the beautiful phase of life ts third part (happy ending) last

hi guys thanx for all ur support and love thanku very much for giving this ts so much love to this ts and sorry that i don’t reach ur expectations but than also u love this ts nd here i am with last part Jasminerahul i a sry that because of my confusion i don’t fulfill ur wish and sry for that but i tried to add rosid hope u like my try ok now stop of my foolish talks lets start the last chapter

previous parts:
Part 1
Part 2

present :
swara:how he enters in her life and change it to some extent how he always make her laugh on small things whole heartily and how he proposed her and her rejection and his doings to make her accept it and his knowing her very well………….. A smile is their on her face??

Thinking (flashback)…………..
At tution:
The whole group is talking And pulling each other leg and having fun just than a new girl come and say
Meera:hlo,sry but i can’t recognize u??
Girl :actually i am new here so u don’t know me actually i took admission in ur collage as my father got Transfer so in half session i have to com here and i don’t have any friends here so can we be friends (give her hand to shake hand)
Simar:why not welcome to our group let me introduce everyone i am simar she is uttara, Kavita, kavya, Swara, Ragini, Gopi, Meera, Vidya, roshini and the boys are prem, rajat, raghu, sahil, sanskar, laksh, ahem, dharam, shravan, siddharth and sidhanth (will call sidhanth as sid )
Oh! I forgot to ask whats ur name
girl:rolli nice to meet u all

sid:hey rolli their is a rule no sry and no thanks in friendship so hope u obey (he give his hand for handshake )
rolli:ok rule accepted and shake hands
rolli fell an weird feelings while shaking hands but she ignored and shake hands with the left onces

after some days rolli and sid became good friends and rolli start feelings for him and everyone see this in her behaviour towards sid sid also think the same so he want to confess his feelings so he ask for help from sanskar
sanskar :dude here my love story is not even starting and everyone even complete it ??
Sid:now plz help me i will help u in complete urs now plz help mem dude?
Sanskar :ok i will help u listen……………………… Whats About this
sid :not bad now i got Why everyone calls u love guru
Sanskar :but my love story is not getting its destination ??
sid:do try na u don’t even try
Sanskar :i am afraid if she doesn’t accept what will i do??
Sid:give a try may be she accept
Sanskar :hope so

next scene :
A projector is placed in and projection is seen on white wall
projection :
A boy and girl are shown handshaking and it is written on Bottom the starting of our friendship than another seen is shown girl and boy sitting on bench and talking and is written on the bottom we become good friends than next scene they r showing running after each other and next scene their studying together and it is written our beautiful journey than a beautiful hug many girls and boys r hugging together its a Group hug its because of our friends
and than a boy comes and sit on his knee and say will u accept my love rolli i love u will u accept me
rolli :yes i love u too sid
and they share a hug
Everyone is happy with the new couple and adore them

next scene:
Laksh:bai u can propose her in that way u told me or sid or any other guy
Prem:hmmm he is right
raghu:what r u thinking??
Sid:say something
Siddharth :where r u lost
Laksh:in swara dreams
sanskar:guys let me concentrate
Dharam:on what??
Sanskar :how to propose her
shravan:u can do in the way laksh suggest
Sanskar :no she is different from others this decoration and all doesnot affect her she respect true felling true love and don’t think about environment and all so have to propose her in a unique way
girls:u r right sanskar u know her very well
sanskar :ok guysguy i am leaving i got an idea going to execute it
All:all the bestbes dude??
Sanskar :??

after he left
kavita:hope she agree
raghu:she have to
kavya:i think she also love him but don’t knowkno its true or not
all:we also think so
uttara:guys lets pray that Sanskar plan will get Success
rajat:hope so
sahil:now all things are in hand of good
swara:what things?? She asked while entering the room
Rolli :our Result dude
swara:ok u all will achieve good marks
laksh:hope so?

