the beautiful phase of life ts second part (hero’s entry & masti)


hi guys thank u for ur lovely comments and love i really don’t think that anyone loved it but after reading ur comments i really fell very happy and about your requirements Jasminerahul| i try to give equal importance to everyone Gobiavi and Soundarya i don’t got that u want roshini and sid or simar and rolli but as simar is already there so i add roshini and sid hope u like it and now stop of my bak bak and procceding to 2nd and 2nd last chapter so lets start

previous part:
Part 1

thinking all this she have a smile on her face that was an awesome phase of her life she love the phase very much and than she remember the most important person entry in her li& and the journey with him that make him most important she meet him………… She think how was her friends nature exactly different from one another a how they all get their soul mates and she too meet him………..

her friends personalities are just……….. :-
kavita:most talktive,make friends easily and really nice in nature but somehow crack do all the crazy things and try every type of craziness and madness every time adding something new in her crazy doings………

Gopi:sweet in nature and always Keep her loving once happy believ in sharing and caring…………………..
kavya:very beautiful, nice nature, always busy in her phone,But when come to friend forgot her phone…………….
uttara:always say to ask the thing which don’t happen a kind take thing serious but make it easy going easily nice in nature……………
vidhya:her personality is Awesome everyone go crazy on her personality nice in nature loved to rome very much………………

Meera:singing her passion, attitude on peak but positive, nice who are nice with her otherwise very worst……………. ..
simar:average always depend on other but have guts to speak wrong or right and if anyone do a fight with her she make them remember grandmom by her talks only……………….
ragini:beautiful personalitied funny talker don’t take thing seriously keep easy going best friend of swara know her better that anyone else a type of sistery bond together since childhood……………… …………………
swara:beautiful, her eyes speak everything about her, studious, respect eveyone, speak less, teachers favourite, serious type and take everything seriously even small things loved by everyone………………….

After thinking about their personality she start thinking about their partners all except swara and ragini
How they meet with their partners
simar and prem:as always simar is engage to correct someone mistake and scolding him
simar: for doing that mistake and moreover that engaging in fight with me simar i think u r new here so don’t know about me but u will get to know early and yup don’t do all this kinda things again

prem:nice attitude and personality i will not do that but what will i get in return…… ….
Simar:its not a deal that u r asking me something in return but if for once i agree what u want
prem:your friendship afterall love starts with friendship na and i fall in love with u by seeing ur personality and nature of helping others and by ur guts also
simar :hmmm by the way proposal is not bad i will think about it………………….
Prem:only think ?
Simar:firstly i have to think na before saying yes and wink at him??
(firstly he don’t get what she meant but later got it and became happy saying)
prem:means u r agree
simar :hmmm buddu i am agree ??

Kavya and sahil:as kavya is always engage with her phone she make many friends on fb and other social sites there only she meet with a guy named sahil they use to chat with each other and sahil fall in love with her so one fine day he proposed her on that kavya say(mean type in the chat)
kavya:why u loved me??
Sahil:because of ur talks and nature
kavya:but u never see me so………………
Sahil:love is not because of external beauty its just due to internal beauty and ur thinking and nature i like not ur looks

kavya:this talk of sahil make her fall for him as she like him but think it as a attraction and by knowing his thoughts she love him as most of the guys like her looks and don’t Value her thinking and sahil is totally opposite so she accept his proposal with in no time?
Because she don’t wanna loose him

