Beautiful Nerd ( RagLak ) Chapter 5

Beautiful Nerd Chapter 5

Recap : lucky saves ragini from goons.

Time forward : next day In college.

Dev : yaar lucky wat happened to ur hand ?!

Lucky : woh..actually..

He tells him everything.

Dev : abbay tell me u saved her cause u wanted to impress her or…

Lucky : abbay saale stop it !! If any other girl was there in that place I would do the same.

Dev : hmm….

Then ragria come.

Ria : hey guys !!

Dev : hi ria !!!!!

Lucky sees ragini and feels she will fight with him again so he leaves. Ragini follows him.

Ragini : laksh !! Wait !!

Lucky : ab kya hain yaar !?

Ragini : woh…actually kal…raat….

Lucky : oh toh thanks bolne aayi ho !! Umm actually u have to thank me cause u girls r waste. U can’t even fight wid some boys uff !! U need boys support for everything.

Ragini fumes.

Ragini : can’t u shut ur mouth !! Huh wat do u think of ur self ?! Huh u guys r also not so great. And yesterday I dint ask u r help. U were only interfering. So next time if u r gonna speak like this…

Lucky : I will !! Wat will u do huh wat ?!

He starts going close to her. She stands there still. Then he holds her by waist she gets shocked.

Ragini : leave me !!

She tries to push him but in vain.

Lucky : okay then miss Gadodia I challenge u !! Tum mujhe apne studies mein hara ke dikhao !!

Ragini : I don’t care !! Just go to hell !! I don’t wanna bother about u !!

Lucky : oh so u r scared of me !!

Ragini : no ways !! Okay then u stop playing wid girls then I will accept ur challenge !!

Lucky : umm…okay !! But if I win in front of the whole college u should accept that am great geddit ?!

Ragini : okay fine now leave me !!

She pushes him and goes from there. He was standing there smirking.

It was their first class. Ragini’s total concentration was on her studies. Lucky was just staring her and thinking plans to disturb her.

Then he cooked up a plan and took out his mobile. He changed the sim and started calling her.

Ragini’s Mobile Phone was ringing disturbing the whole class.

Sir : ragini !! Yeh kya hain ?!

Ragini : sry sir !!

She cuts the call. Again he calls her. Now sir was so annoyed with her.

Sir : ragini just get out !!

Ragini : sir no pls am sry !! Last time sir..

Sir : I said out !!

Ragini : sry sir..

She took her belongings and went out. Then the class was finished.

Devrialak came out.

Ria : yaar Kaun tha ?!

Ragini : pata nahi yeh unknown no.

Dev : it’s fine yaar !! Yeh lo notes copy kar lo !!

Ragini : aa thanks…

She was above to take them but lucky came and snatched them.

Lucky: aha dev mera bff hain toh yeh notes bhi mere hue !!

Dev : yaar de dena !!

Ragini : it’s fine dev. Main kisi aur se puch loongi !!

She started avoiding him. He was upset that she dint fight wid him.

Ragini : chal ria !!

Ragria started walking then she again got a call.

Ragini : abbay who the hell r u ?!

Lucky : arey Main lucky !!

She was shocked she turned and saw it was lucky who was calling her. She fumed in anger.

Lucky was smirking.he cut the call and went near her and pulled her close.

Lucky : tumne muthse challenge ki !! College ki topper !! Let’s see !! Who will win !!

He left her. He saw hatred in her eyes. She too saw hatred in his eyes. She avoided him totally and went away with ria.

Lucky was shocked and was thinking why don’t she scold him. He expected her to do so but she dint. He was fuming and was annoyed.

Precap : at night. Lucky calls ragini.

Okay guys I know last chapter was worst cause of lucky ‘s behaviour. But guys now I won’t show those stuff and concentrate on raglak and devria love story. And lucky is the topper of the college and no one could beat him. And ragini is daring bold. Don’t worry guys he will change for her and she won’t fall for him so soon. Thanks for ur comments.

Love u all !! Muah !!

Thanks ☺?????????

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  1. it’s nice that you showed a new laksh today and i think for sure in order to win the challenge he will avoid girls and concentrate in studies………and r ragu is not less in anything.i liked the way she is ignoring him every time laksh wanted to fight with her……………

  2. Loved it

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  3. Loved tis episode….

  4. Awesome update

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  5. Its nice… i jst love tht ragini is ignoring him… may be he will change in future nd i like this bold ragini…

    1. Thanks sis

  6. I like this tashan between d lead

  7. Awesome episode yaar u rocked

  8. Awesome

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  9. Awesome Superb Fantastic epi
    Waiting for the next one………

  10. Awesome

  11. i like this ragini, she is very strong and bold. she can face any challenge. laksh should understand that girls are not toys. update soon.

  12. Just loved it

  13. Aww laksh cannot stay without fighting with her… Awesome epi dr

  14. I feel it similar to that of movie playes by i ryt?

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