the beautiful phase of life ts first part (friendship )


its my first try and it must be boring so if u want to be bore so read if not……. than choice is urs ok it will contain 3 parts and now stop of my talking so lets start

 A girl is shown standing near the window thinking something lost in her own world of deep thoughts………..
Girl:do u know if we remove this layers we can find the age of tree the number of layers =number of years tree lived
Kavya:swara how do you know about this all ?? as i think its not in our syllabus and books too….. ??

(the girl is swara)
Swara:actually before starting the studious matter sir tell about some general knowledge things its one of them an……{cutted by kavya}
Kavya:ok ok i got it and u know that nobody pay attention on this all thinks lets leave it here only
Kavya:but what ….whatever just leave it dude see meere and gopi also came
Gopi:so guys lets move to class
Kavya,Swara,Merra:hmmm lets go

Next scene:
9 girls{Uttara,Kavita,Kavya,Swara,Ragini,Gopi,Meera,Vidya,Simar}are drenching in rain and clicking pictures after getting fully drenched they move to class but stop as swara and ragini did not come
Kavita:what happen??
Ragini:one new idea came in her mind
All:whats that??
Swara:guys do you ever think how all the process of rain take place how this all things happen than friction and the forces which we exert is much more and less it……
Kavya:hmm whats new in this
Swara:guys why don’t we all give it a try and make a artifical one and……
Uttara:its nice but didnot you fell boring after thinking such things:study,help others and socialwork dude their is also a word name masti{fun} why don’t u use it
Simar:true said she only know how to be studious and serious
Swara:when u all are here than my life is full of fun i don’t have to think about it ??
All:aww…. So sweet of u??
They share a group hug

about their masti:
next scene:
9 girls are shown running on the stairs as they do a prank
before sometime kavita filled her bottle with water and pour whole water on other side of wall where boys of there class are standing and if they got to know about this than they all are over so theythe escape from that place as fast as they can

next scene:
Girls are seensee drenching each other with the help of water bottles and running after ane another for pouring water after they got tired they sat on their desks after drenching each other fully and maake the class look like a mess

Make them understand:
Next scene:
Kavita and meera have a fight and meera went to her home kavita is very angry and she start scolding her all try to cool her down but nothing work
kavita:she always do this what she think of herself how can she do this i will tell her with whom she engage in fight this time she have to get a lesson….. ……………
Swara:cool down dude if she do something just give a positive responce if she do again do the same after sometime she herself got to know about it afterall hatred alwaysalway end with love give a try
Swara:give a plz ??
Kavita:ok i will no one can win from u
That’s good

Next scene:
Uttara; kavya; simar:we don’t know how to do this how to learn it swaraswar plz help dude??
swara:ok lets consider that…………………………………… ……………….. Do you got it
uttara,kavya,simar:u explain so good that it fit i nour cute brain thanku
All:sry……. ………… ?nothing
swara:friendship mai no sry no thanku
all:we hate Sorry and thanku??

their teasing:
next scene:
Vidhya’s teady smile disappear as the thread by which t he smile is drawn is mistakenly pulled by gopi and vidhya is very angry as its her favourite teady and she love teady very much everyone tried but she is not listening and she is very angry everyone try to lighten her mood but her no effect than swara tried
swara:now also its looking cute don’t beb sad guys its looking cute na
swara:see……… (cutted by vidhya)
Vidhya:if u don’t have lips how could u be able to kiss anyone oh sry u never think about this and never make bf so its not applicable to u so lets leave it by the way why don’t u make a bf??
Ragini: because she don’t believe in bf and all time pass that today generation do generally bf is now a thing like if u don’t get one than another and she want the one who is her true love not any timepass and all just one who is destined to be her when she meet him she will say yes to him
all:oh is that so

swara:when i got my true love than no one else have a entry in my heart
simar :hmmm nobody can think like u
meera :by the way u never got proposals…………
Ragini:she got but never accept let me remind 38-40 proposal
uttara:but she is so beautiful why this much less
ragini:because she always go with someone from her house she never go alone and she only go from collage to home and home to collage that to with her dad so no one have a chance and class boys never try as they know about her behaviour theythe don’t want her to be sad so……… Even on function day also she got proposals

all:ok but why don’t u accept anyone among them
swara:don’t know but my heart don’t allow me and i always dando whatever my heart say so……. But i don’t like hurting them and at first sight love don’t happen its attraction love happen by spending sometime or by knowing or by just a meet but not by a sight so…….. Hope u understand
all:hmmmm u and ur philosophy only u can know hatsoff to that………….

