Beautiful Nerd ( RagLak ) Chapter 6

Beautiful Nerd Chapter 6

Recap : laksh disturbing ragini. Ragini avoiding him.

At night. Ragini was busy in her studies as she missed her classes and was frustrated with laksh. Then her phone started ringing. She picked up.

Ragini : hey ria wassup.

Yess she thought laksh to be ria.

Lucky : oh hello miss pagal !! Am laksh !! Lucky !! U forgot me ?!

Ragini : huh tum ?! Y did u call now ?!

Lucky : arey today y were u ignoring me ?! Huh y ?!

Ragini : arey wat is bothering u man ?!

Lucky : everything that is related to u bothers me !! So u better not avoid me !! Geddit ?!

Ragini : oh pls !! U know Wat u r so frustrated cause u don’t have any answer for my question and u r shouting on me !! Better u ask ur self and find out wat is itching u !! Huh !! Good nite.

She cut the call. And continued studying.

Lucky : huh !! She cut my call !!

He also put his mobile aside and slept. But he wasn’t able to sleep peacefully. Her questions were bothering him.

Lucky : abbay she is rite !! Wat is happening to me ?! Huh !! Yaar.. y can’t I tolerate when she avoids me !! Y !!

He started thinking about it.

Lucky : arey yaar main toh apna time waste kar raha hu !! That ragini !! Huh !! She dosent know Wat to say when !!

Saying this he convinced himself as he couldn’t find his answer and dozed off. But little did this cute kid know that ragini is his soulmate and he is only hers forever !! And no force can separate them from being one.

Time forward : next day. In college.

There was a project in which partners had to work together. It had 3 tests. First was a written test and second was a project of making a working model and the third was a camp.

Each group consisted of 2 members.

So all the students were informed about it. And the partners were put up on the notice board.

And ofcourse raglak and devria were partners.

Devria were happy. And dev was overjoyed as raglak were together. While our lovebirds were irritated and frustrated and sad and upset with their partners.

But somewhere laksh wanted ragini. He dint want any other guy to be with her not even dev !! He dint still realise that he feels for her. And ragini was not at all happy.

Lucky : hehehehehe toh chalo miss pagal. We both r partners now.

Ragini : I know !! I got the worst partner ever !! Huh !!

Lucky : oh pls don’t act too smart !! And u need my help to complete your project.

Ragini : hmm…. but u won’t help me and we need to work together.

Lucky : nah !! U r wrong miss !! I will help u but mere kuch conditions hain !!

Ragini : Conditions ?!

Lucky : yeah !! From tomorrow onwards u aren’t gonna wear these behenji dresses. Wear shorts and come. And u should listen to me !! Watever I say u have to follow !!

Ragini : bullshit !! Never !! Am not gonna wear shorts !!

Lucky : okay then change your partner !!

Saying this he shows attitude to her and goes away smirking. Ragini goes near the in charge of this project.

After sometime….

Ragini came out stomping.

Lucky : kya hua baby ?!

Flashback starts

Ragini went near the in charge and asked him to change the partners but he refused to do so…. and she came out and accepted her defeat.

Flashback ends

Lucky : so Wat have u decided now !!

Ragini: woh…okay !! I will wear shorts and obey your orders.

Lucky : haa gud girl !!

He pulled her cheecks. Ragini went away stomping !!

Okay so the schedule which was given :

Next day : preparations for written test.
After that day : written test and topics given for working model.
After one week : submission of working model. ( so basically a week time for making it. )
After 2 days break : trip.

Precap : raglak romance.

Okay guys now don’t throw tomatoes at me !! Lol !! Okay actually my school started and was having exams so couldn’t type out. This one is also very short chapter. My exams r going on so am not getting time. And am handling even more ffs so guys not at all getting time. Okay so one request. That is anyone on g+ ?! Guys if u r can u people gimme ur usernames and profile pics ?! Plsss !! I will add u guys !! So yeah one more thing am gonna post a spoiler too !! So hope u guys r liking it !! Pls do comment !! πŸ™‚

Thanks !! Love u all !! Muah !!

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  4. Great update. Oh wow, RagLak are work partners. This will be exciting. Can’t wait to read more xx

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    Awww so cute?? Hehe?Laksh is too smart??I loved it really?Good job?

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