Meera and dharam:she meet him in a musical competition they become good friends in this time as
they r partners and with the passing of days meera started liking him because of his nature he is good with everyone and help everyone and don’t have 1%of attitude everyday she got to know something new about him and with this she totally fall for him and on the final day after they won the competition and she proposed him and he also accepted because he also love her and in this many days he also got to know many things about her and he also fall for her so after knowing this that she also love him he says yes

gopi and ahem:she has a crush on a guy since school days and happily he is in the same college and in same Class but she don’t have that much guts to tell him about her fellings so knowing about this her besties make a plan to make her confess by making her jealous and their plan worked and she confess her fellings in one go and he too accepted as who have the guts to reject a girl like her he firstly get shocked
gopi:??udon’t love meand started crying

ahem:please don’t cry i loved u But don’t know About ur fellings so don’t confess now please don’t cry
gopi:wiping her tears really

vidhya and shravan:both have the same personality and both have same likes dislikes they are similar to each other in many things even whole class love their personality everyone go crazy on their personality many girls and boys think to try their luck but no chance they r childhood best friends and fall in Love with other and care for each other very much their bond is very strong as its based on friendship as friendship is more than love and relation of friendship is the best relation

Kavita and raghu:raghu is from a poor Family and is studying on scholarship andan help his parents in their shop he is very hardworking and respect everyone and dovote himself in the work he do kavita fall for him by seeing his hardworking and nature she proposed him but he don’t accept but kavita is also kavita so she make him accept in this way she everyday to say the same thing one day
raghu :i don’t love u How many times i have to say this??
Kavita:u love me??
Raghu:stop crying please
kavita :why i stop crying for u and what relation u have with me that i stop crying?
Raghu:vo.. V…
Kavita:Speak up
raghu:hmmm vo…….
Kavita:no answer because u love me
kavita :yes
raghu:nono no
kavita:yes yes yes……..
Kavita…….. Raghu…….. Yes no yes no
Kavita:u accepted
Raghu;:hmmm i love u ??

Uttara and rajat:they both like eachother and r good friends and one day they both speak up their feelings to each other
rajat:uttara i want to talk to talk about something
uttara :hmmm say
rajat:firstly promise that the thing don’t effect our friendship
uttara:hmmm promise
rajat:actually i love u will u like to e my life partner……
Uttara :speechless

rajat:Uttara Speak something yr my knees r paining (he is sittingsittin on his knees and proposing her)
uttara:teary eyed i love u too
rajat:thank god u speak up or else my knees r Going to break today
Uttara: rajat u and hit him playfully??

she smile at her own about thinking her besties stories and the entry of roshini how she came back from US after a year and her entry with sid make everyone shocked

thinking (flashback)……….
Before the starting of class a girl came in and says loudly surprise whole class are shocked except the 9besties and their partners as they know her and her nature she came and hugged each of them
roshini:she is a strom same like kavita but somewhere craziness heights r more than her do whateverwhateve she wants not atall shy types and say whatever here i her mind ono everyone face don’t care about others craziness to the heights………….
Everyone are happy seeing her and than a boy come behind her all give her look whom he is she simply said he is my partner
all:when this happen??
Roshini:guys don’t give me that look actually he is sid siddharth we meet in US and become friends know each other and fall for each other now in relation hope u got it
all:hmmm Congrats and they all do group hug ??
All:by the way how he proposed u?

Roshini:he tell me to come to a place its full dark and he blindfolded me and take me to a place and opened the blind fold and the whole place is decorate with red and White color ballons curtains and he bent down and simply say i don’t know why from day to night i Only think About u when i Close my eyes think About u and when open than also u don’t know what u did to me but i started loving u will u accept my love and be my partner…………….
Roshini:yes i will
all:awww….. So cute?

Present :
She think all this and than thought of coming of him in her life her sanskar….. (hope everyone got their answer about pairing)now she think about his entry

thinking(flashback )…………………..
two boys in 2 nd year come in class they r Handsome, intelligent, personalitied evrery girl go crazy for seeking their attention and sir ask them question they answer it so well that the whole class get a shock Because they don’t think that they r intelligent after seeing their personality but their thinking go wrong

first time swara notice a guy that tot because of his answer she was impressed her friends startstar teasing her but they know she don’t like him don’t wanna loose chance of teasing her
Sir make swaragini and sanlak as group partners and they start working with each other and become good friends