Next scene:
Swara is getting text from unknown number which state
After2 days something special going to happen be ready for it……… 1 day to go surprise is waiting For You………… Just few hours few minutes or may be seconds r left hope u like the surprise she don’t take it seriously and ignored it as a random message but she got shocked when she entered the class room it is decorated like some party is going to happen here she remember the message and smile on her own that what she is thinking connecting the message and decoration together she hit her head lightly and give a smile and proceed to her seat and there she found a card on her name the front page is very beautifully decorated and flowers are made and written u r like a flower everyday with a new freshment and everyday a new thing to do u know flower also start smiling by seeing u as u r so cute
she turns the card in next page some messages r written as:

U have fire in ur soul andan grace in ur heart if u want to achieve anything u can get it easily because u think with ur heart and heart never create confusion and answer about what i wanna question also with heart no brain interference Heart always say true na so 1 condition plz don’t say no
Swara smiled after reading his condition may be the person know her well
and she start reading oh! God what a smile u have just loved it and adore u whenever u smile she make a shocking expression like how the person know this she read further
shocked how i know i know u very well afterall before loving u have to know this much about u yes or no obiviously yes ok u must be thinking who am i ok let me sort out ur this confusion afterall why to make my dearest love confuse ok now i am coming in front of u(swara see everywhere in the class but can’t find anyone she read further ) aww don’t see like this i will Fall For u all again see in front of u am there
swara see and she see sanskar on his knees bending with holding a rose and saying will u accept my lovelov swara
swara is shocked and say

swara:i don’t idon’t
sanskar:but why swaa??
Swara: why u love me?? U may get better than me?? I am boring girl u will never be happy by loving me?? U r not my dream boy?? So why should i love u??
and saying this she run away from there
everyone is shocked seeing the scenerio and fell sad for sanskar but sanskar is happy their is a smile on his face?

next day:
the class is decorated with papers and on each paper something is written and when swara read them their is something about her in every chit every thing about her nature behaviour but positive only i don’t think that anyone can handle this much qualities so u r beyond for me and on the blackboard it is written do you think i can get better than this?? Answer of ur 2nd Question now don’t ever try to say that i will get better than u ?urs sanskar

After sometime:
While going towards LibrLiba guy came and give her a chit she read it and it is written
studious nature….. beautiful looks…. full of fun….. silent girl….. Eyes Speak everything…… Innocence on her face…. Handle everything with maturity…. Perfect in everything…… Loved by everyone….. Pure from heart….. Do u know anyone with this personality?? I know the one who is now reading the chit evereveryone want this personality and having this u r saying u r boring i think u r the intresting girl i have ever meet so i will ever happy with and never say urself boring u r very intresting answer of 3rd one?urs sanskar

After sometime one more chit came to her in which it is written :i think Once u said that u wanna a partner whom will be a friends more than husband and whom understand u and if not keep u happy than don’t even make u sad respect everyone and i thought that i have all the th so Dream boy condition is all valid to me answer of ur 4th Question ?urs sanskar

after sometime one more chit came to her in which it is written:Why u love me?? Let me think ummm…….why don’t u love me give me a reason valid reason … Valid reason ok ?urs sanskar

same day in evening:
next scene:
swara went to restaurant as her parents tell her to reach there when she reached there she got shock by seeing sanskar family and her family talking about her and sanskar alliances than she saw sanskar standing near the wall lieing on the wall folding arm near his chest and a smile placed on his lips

Swara got more confused by all this and this is noticed by both the families so they say to swasan to go and talk with each other and swasan went to a room and swara asked
swara:what is all this happening sanskar?

