Makes the stars looks like they are not shining
(sanky sees ragini eyes they are like she is dreaming something awesome)
Her hair her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying
( her hair is moving on her face )
She is so beautiful
And I tell her everyday
I know I know
When I compliment her she wont believe me
Its so its so sad
To think That she won’t see what I see
But everytime she asks me “do I look ok?”
I’ll say
When I see your face
There is not a thing I would change
Cause you are amazing just the way you are
And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while
Cause girl, you are amazing just the way you are
Her lips her lips I could kiss them all day if she’d let me
( he sees her lips he like they are welcoming him)
Her laugh her laugh
She hates but I think its so s*xy
( she is smiling in her sleep)
She is so beautiful

And I tell her everyday
You know you know I’d never ask you to change
Its perfect what you’re searching for and then just remain the same
So don’t even bother asking if you look okay
You know i’ll say
When I see your face
There is not a thing I would change
Cause you are amazing just the way you are
And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while
Cause girl, you are amazing just the way you are
The way you are the way you are
Girl you are amazing just the way you are
( sanky thinks how cute she is)
When I see your face
There is not a thing I would change
Cause you are amazing just the way you are
And when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while
(again he keeps on staring her smile)
Cause girl, you are amazing just the way you are”

He thinks may be this song is written for her
Without his knowledge he too sleeps having smile on his lips
Next day ragini wakes up first and sees sanky
He is sleeping with smile
Rag(thinks) – oh this mr show off can also laugh cutely
Suddenly sanky wakes up and sees ragini smiling at him
Sanky- oh miss bak bak why are you staring at me
I know that I am handsome but that doesn’t mean you can stare at me like that
Rag- haha what a joke you and handsome ? not possible I am just staring at you because I like animals (controlling her laugh)
Sanky- what do you mean?
Rag- you look like monkey saying this she bursts out laughing
Sanky- you look like donkey
Rag(angry)- oyy don’t you dare to say like that
Sanky – donkey!! donkey!!
Rag-monkey!! Monkey!!
Sanky- I will kill you
Rag(sarcastic)- oh sorry I am afraid of you totally
Sanky- you I will kill you seriously
Meanwhile they reaches Rajahmundry but doesn’t see surrondings so train start moving back to Hyderabad and catches speed
That is when ragini see that
Rag- omg what now
I missed Rajahmundry
We are going back I can’t go to Hyderabad again
Sanky- this is because of you
Ragini started crying remembering about her parents
Sanky gets irritated by her
Sanky- hey miss bak bak stop crying
Ragini- no I can’t go back
Sanky- me too
Ragini – but what can we do now
Sanky- jump
Ragini- what?
Sanky-yeah jumping out of train
Ragini- no I can’t
Sanky- why
Ragini- I am afraid
Sanky- ok I am leaving you go back to Hyderabad
Ragini- no I will also come
Sanky- this is the correct place we will not get hurt if we jump now
They both jump successfully
But by mistake ragini falls on sanskar
They shares an eyelock
He sees deep into her eyes
He remembers song
(“Her eyes her eyes
Makes the stars looks like they are not shining”)
He thinks it suits her
Suddenly they listens sound of train and compose themselves
And the train in which they just came stopped at it is a railway station
Ragini(angry)-see the train stopped because of you I jumped from train
Sanky- I don’t know that there is a station here as I am first time coming here
Ragini- its ok bye
Sanky- oyy miss bak bak I helped you so you should also help me
Ragini- you didn’t help me because if you not there also I am going to get down in railway station peacefully but anyway I will help you say how can I help
Sanky is angry but he want her help so
Sanky- I came here first time and I don’t know anyone and I don’t know here language so you should help me get a house
Ragini- oh hello I also need a house infact I also came here for the first time but I know here language
Sanky- then help me
Ragini- I will try but first lets move
They moved from there
Mean while ragsan house
(same happens in both home)
They find letters written by their children that they can’t marry so they are eloping sorry
Parents are shattered and informed eachother
And they started searching for them

Meanwhile ragsan went in searching of a house for rent but they don’t even find one house
So they thought of seeing nearby villages

In taxi:
Ragini- we can see any villages
Sanky- no I can’t
Ragini- then don’t
Sanky is angry but tried to justify
Sanky- I mean we can’t find everthing we need in villages
Ragini- but we will get peace
This conversation is heard by taxi driver and he said there is a village or place I mean you can get your needs there and there will be peace also because there fields also will be so fresh air and all
Sanky- great what is that place?
Taxi driver- kovvur
(guys kovvur is on opposite of Rajahmundry both are separated by Godavari)
Ragini- so take us to there
Taxi driver- ok mam
While dropping
Taxi driver- madam and sir you are an awesome couple you are made for each other
Ragsan- what !! we are not an couple
Taxi- nothing to each other?
Ragsan- yes
Taxi- but you both want house?
Taxi- here no one will give house to bacholer girls or boys
Ragsan- then what to do?
Taxi- you should say that you are married
Ragsan- what????????????????????
Episode ends with shocking faces of ragsan

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