Masti with them
next scene:
Mam r asking about water and no one is answering than mam say
mam:sanskar u know answer of everything so u tell about water
sanskar:mam water……….. (cutted by laksh)
Laksh:mam water is pani (pani is water name in hindi)
Wole class brust out laughing
mam:u will get noble prize for this discovery whole class give appalause to him

Mam:what is the most beautiful thing in this earth
everyone start discussing
mam:tell me not each other i am also here
one voice come from behind :mam girls r most beautiful thing
whole class brust out laughing

next scene:
sir are writting a formula and spell it up
m=4/3ΠR3row G
boys r discussing something
sir:what happen?
Prem:sir roji(rowG)roti its easy to learn and remember
sir:don’t make fun of it its really difficult to earn that roji roti concentrate on studies or after some years u r seen roaming on roads for this roji roti
prem:sir thats not fair
whole class start laughing

next scene:
laksh:sir black colour is seen from far as compare to red colour so please write with black one
sir:but it is state that red colour is seen from far thats why it is colour of danger
class:sir he said true
laksh:sir i have more knowledge than u
sir:it will become kala akshar bains barabar(black word is like buffallo means no knowledge)
whole class laugh and sir smile
laksh:sir u everytime do this its not fair??

next scene:
all the besties and partners adding sanlak start a new thing when anyone wear a new dress or shirt they wish them HAPPY BIRTHDAY and ask for party they start it from teachers only after that with whole class and their group also one day ragini wear a new dress and boys start to ask party she say she only have 10ruppes and they say one toffee each than boys says u give 2 also and on this swara say 4 also bukhhad kings and sanskar say u bukhhad queen and they fight like this only……………

by the passing of days swasan and raglak bond r increasing and finally laksh proposed her and she accepted
laksh take ragini to a beautiful restaurant with all their group members and he said ragini their is a surprise for u
the restaurant is beautifully decorate with red and White color ballons curtains and laksh bend down on knees and say
Laksh:ragini i love u i don’t know how and when i start loving u but now when i wake up and sleep the only one thing in my mind is u and Only u u become the beat of heart the soul of my body i don’t know when but i just started loving u will u agree to live ur whole life with me will u accept me…………………

Ragini :she was justjus shocked surprised happy many more things at the same time she also bent on knees and hug him and say i love u too laksh……………
They share a cute hug which is broken by the voices and claps of their friends they congratulate the new couple

now only 2 persons of their group are single so they all join hands to make them a couple as they all are aware that sanskar love swara but no one know about swara feelings but they think that she also love sanskar as she always fight with him talk with him and help him their bond is very strong they became best friends now and all think they will become a nice couple as they trust each other and believe in each other but swasan is not aware about it

present :
swara:how he enters in her life and change it to some extent how he always make her laugh on small things whole heartily and how he proposed her and her rejection and his doings to make her accept it and his knowing her very well………….. A smile is their on her face??

so guys done with this part now 1 part is left and it will be maximum of swasan scene and how will sanskar propose her? why she reject?? how sanskar make her accept?? what will he do?? next chapter will answer all this till guess and wait for it and i make to give justice to all couples now it is on u what u think and sorry for keeping u bore by my this writting and hope cutiie u got ur answer and thanx for all of u to comment and if u like it than comment if not than please for realising me my mistakes ok now i am done now u rwork starts

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  1. ohhhh Radhika thnxx for ur chappy… u know what i was waiting for it..coz i love to read friendship bassed stories,, college life stories…thnk u dear…. d pairs r amezing…. reading time i had a big smile on my face… n then ur jokes come,,””ROJI ROTI N KALA AKSHAR BHAISH BARABAR””like really!!!!! hahahaha its sooo funny….loved it dear..

    1. Radhika..

      thanx kakali for ur lovely comment and thanx for the encouragement u give to me yup friendship and collage based story i also loved thats why i choose to write on it and the jokes are done by my classmates there r much more of them but can’t add them i love ur comment very much its my pleasure that u loved it??

  2. Superbbbb

    1. Radhika..

      thanx tani??