Sanskar :i will tell u actually i know the main reason why u r not ready to accept my proposal because of ur family and abringing given by ur family i know it thats why firstly i ask ur family for ur hand andan they happily accepted and then i think to propose u but ur alliance is fixed so not thinking about ur own wishes u think about ur family wishes and ur that goodness also attracted me and i got to know that their is much more to know about u and i wanna know about it
and the answer of 1st questuion i don’t know why i love u many says that they love someone because of their eyes ?? looks personality nature behaviour but i don’t ove them i like them adore them but can’t love because all this things last long for one day or other i love u because u r u but don’t have reason why love u i don’t know why when i Wake Up when i go to sleep all the time u r only in my mind and heart u r there in mym heart and mind 24*7 don’t know why i love u but just love u love u now i answer all ur questions now will u accept my love will u??
Swara:why can’t i love u i love u love u more than anything love u love u……………………

she is thinking and crying smilling a mixture of emotions is there
Someone came from behind and say her why r u crying u know na i hate tears in ur beautiful eyes by the way what r u thinking??
Swara: sanskar how our journey take place how all the things came in their Right places how everyone is happy in their lives all the things r just perfect love this life the college life and fun with all friends everything is just like a beautiful dream
sanskar :yup true said
swasan:its the beautiful phase of life just loved it
sanskar:ok now come everybody is waiting for us we h aveto Exchange rings its our engagement today and ur crying here come lets go
they go downstairs and Exchange rings everyone clap for the new couple everyone adore the new couple?


so guys done with this ts and sry for wasting ur all valuable time on this boring writting of mine and thanx for all ur support and thanx foroving an dencouragement and sry for not giving it as u all want because of some confusion sry for that ok so now by to u all here a simple love story ends and the ts also ok now comment so that i may know my mistakes ok now start ur work love u all keep smiling and take care????

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  1. Jasminerahul

    u don’t have to apologize to me Radhika 4 adding Roshid(SidNi) instead of rosid.Bcz its not me who requested u 4 Rosid.But hats off 2 u 4 adding Rosid n I must say..Rosid luv story from becoming friends till confession was written beautifully.The best part of yours is..u took ur readers’ each n every suggestion n included it in ur TS.Thanku so much 4 that.Sanskar’s proposal scene was grand.but sad that swara rejected it.chit reading scene was also nice.the surprise was d families fixing their swara wanted her family 2 decide her bride groom,thats y she hesitated.understanding her feelings Sanskar brought her family 2 meet hers.swara confessing her luv was so sweet.last scene of swsan b4 the engagement was lovely.

    Can u plz write a separate OS on Premar,Dheera n Shravan Vidya?Bcz no one is writing any story on these 3 couples on TU

    1. Radhika..

      thanx for encouraging me in every step thanku very much thanku very much dear for taking part and reading my ts till end and correcting me on my mistakes rhanku very much and that’s my pleasure that u like the story and part and i will not be sure that i will post or not but i will try to write ok with this this ts end and i wanna ask u can we be friends ??

      1. Jasminerahul

        U did’nt make mistakes at all.Yes v can be friends.And plz try to write OS on Premar,Dheera n Shravan Vidya

      2. Radhika..

        ok i will ry to write don’t know when but u have to read them hmmm so we r friends by the way u r elder or younger than me as what will i call u i am 15 years ?? and will read ur ss tomorrow as today have to go somewhere

  2. Jasminerahul

    if u can plz read my SS Laal Ishq (MATSH,Swararagini,YHM,SNS,Saraswatichandra) n comment

    1. Radhika..

      ok i will read and comment for sure??

  3. Mica

    huh, why you end it soo soon 🙁
    but i melt to read Sanskar proposal… omg.. soooo sweettt
    luv it Rad!..ty keep writing please

    1. Radhika..

      thanx mica for ur all the encouraging comments and love u give to my ts thanku and sry but it is a short story about friendship so have to end it and its my pleasure that u love it can we be friends??

      1. Mica

        with pleasure dear!

      2. Radhika..

        thanku for accepting and what will i call u ur elder or younger to me i am 15??

      3. Mica

        i’m older than you dear ! but you can call me by name..

      4. Radhika..

        ok as u wish

  4. Sweet love story

    1. Radhika..

      thanx tani for ur encouragement and love towards my ts??

