Beautiful Nerd ( RagLak ) Chapter 9


Beautiful Nerd Chapter 9

Recap : gaurav and kavya’s entry.

** Gaurav ‘s role is played by Vatsal Seth**

Kavya takes lucky near a tree. She goes near him and catches his neck and starts acting like a sl*t. She starts blabbering. But lucky was concentrating on ragrav who were very close to each other and were busy talying with devria.

Her each smiled made him feel bad and good. Good maybe he likes her and bad?? Maybe he is jealous that he couldn’t be the reason behind her sweet smile!! JEALOUS AHA!

Then kavya hut laksh playfully.

Kavya : lucky baby you are listening to meh naa….??

Lucky : haa naa bolo…..

Kavya : hmm…. toh you found any clues regarding that girl and that incident which happened before 1 year??

Lucky : hmm… actually nah…. I still didn’t find any clues! But don’t worry today everything will unfold! I promise to take revenge!! I won’t leave that girl whoever it is I don’t care!!

Kavya : okay! Calm down baby!!

Laksh : yea…. okay you go home I will be there after some time….

Kavya : okay bye… take care…..

Saying this she hugs him and leaves. Laksh smirks and then turns to see smiling ragini. Ragini also turns to see his smirking face. Her smile fades. His smirk too vanishes.

They both have a deep eyelock which is broken by laksh. He avoids her and moves away. She feels bad but plasters a fake smile.

Time forward : after sometime…

Laksh stops his Mercedes in front of a big gated community. It was a luxurious community bit still no one lives there. Hardly 10 villas were occupied. Because it was far away from the city outskirts and was too costly for middle class poeple. So very low poeple preferred to stay there.

Laksh came out of his car and started walking towards a villa. He reached near a corner of the community where no light was there. It was evening time. He saw a house which was looking like it was haunted.

He slowly walked in and opened the door. The door opened and the light emitted by the sun at the time it sets helped laksh see something but not everything.

He used flashlight of his mobile and slowly walked in. He switched on the lights.

The haunted house turned out to be an elegant palace! It was looking soo good! But still he was sad! His expression never changed!

He slowly walked towards a wall. A BIG WALL! That wall had some pictures of laksh, dev, kavya and rohan.

He touched those pictures and tears flowed down! He wasn’t able to control them!

Then he wiped his tears and stood up with a determined face. He went near a room.

He started searching for something. He opened the cupboards and threw all the clothes and stuff aside.

He was running out of patience. He went near a table and kicked it in anger and as a result the dustbin near it fell down.

He saw an old diary. He opened it and started reading it.

First page it was written ” STORY OF MY LIFE ”

Then he turned the page and found it blank. Then in the next page he found a withered rose. He touched it and felt bad for his childhood bff rohan.

He turned one more page and read it….. It dropped the diary in shock.

His eyes turned red!! He has tears of pain! He clenched his fists! He wanted to turn into a wild beast and kill the girl! That girl!! RAGINI!!!

The wind from the windows made the pages fly. And on the 4th page it was written that “I LOVE YOU RAGINI! YOU ARE MY LIFE! PLEASE DON’T HATE ME! I LOVE YOU!”

Laksh remembered a Flashback.

Flashback starts. ( guys I’m just gonna tell the Flashback in brief as it isn’t important )

Rohan dev laksh and kavya were good friends. Kavya loved laksh as rather pretended to do say for his money.

Rohan and laksh shared a special bond and rohan was ready to give up his life for rohan. Laksh was always a flirt. Dev was a happy go lucky guy. Rohan also loved kavya but never dared to tell her. Laksh knew kavya loved him. Rohan and dev were unaware.

One day rohan visited her. But he heard her laughing. He eavesdropped.

Kavya : yea ofcourse tia! Laksh! Eww yuck! I hate him! He doesn’t even know how to flirt man! After I get my money 3 crores I will leave him alone to die! Mad donkey! Huh!

Tia : lol hehehe! Okay chal bye!

Kavya : bye….

She cut the call and turned. She found rohan standing there. He threw the flower bouquet in his hand. Tears rolled down his cheecks.

Kavya : r…rohan! Tum?? Yaha??

Rohan slapped her hard.

Rohan : how dare you??? Huh how dare you betray my lucky!! I hate my self for loving you! You sl*t!

Kavya : just shut up! How dare you slap me! You donkey! Huh!

Rohan was not able to control now! He went near her to slap her but she just took a hard substance from the table and poked it and the substance turned out to be a knife! KAVYA STABBED ROHAN!!!

Blood was oozing out. Rohan fell on the floor. In a minute or so he died.

Kavya was in utter shock. She didn’t know what to do…

She then heard the bell ring. She was tensed. She immediately wrapped rohan in a bed sheet and threw his body in a garden.

Then she opened the door it was lucky. They both hugged.

Lucky was about to enter the house bit kavya did her drama and took him out for treat. They both left.

Afterwards she called some goons and told them to throw the body near some forest.

After some days, when laksh suspected that gaurav isn’t fine he enquired about him and go to know about his body.

He was heart broken.

After some days he wanted to know the reason. Kavya visited the villa.

She took his diary and read it. It was written all about kavya. At the last gaurav wrote that ragini loves laksh and she is perfect for him.

Therefore to be on safe side kavya took the diary and replaced it with another one. That diary she took with her and burnt it.

Flashback ends.

Laksh read the diary which kavya replaced. She wrote ragini’s name instead of hers because she wanted to be on safe side.

Laksh now wanted to destroy ragini.

On the other side kavya was smirking. She was very happy. She knew this would happen and laksh would misunderstand ragini.

Flashback starts.

After replacing the diary she wrote a letter. A suicide letter in rohan’s handwriting and signed it. Laksh after a few month after his death visited rohan’s room and got to know that rohan suicide because of a girl.

Kavya thought he forgot about the matter but he didn’t still. So she got to know about it. So beforecoming to the college she put this diary with ragini’s name in that house and left for the college.

Laksh now feels ragini is responsible for rohan’s death.

Flashback ends.

Kavya reached MM and went in.

Ap and sujatha were talking. Sujatha asked ap about laksh’s marriage.

Just then swara entered and suggested ragini. Ap and sujatha were happy about it. Kavya entered the house and was upset about their alliance. But she was happy again as laksh hates ragini and won’t accept her.

Precap : raglak marriage is fixed. Laksh to show his real side to ragini.

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