  3. Maha6

    Awesome radhu continue with the work n give immense pleasure to the ones reading ur TS like this only….

    1. Radhika..

      _____di for ur comment and will continue it hope readers fell pleasure by reading it hope so……. . love u di????

  4. Super radika and nice ff

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      thanx soundarya ??

  5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Wow, it’s amazing….. Loved it…. You described each and every scene perfectly.All love stories are cute???. Keep it up dear. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Radhika..

      thanx abdul hafiz (uma) for the lovely comment and encouragement u gave me thanku very much i will post asap may be tomorrow night u too take care and keep smiling dear ??loved ur comment??

  6. Wow day by say u r ff is super and today morning i read in urgent so i read very fast now only i read slowly super for including rosid pls pls pls pls continue nice ??☺???

    1. Radhika..

      thanku for the beautiful comment and reading it again thanku very much ur comment made my day dear u read it 2 times so sweet of u and thanks for encouraging me thanku once again dear ??

  7. Mica

    hahahhah, the teacher soo funny.. waiting swasan in next, continue soon Rad!

    1. Radhika..

      thanku for ur lovely comment and encouragement teachers always take part in our fun ??…. .. thanks for comment ??

  8. Well what to say you made me speechless . Wooooooooow amazing and outstanding yaar. I really love this ep. I didn’t get bored in fact I’m loving your ff. You don’t know how much I read it more than two time. Seriously. You nail it. ND CAN WE BE FRIENDS because I love to make friends update soon I know you will update at night still I will wait.

    1. Radhika..

      thanku for the lovely comment and ur encouragement and u read it number of times its like an achievement for me really ur loving it its my pleasure yup we can be friends why to ask for such a good thing i also love to make friends i will update tomorrow night actually i have test of all the subjects tomorrow as today was a holiday so mak eit to tomorrow have to prepare for tests but i will update romorrow night and thanks for ur encouragement and lovely comment?? but what will i say u as ur are elder or younger than me i am 15 how old are u??

      1. I am 19 year old. Dear

      2. Radhika..

        ok means ur my di can i call u di??

  9. Jasminerahul

    u u surprised me by giving equal importance 2 all the couples in this part.every couple’s love story was beautiful.I can’t say which one was the best.waiting 4 swasan luv story.Sanskar luvs swara.everybody thinks that she also luvs him.Is it true?Then why did she reject him?hope they unite.

    It’s Siddhanth n Roli.Nor Roshni.
    May i know to which state u belong?

    1. Radhika..

      thanks for ur encouragement and its my pleasure that u like it and i give equal importance on ur asking and its like i become successfull after ur lovely comment and i don’t get u want roshini or roli but by others saying i make it rashini and siddharth sry can’t fullfill ur this wish and about swasan love story u will get to know in next part as it will be full of swasan and some friends moments and what will she say wait for that many things r going to come in next one ??
      and i am from punjab and from which state u belong?? if u like to tell than tell?

      1. Jasminerahul

        NO NO.what i meant is some readers requested u to add RoSid n u added RoSid.But the couple of SSK is Siddhanth Roli.Means Avika’s character’s name is Roli,not Roshni

      2. Radhika..

        actually i added roshid from jamai raja on zee tv roshini and siddharth ravi dube and nia sharma not from ssk

  10. Nice one

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      thanx shiksha??

  11. so nic dear

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      thanx honey??

  12. Jasminerahul

    Sid n Roshni’s jodi name is SidNi.They are nor Roshid.Rosid r Siddhant Roli from SSK.Rosid fans wanted Rosid as u added Premar in this ff

    1. Radhika..

      sry i will add them sry once again because of my confusion this happen sry i will make it up if i can sry sry sry…………………………..

  13. Ss radhi it is Rosid Rosid means roli Ans siddhanth pls give imp to everyone superb story luv u by the iam also from Tamil nadu

    1. Radhika..

      di i posted it also and reply there also and i am from punjab?

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