  5. How dare u Radhika?? u r saying it boring n wasting our time by reading it…. u r so soo soooo bad *pout*… i don’t want to talk to u…

    m saying this too the awesome writer okkk….
    Thnk u for ur lovely TS Radhika… u r sooo good… loved it dear….u said rit collage life n fun with all d friends(( my part of life)),,,everything is just like a beautiful dream,actually real beautiful dream which m enjoying in real life n in ur TS also…. Today is my birthday n i think i got a gift from u(as m taking the chappy as my gift)… thnk u dear…

    1. Radhika..

      oh dear please don’t say like that u know what i love ur comments the most and ur saying like that sry for that i will not say like that and plz talk to me ur my sweet friend na plz
      ur welcome really u loved it and yup thanku for ur encouragement and all the lovely comments hmmm its the most beautiful part of life a dream type part

      the most important thing i am telling atlast happy birthday may god bless u dear oh really i gave u a gift ?? and we be friends?? love ur comments very much ??

  6. U r asking “” can we be friends?”…

    but i already thought that we r friends… don’t u think so “” pout””… but nevermind now we can be….. thnk u..

    1. Radhika..

      hmmm i also think so but don’t know that u mean me as a friend or not so ask and yup there is no sry and thanku in friendship so stop this habbit of urs and once again a very happy birthday????? how old r u if u wanna answer than answer if no than no need ??

  7. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Haww, who said it it’s boring!! If anyone say this then he/she has no brain,no.1 idiot. Anyway, chappy is mind blowing, stupendous… It was one of the best proposal I ever read….Keep writing like this dear.. Loved your writing skill..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Radhika..

      thanku for this much encouragement love and comments u gave to me and this ts really it is most beautiful thanku very much for the lovely one and that idiot am only?
      can we be friends?? i will write if i got time and u too take care and keep smilling?

      1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

        Of course we can be friends ??

      2. Radhika..

        ok so what will i call u as i don’t know ur elder or younger than me by the way i am 15. ?? thanks for accepting

      3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

        Well, I am 18 years old.But no need to be formal, I will call you Rads and you call me Uma.

      4. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

        And yeah friendship has golden rule “No Sorry, No Thank you” I believe in it.

      5. Radhika..

        ok i will call u uma and i also believe in that rule so from now on no sorry and no thanku?

  8. If u know d rule “in friendship no sorry no thank u”” then u should also know that in friendship we dont ask,, we just demand… it’s my n my friends mantra… M 17 Radhika… n what about u??

    1. Radhika..

      true said even my besties also do that yesterday my one classmate came to me for asking book on 1st floor i said u urself take it from my bag as our class is on 3rd floor and she came to ask that thing she say no may u have something personal i said when my besties r there they never even ask they just do or take what they want so do like that and ur really like my besties as they do u also do the same and i am going to call u di from now on as i am 15 and u only say di that don’t ask so no asking now ?? by the way from where r u di??

  9. TodY is a very big big for me and kakali. As it’s our birthday. ND YES THIS EP is seriously awesome . I always read it with full concentration don’t worry hah.. I know English hah….
    I am becoming a fan yaar of this ff. Love your writing skills. You are 15 years old so I am elder than you. And you nail it and sanskar proposal was fabulous. Wow.

    1. Yes I am very happy to have a sister. You can called me di. Right now I saw your reply.

      1. Radhika..

        even i am happy to get sis like u dii??

    2. Radhika..

      oh thanks di for the lovely comment and all the encouragement u gave to me and the love to the ts and really u loved it that’s my pleasure
      most important thing HAPPY BIRTHDAY DI??????and may god bless u and whatever u want u will get it happy birthday??

  10. Maha6

    Ahhhh radhu so many frnds but u did a splendid job Yar… It’s a mind blowing confession. I really loved it…. Kash Tere life mein bhi isa hua ho….. Kise patha……shad ye confession tujhe to aur ne diya ho…. But really I read all the comments. Hats off to ur work….. So u r continuing writing here. All the best for that….

