Beautiful Nerd ( RagLak ) Chapter 7

Beautiful Nerd Chapter 7

Recap : raglak become partners

Next day.

Ragini was looking gorgeous in pink crop top and torn shorts. Her hair was left open.

She was irritated with her outfit which didn’t cover her whole skin. She walked into the campus with ria. Ragini’s outfit was girly but her walking style was just the same. The tomboyish style. She was looking weird yet cute. Ria was giggling at her walking style. Ragini was confused yet she maintained a dignified look.

All the boys were behaving like love sick puppies. They were falling on her which made her feel little uncomfortable. And the other sl*ts of the college were jealous of the queen’s beauty.

Lucky was waiting for ragini. He seemed to be not at all interested but still he was excited from inside.

He was in the canteen. He was now running out of patience. Dev enjoyed his weird behaviour and mood swings.

First lucky walked here and there playing with his phone. Then he dialled her number but again threw the phone. He thought to test her but deleted the message. He checked all the social net working sites for some information about her where abouts and was looking for her status.

On the other side those boys weren’t letting her to walk.

Lucky was now irritated. He walked near the main entrance and saw a big crowd there. He didn’t understand what was going on.

Then he heard some sl*ts talking and gossiping. He first didn’t pay much attention but when he heard the name “RAGINI” he couldn’t stop himself.
He was eavesdropping!

sl*t 1 : huh look at thowe idiots! They are behind ragini! They are behaving like they’ve never seen a girl in their life!

sl*t 2 : arey why are you cursing those boys? This ragini is very idiotic! I simply hate her! Huh! For attention she wore those type of clothes! sl*t she is a!

Laksh couldn’t control his anger. He was fuming now! He went near those sl*ts.

sl*t 1 : omg! Laksh tum yaha! You were missing me na?

sl*t 2 : no yaar he was missing me!

Laksh : oh just shut! I wasn’t missing any one of you! I just came here to inform you guys that don’t you dare talk bad about ragini! She isn’t a sl*t! In fact you guys are very cheap and you guys act like sl*ts!

Those two were also fuming in anger. After saying those words laksh turned back to see those boys falling on ragini. He couldn’t see ragini’s face because of those girls.

He thought that ragini too liked them and he walked away.

After soo many hurdles ragini escaped from those idiots. Ria was still giggling. And dev watched the whole film and enjoyed it.

Ragini ran near the library and found laksh sitting in a corner and reading some books.

She went near him. She never knew that he was angry with her. She started blabbering.

Ragini : laksh dekho I brought some books which will help us both!

He didn’t respond. He didn’t give a damn. He was just minding his own business. She was upset.

Ragini : arey suno naa yaar laksh!

She stood up and started shaking him. He was irritated and frustrated.

He stood up and pulled her towards him. They both had an eyelock. She could see anger in his eyes mixed with hatred. And he was too high to even look into her eyes. She had a confused look.

He wanted to tell her soo many things! He wanted to slap her hard for talking with others boys and wearing such kind of dresses! But the one who said her to do so was he! IT’S HE WHO TOLD HER TO WEAR THESE KIND OF DRESSES!

She was just waiting for him a justify his actions.

Laksh : huh I just hate you! Don’t you dare talk to me again! Don’t you dare come in front of me! Don’t you dare touch me again! You just don’t dare!

Ragini : par laksh….

Lucky : just shut your mouth! Don’t utter a word!

Everyone were staring at her as if some gorilla have come.

She didn’t tell anything. Tears rolled down her eyes. No one dared to hurt her or speak to her in this high pitch.

He was shocked looking at those water droplets which were continuously dripping down. He calmed down for a second and looked straight into her eyes. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! FIRST TIME EVER HE COULDN’T SEE HATRED IN HER EYES AT ALL! YES! SHE WAS HURT! BUT WHY HIS WORDS ARE HAVING EFFECT ON HER? SHE JUST HATED HIM? THEN WHY? Maybe she started LOVING HIM! Or feeling for him?

He left her waist. He didn’t dare to look at him again. She heard a girl giggling and gossiping.

Girl : dekho yaar! Shuru hogayi Phir se Inn dono ki drama! Uff!

Girl 2 : lol yeah!

Girl : anyways I guess ragini wore this dress to impress lucky! Chee she is acting like a sl*t!

Girl 2 : yeah but poor girl! See lucky insulted her! Huh! She dosent know that lucky only like cook girls like us! Not tomboys like her!

Now she was broken from inside! She couldn’t control her tears. She ran away from there. Laksh was standing like a statue. He didn’t know what to do!

In the garden. Ragini sat on the bench and cried hard holding her stomach tight. She didn’t want to cry but she couldn’t stop her self.

In library. Laksh was still standing there thinking about what had just happened now.

Then dev entered the scene……

Precap : ria makes ragini realise her love for laksh. Ragini is still confused. Laksh starts feeling for her somewhere in his heart.

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