Beautiful Nerd Spoiler ( RagLak )

Beautiful Nerd Spoiler

Raglak were in the ground fighting for a silly reason.

Ragini : laksh u r so irritating !!

Laksh : jo !! I irritate only u miss behenji !!

Ragini was above to say something but she heard a familiar voice.

Voice : ragz !!!!

She turned to see a handsome and dashing guy. She was soo excited that she went and hugged him tight.

Lucky was seeing All this and was frustrated. He was jealous but he still dint realise.

Then he walked towards them and pulled ragini.

Ragini : lucky… wat r u doing ?!

Lucky : tum use hug nahi kar sakthi miss behenji !!

Ragini pushed him and went near the guy.

Ragini : He is my frnd I can hug him touch him and can do wat I want !! Wat is itching u man !!??

Lucky was frustrated but he knew it that he shouldn’t let his anger on ragini and hurt her cause he was feeling for her but still dint realise.

Lucky : arey no !! U guys can’t do PDA !!

Ragini : oh pls !! Who r ….

While she was above to complete her sentence a pretty girl came and hugged laksh from back. All the 3 were utter shocked.

Lucky : k..Kavya ?!


Okay guys done !! This is it for now !! I hope u guys will enjoy it !!

Okay so one announcement !!!

So guys in google+ I have written an OS of raglak for a comp so shall I post it here ?! So lemme explain the concept in brief !!

Description : okay so it’s a historical os. It’s based on the third battle of Panipat between the Marathas and Ahmad Shah Abdali. So shall I post or no ?! It is a complete raglak OS.

Pls do comment and share ur views !! Thanks poeple love u all Muah !! 😀


  1. lisa

    haha plz make other guy(the 1 who is hugging rags) someone else rather than character from swaraagini

  2. Rain_Lightwood


    |Registered Member

    Pls post the historical os here Adhithi Di. I wud love read it. And the spoiler was very intriguing. I’m very curious. Pls update fast Di. I’m very curious to know what will happen.

      • Rain_Lightwood


        |Registered Member

        Arrey re re re Didi aap je ke keh rahi hai. Maine padi hai? Didi I think you’ve gotten it all messed up. I haven’t Didi. Pleej post it. I wud love to read it. Mein pagal hu? Has I’ll complain to Maa now. She’ll scold u see.

  3. Tvisha


    |Registered Member

    O lord I never noticed this.. I’m sorry I’m really late but coming to your spoiler OMG its so curious and intersting I’m really curious to see what happens… and I wish the boy and kavya don’t create any problem… Hopin for the best!!

    upload soon babe!!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.