    1. Radhika..

      di u know i was waiting for ur comment from so long and u commented
      hmmm friends but u r my bestest ever sis who said me write and this friends i have because of u really splendid or not sach bolna di bakiyo ka pata nai par ap sach batao real mai kesa tha truth only confession hum that was nice meri life mai esa hone ka koi chance hi nahi hai kyoki koun mujhe propose and is tarah ka confession karega di u know na i look like witch and kisi ne esa nai kiya so khayali pulaw banana band karo. aww really di no i will only write 3-4 os said by jasminerahul that too fast fast because in october exams are coming so and than by by to writting and this is because u say me to write otherwise i never write and di i know i write not good but all are encouraging that’s enough because its my first try and may they don’t wanna hurt me but its really a simple story and i know that i don’t write so good that everyone are saying like that and di i will just write for u and now going to write the os for jasminerahul otherwise i don’t even think about writting and yup ab meri tang mat khichna proposal and all ke bare mai keh kar ok so now end with my talks meaningless talks??

      1. Maha6

        Maar padenge if u again talk like this. Readers don’t comment like they have did becoz if they find it bored they just give nice….OK. So don’t think that this TS is bored. But really radhu u had written a anonymous story…. So u r going to write 4 more stories m happytha for that. Actually sry for making u wait but what to do today I have an exam so I couldn’t read this part yesterday. Not only this any ff I didnt read. As soon as my exam got cmpltd I opened ff n saw ur TS read n commented on it. N one more thing I want to complete my ff n want to say good bye to this site. Means I don’t want to write any other ff apart from the current one by my stupid ideas… I know u all people say that it’s interesting to awesome or blah blah blah… But I really know that my ideas or not that much high to be pleasurable. So don’t mind….. I want to complete my ff as soon as possible. After that I won’t be in contact with tellyupdates frnds(may be not sure) may be I can return also….

      2. Radhika..

        di ap muje itna bada lecture de rahe ho aur khud par apply hi nahi kar rahe apko kyu lagta hai vo boring hai the story is awesome and ap use bhut acche se describe bhi kar rahe ho and use complete karne ke bad ap usse bhi acchi story likhoge trust me kyuki hum experience se hi kam ko accha karte hai practice make a man perfect so ap yeh by by and all ko bhul jao and ap likhoge likhoge likhoge that’s it and really maine acha likha and ap fir rules bhul gaye di apse bat nai karogi agar esa karte rahe to and apke exams kaise ho rahe hai all the best di for exams and writting chodne ke bare mai sochna bhi mat ??

  11. Radhika u can call me di.. n u said rit…

    m from Assam,Guwahati dear…. may i know d same from u???

    hahahaha u dont have slightest idea about my friends… they are dangerous…. its like”” whatever is mine its yours also n whatever is mine its urs too””.. .
    m blessed to have them… as i always say they r part of my life….

    1. Radhika..

      hmmm so di about me i am from punjab dasuya and ur friends r dangerous my friends are sweet and do full on fun as u read the first part all the fun by us only and boys prank on teachers are also by our class boys even they do bigger fun than this but can write because it will taje the whole part they do fun with biology sir and sir even give answer in double fun on teachers day we keep so much fun we laugh very much and after that much laughing our mouth start paining this days r awesome days ever we have in life

      why don’t u make an account in tu di??

  12. Hahahaha… u all r sooo awesome… God bless u all …we dont do any pranks Radhika… we all r 1st benchers sooo nooo chance…. but but but in fun time we all r aliens… people look us with that look….hahahaha

    n about account in TU… i don’t know the process… sooo… can u help me???

