you are beautiful (RAGSAN) episode 2


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introductory episode

episode 1

Recap:sujatha and Janaki and ragsan entry

Coming into story

The episode starts with shocking faces of ragsan

Ragini pov:

Yaar what the hell is happening in my life , maa want me to marry sujatha aunty son
Whereas papa want me to marry rp uncle’s son but what can I do I am already in love
With my dreamboy , what should I do now oh god please me

Sanskar pov:

No I cant let this happen ,I don’t trust relations and I don’t want any new relations and I don’t let anyone judge my life

Meanwhile sujatha and Janaki are talking in phone says everything happened in their repective houses

Janaki-I am sorry sujatha I can’t go against my husband
Sujatha- same yaar 
Janaki- but I don’t know yaar why that rp bhaisa came in middle
Sujatha-rp bhaisa?
Janaki –sekhar ji ka frnd ram Prasad
Sujatha- whats your husband name?
Janaki –sekhar what happened sujatha?
Sujatha- sacchii
Sujatha- I am very happy
Janaki- why?
Sujatha- because you are going to be my son’s mother in law
Janaki- what?
Sujatha – my husband name is ram Prasad and like we are friends rp ji and sekhar ji are also childhood friends
Janaki- really!!!!!!!
Sujatha- ha I am very excited
Janaki – yaar we should play game with our husbands
Sujatha – yeah bye takecare
Janaki-you too

(guys same conversation in ragsan’s houses)

Sujatha- rp ji
Rp- ha bolo sujatha
Sujatha – I want my friends daughter to marry my son
Rp- no that’s not possible as I already promised my son
Sujatha – even I too promised Janaki
Rp- my decision is final
Sujatha- no my friend’s daughter is my bahu
Rp- no
Sujatha- challenge
Rp –pakka(sure)
Sujatha- what if she is my daughter in law?
Rp- I will do whatever you say till one month and if you loose
Sujatha- same
Rp- done when will you complete your challenge
Sujatha- now
Rp- how
Sujatha – like this
By saying that she opened her phone and showed ragini’s pic who is standing between Janaki and sekhar
Now rp is dumbstruct don’t know what to say
Sujatha- challenge completed I won
Rp- no way this is cheating
Sujatha – ha ha no you should listen my words till one month
Rp thinks- where I got struck and nods his head in no
Sujatha- you want her as bahu or not?
Rp –yes
Sujatha- then you should complete your punishment
Rp –ok meri maa
Sujatha- giggles


Both are thinking how to get out of this problem
Suddenly they thought of running away from home
But ragini can’t do that but again she thought of her dreamboy and decided to run away

At night:

Both jumped walls and decided to go to Rajahmundry
As ragini can’t go out of state she choose Rajahmundry where she has friend name sana
And sanskar he want to be far from his place where no one knows it so he also picked rajahmundry
(Rajahmundry – it’s a town in andhrapradesh which is surrounded by villages and river Godavari)
They two are on the same train but didn’t see each other sanskar is standing near one of exit doors in train where ragini stands in other side of exit doors like this ( – -)
“(“ means exit door and “– “means ragsan

And ragini started crying remembering her parents but can’t help that so wiped her tears and thought of being strong but meanwhile a man by mistakenly collides with ragini which makes her to fall but two strong arms catched her wrist and dragged towards him
First she was dumbstruck and after seeing him she started scolding thinking he pushed her
He has different feeling seeing her but when she starting scolding he too got angry

San- oh miss Bak Bak just shut up your mouth
I helped you but you started scolding me
Ragini now realised that he didn’t do any mistake
Rag- sorry I thought you are the one who pushed me any way friends
Saying this she forwarded her hand
San- I don’t want to do friendship with you get lost
Ragini is in full anger as he is the first man who spoke to her in such a manner
Rag- Oh Mr show off how rude you are
San- you are such an dumbo and i behave like that only with dumbo’s
Rag- excuse me!!
San- excused
Now her anger is in ninth cloud and she moved from there and went to her seat without saying anything
After some time he too went to his seat
And shocked to see her in opposite seat
Ragini’s seat is just opposite to his seat
Rag thinks- now I should bare this Mr show off

San thinks- now i should bare this miss bak bak

Screen freezes on irritating faces of ragsan

Recap:parents come to know about ragsan and ragsan silly fights

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Credit to: rags

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