you are beautiful (RAGSAN) episode 1


hey guys I am back and thanks for the support and I am glad that you like it
and guys I don’t know I am big or smaller than you I am 1997 born
and coming to story I don’t know hindi that much so plz spare me
Hyderabad :
AT 8:00 pm
Janaki gets a call from unknown number
Janaki- hello
Caller-hello Janaki
Janaki- sujatha!!!!
Both Janaki started crying happily
Sujatha- what the hell are you thinking about yourself ?huh? you didn’t even try to call me once in these 30 years ( guys they are separated in childhood only)
Janaki – sorry sujatha ,now don’t be angry on me
Sujatha- why shouldn’t i?
Janaki-because you can’t see me crying
Sujatha- dramabaaz
Janaki-hahah how are you sujatha
Sujatha – I am fine and you
Janaki – I am just ok
Sujatha- just ok?
Janaki- ha my daughter .. her words are cut by sujatha
Sujatha – you have a daughter?
Janki – ha 20 years old and what about you?
Sujatha- I have a son(21) studying in and a daughter(18)
Both says “idea” at the same time
Sujatha- do you think same as me
Janaki- yeah but my daughter she is too innocent at heart but stubborn she wont accept our wish yaar
Sujatha- same with my son he too won’t believe in relations
They two feel bad
Janaki- where are you know?
Sujatha-mumbai but lets atleast try to convince them
Janaki- ok I will try to convince her tomorrow
Sujatha- ok bye take care
Janaki –you too
Next day morning

A girl is shown sleeping happily(her face is not shown) dreaming about her dreamboy
In dream –
Both girl and the boy are dancing
Both girl’s and boy’s face is not clear
They are dancing romatically without disturbing eyelock
But suddenly the girl is about to fall but stopped by two strong arms that is dreamboy
Then the girl face is shown
The girl happily rolls on bed
When the face of the boy is about to show but the girl rolls down the bed and gets up unwillingly
Girl- arrey yaar why the hell I can’t even see his face daily
Janaki comes running by hearing that sound
Janaki-ragini beta what happened?
(yeah she is our ragini)
Ragini- maa even today I can’t see his face
Janaki thinks today she should talk to her
A boy is doing jogging in park and girls are behind him
A girl came to him and proposed
Girl-I love you
Boy –what the hell? I don’t love you
Girl- plz sanskar( yeah he is our sanskar)
sanky- get lost I don’t even know you don’t you show me your face again
Girl-you are so rude
sanky – I know now you may go
The girl leaves from there heart broken
Sanky’s pov:
Why does everyone think about love .love is complete nonsense
I hate this so called love and if anyone try to talk to me about about love I will kill them
Pov end
He returns to his house
Sujatha- chore you came
Sanky –yeah maa
Sujatha- go and fresh up , I made your favourite aloo paratha
Sanky-yummy I will come in 10 minutes
Sujatha- today I should talk to him about marriage
While breakfast sujatha asks sanky
(guys from here at both ragini’s and sanky’s palce same happens (sujatha and janki )(sekhar and rp)
Janaki –rags beta will you fulfil my wish?
Ragini-ofcourse maa say it
Janaki-do you remember I have a best friend in childhood
Ragini- ha sujatha aunty
Janaki- she called me yesterday
Ragini excitedly –oh really what she said
Janaki- we talked about so many things and
Ragini- and?
Janaki- she has a son who is one year elder than you
Janaki-I and sujatha are thinking to
Her words are cut by ragini
Ragini-maa don’t even think about that, you know na I believe in true love plz maa
Janaki- plz beta
Ragini-no maa plzz
Janaki is about to talk but sekhar disturbed
Sekhar- its final she is not going your friends son
Ragini – thank you papa
By saying this she hugged him
Janaki- that’s not fair
Sekhar- everything is fair in love and war
She is going to marry my friend Ram Prasad(rp)’ s son
Ragini – that’s not fair papa plzzz
Sekhar – my decision is final
Episode ends with angry faces of ragini and sanskar and smiling faces of sekhar and rp
Dull faces of Janaki and sujatha

Guys I know its boring but do comment plzzzzz
Thankyou guys

Credit to: rags

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  1. hahah both r talking about sanky I think

    1. haha yeah i mentioned sekhar friend is rp and our sanky is son of rp so they are talking about sanky only

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  2. awsm epi……i think rp son is sanky ……

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  3. Awsum episode

  4. Super epi…

  5. hahahah…nice….when will they realise they are talking about the same person?

    1. tq azure soon they are going to realise

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    2. tq faima

  6. Nce one

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  7. loved it di 🙂

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