    1. Radhika..

      really than same pinch because we are also first benchers and do all these while sitting on them only we go 5 min before starting of class but than also first 3 benches are blank firat bench is of me m ybest friend and on emore and other two r of left besties and we all start and boys also start with us and than teachers also so love to do all the pranks

      and in tu u can make an account by clicking on menu than options appear than click on the option of making an account than a form came up fill the form its about name password emailid and than confirm u r not a reader and than submit the form after that a message is seenstating that u will get a confirmation code on ur id an confirm it if not in messages than in spam messages if u don’t get than confirm telly updates after 24 hours from contact us option and if u get the confirmation message than confirm and start using id in tu and first thing message me by login and than click to menu than in members option and than writting Radhika..(any other member u wanna search than their name ) in search box and than click search option and when my id came up than click on message option and send message writting ur message in it and yup firstly me as i tell u na di so first numver is mine ok now run no no run start the process and came fastly here?? i hope di u got the process if yes than do it if no than tell me ur problem i will tell u the solution ok now go and do it di all the best and may god also bless u and ur friends and friendship di

    2. Radhika..

      redear not robot*

  13. Soooo sweet of u Radhika..thnk u. m definitely gonna msg u first if i got successful. thnk u dear.

    1. Radhika..

      u will got successfull di and don’t break the rules am not gonna talk if u break again????

  14. Ahhhhhh Radhika nothing is happening… i tried many times but its not working….ufffff

    1. Radhika..

      r u on fb di??
      and where u r having problem tell clearly di i will help u if not than make ur id by myself and give u on fb if u have id there

  15. Nooo dear i don’t have FB..
    n about problem… i gave my user name,email id,password,, then conform it… then “m not robot” there i click. n after that there was nothing .just like before no Change,, i again click there n again nothing..
    what should i do now????

    1. Radhika..

      di contact to tu and tell ur problem that ur unable to register and than in the problem box the problem occuring with u that u tell in the comment now and write ur email id u will get a message from tu how to make the id than try it

  16. Yeah Radhika i send a message… just hope for d best . ..

    1. Radhika..

      ok hope the same ??

      1. Malika

        (Anjali) Chotis what are you both talking about and yes kakali you will success just try once again.

    2. Radhika..

      hmmm di will success di and u make an id and we are talking about id making only

  17. Its amazing how can u call it boring .I really love the way sanskar made her realise her feelings he didnt got disheartened he gave answers to all ofher questions perfectly loved it keep writing

    1. Radhika..

      thanku for the lovely and encouraging comment simin ?? u read it today only??

  18. Hi rads iam back ur ff was so sweet luv u Darling iam 18 so can I call u by name actually iam going to college so I can’t even comments but I vil comment on sat and Sundays OK can v b friend dear iam asking everyone who commented reply me

    1. Radhika..

      so i will call u di hmmm we are friends di and here the ts is ended i am also doing the same??

  19. Ya i read it yesterday only and just loved it i like when swasan unite rather than when they get separated thanks for uniting them

    1. Radhika..

      thanx for loving the ts and i also love when thy got united thanku can we be friends?? ??

  20. Ofcourse any time dear there is no need to ask

    1. Radhika..

      ok so we r friend by the what will i call u as i don’t know u r elder or younger than me i am 15?

  21. Radhika i need ur help.

    1. Radhika..

      say di what help u want and don’t help just order

      1. Radhika..

        and if u wanna ask anything fast than message me on [email protected] it is my account

  22. I am 18 u call me by my name no di and all plz

    1. Radhika..

      ok as u wish??

  23. Hi..I read all the parts today…sanskar’s proposal so cute… have an awesome writing skill being in such a young age…keep writing dear…

    1. Radhika..

      thanx for such a lovely and encouraging comment thanx for reading the ts can we be friends am asking all who r commenting can we?? ??

      1. Of course….I am elder than you and from SL

      2. Radhika..

        ok so i am going to call u di??

  24. Anniya

    It’s really amazing one , one of best as which I ever read…

    1. Radhika..

      thanx for the lovely and encouraging comment from a writter like u i really loved all the ts which u wrote and i read they r really amazing and thanx for the lovely comment and reading can we be friends?? ??

      1. Anniya

        Sure, we can be frnds….
        I am elder than you u can call me anything anni or di…

      2. Radhika..

        so i am gonna call u di??

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