Beautiful Nerd ( RagLak ) Chapter 4


Beautiful Nerd Chapter 4

Recap : swarag phone convo. Raglak romance.

Same day at college. They all go to their classes.

Ragini was concentratin on the studies while ria was playing with her pens.

Lucky was thinking about ideas how to Im press ragini while dev was busy admiring ria.

Then their first 2 classes finish. It was break time.

Ragini was busy in studying while devria were talking in the canteen. Then lucky comes and sits.

Lucky : hi guys !!

Ria : hey !!

Ragini feels irritated and was above to get up. But dev catches her hand and tells her to sit. She sits down.

Lucky : so ria tell me about u ?!

Ria : about me ?! Hmm..Ragini is my bff !!

Lucky : uff !! I know she is ur bff !!

Ria : hehehe okay !! 😉

Time forward : it was night.

Ragini was so irritated with lucky. She wanted to divert her mind. So she decided to go for a walk.

She came out and started walking on the road.

Ragini : aa am so happy !!

Then she bumps into a guys and he falls down. Then a gang comes there.

Ragini : am sry !!

Guy : aha. Kya kudi hain ?!

Guy 2 : haa yaar aaj toh party karenge hum log !!

Ragini : kya ?! Pls move I wanna go !!

Guy : arey aise kaise ?! Toh chale ?!

He holds her hand. And drags her close.

On the other side. Lucky was full on tired by thinking of plans to impress ragini. So he went to a pub and started drinking. And was kissing girls and touching their bodies with lust in his eyes. Those girls were also reciprocating happily with lust.

Lucky : hey you !! Come let’s go I want u !!

Girl : ofcourse come !!

He started kissing her and pulled her close by waist and started walking on the road. He was resting his head on her shoulder and was kissing and biting her neck lustily. She was also reciprocating.

Lucky : hey you !! I wanna kiss ur juicy lips !!

Girl : even am starving for a kiss come.

Lucky : yeah.

She puts his hand on her bare waist. Then he pulls her close. And starts kissing and biting her lips. She was moaning. And it became more wild. They were doing romance on the road.

Ragini : ahhhhhhh!!! Leave me pls …

She was weeping and shouting. Lucky heard them and broke the kiss and saw her. He pushed the girl and ran near ragini and started fighting with the goons.

Then the goons left. Lucky got a hurt on his hand. He saw ragini.

She was wearing a normal shirt and a pant. He was looking at her with lust. She sa him and got confused.

Girl : lucky come yaar !! I need ur touch. Let’s go to my room. Come.

She grabbed his hand and put it on her waist.

Ragini saw this and was shocked. She ran from there.

Lucky was upset. Cause he wanted to touch her and spend a nite.

Then he turned. He saw the girl. He was smirking.

He lift her with lust in his eyes.

Girl : ah !! Kya kar rahe ho ?

Lucky : aaj ur mine. Chal !! Let’s have fun until we r satisfied.

He went near his car and put her in the car and got Ino the car.

They both started kissing. He couldn’t control.

His hands were on her bare waist he was squeezing it wid lust. She was playing with his neck.

His lips were on her. He kissed her neck waist and lips.

Precap : next day In college. Ragini thnaks lucky.

So guys thanks for ur comments. I know this chapter was short and was filled with u wanted scenes. But I could write only this. Pls spare me !!

Thanks ☺?????????

Credit to: APY

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