Best in everything:
Next scene:
one of her friend ask her how to upload story and send links she tell them they say that u r good in study in socialsites in front of teachers family everyone but we are 0in everything she say there is nothing like this everyone is good
they say ur brain is really awesome may god something extra but she say no everone has same brain but everyone use it in different way
they say no one won from u ur always right

Next scene:
test is going on everyone is looking at eachother face and one girl is writting she is none other than swara she is writting her test and all are looking at her and she completed and give it to mam mam are continously saying u all also start studing ragini why don’t u revise
ragini:mam actually i forgot to revise

Boys are asking the answers but swara can’t help them as she don’t hear them and ragini pass the message and in this process her paper got snatched and when swara is going to answer she stop her saying stop doing social work and she is unable to help the boys and atlast boys tease ragini by saying so much guts and start laughing as she ask for help in front of teachers ragini also replied that u don’t even know what the answers and are the toppers from boys
atlast they all start laughing at their behaviour as after every bad test they do like that and givegiv hifi to eachother

Whole class adore their friendship and madness they do each day their is a new madness with ever new power they never fed up their fun even they all do fun with teachers also with the help of whole class as they are friends with whol class everyone want to be one of their group but no chance all the 9 have different thinking with different thoughts different personality but one group and much more………………..

thinking all this she have a smile on her face that was an awesome phase of her life she love the phase very much and than she remember the most important person entry in her life and the journey with him that make him most important she meet him…………….

done with first part if u like than comment if don’t than also afterall i will be able to know my mistakes choice is urs wanna comment or not i will not force u and who is the person swara loved?? how his entry is going to be?? how they fall in love and who propose and whom?? what was the nature of the guy many unanswered questions ok now i left it on u if u like than i will continue if not than stop here only or may continue also and next part will be given by tomorrow or monday oknow ur all work start so start doing it till than by……………….

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  1. Cutiie

    nice…make swasan ff

    1. Radhika..

      thnx cutie don’t know that i will make or not but ts is on the way so enjoy it and thnx for encouraging me ??

      1. Radhika..

        and u will got to know the pair in next part?

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      thanx tani ?

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  3. Radika no Rosid a I luv Rosid. Pls introduced Rosid pls pls pls

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      i don’t get it do u want me to add rosid in this ts

  4. Superb Radhika… enjoyed it dear…

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      thanx kakali.. and glad that u enjoyed it?

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      thanx dharani?

  5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Excellent.. Loved it. Waiting for nxt. Keep it up.
    Take care

    1. Radhika..

      thanx Abdul hafiz (uma) its my pleasure that u loved it post next part asap ur comment means alot thanku for the lovely comment u too take care??

  6. Jasminerahul

    story of female friends is rare.hats off 2 u 4 attempting that.friends scenes r nice esp drenching scene.meera n vidya too gopi’s friends unlike on d show where they r gopi’s daughters.i never see premar thx 2 u 4 adding simar in the friends’ gang.plz bring prem too.swara is so studious n is waiting 4 true nice that she doesnt believe in time pass luv.can u plz give equal importance to all the couples?

    1. Radhika..

      ok give them equal importance as in next part new boys are going to enter as partners and some are from the class only and thnx for ur lovely comment hmmm here i only give a intro how was swara in next part i will give intro all the others but short intro and the boys entry are also going to happen and thnx for a lovely comment ????

  7. superb awesome

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  8. Pls include rosid ff radhika pls

    1. Radhika..

      ok u mean simar and roli or roshini and sid

  9. Maha6

    Awwww radhu congrats I have read all the comments. Greag response. Well I’m really very happy for u….. As I have already informed abt my opinion before only there is nothing more to tell. But one thing never say that u can’t write the TS or OS or whatever becoz after seeing this no one can say that u don’t have skills to write. Really such an awesome writer u r…. All the best in advance. I wish u write like this only……

    1. Radhika..

      ________di for the lovely comment it really made my day aww so sweet of u di about skills……. i really don’t know that they r awesome or not but by seeing ur comment i am really very happy and i write this because of u only so credit alao go to u love u di for all the encouragement??? love this comment very much ??

      1. Maha6

        Awww radhu the credit won’t get to me it’s u just I asked that’s it…… But really u wrote it superbly…..

      2. Radhika..

        ok let’s see di??

    2. Radhika..

      why don’t credit to u di u only told me to write so its go to u also di??

      1. Maha6

        No no no….that’s it… But u remember that.. That’s enough for me.

  10. Pls upload next part

    1. Radhika..

      i will post it by today night have to make some changes according to ur all requirements ?

  11. Nice ff pls continue pls add rosid i am die hard fan of rosid pls pls pls continue radika r u from kerala ???? But super ff nice nice nice nice nice……….

    1. Radhika..

      thanx for the lovely comment soundraya yup i am going to continue and will add roshid but 1 confusion rosid means roshini and sid or rolli and simar?? and i am not from kerala i am from punjab from where r u?? and thanxfor ur lovely comment and thanx for encouraging me and next part i will post in 15 min ??

  12. Rosid means roshini and sidhant and i am from tamilnadu chennai city

    1. Radhika..

      ok i post next part with adding roshini and sid hope u like it also ok ??

  13. Mica

    waa… girls club.. love it soo much Rad!… remain me when i lived in hostel 😀 😀
    i can imagine how boyz will drooling over to see a group of beautifull ladies..

    1. Radhika..

      thanx for ur lovely comment and yup boys do like this and even we do fullon fun with them including teachers also in the fun this time is like a beautiful phase….. …….
      thanx for ur lovely comment and encouragement

  14. Tq radhika Darling luv u

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      luv u too di??

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