Beautiful Nerd ( RagLak ) Chapter 3

Beautiful Nerd Chapter 3

Recap : raglak devria first day at college. Lucky insults ragini. Dev challenges lucky to make ragini fall for him.

At night

Ragini in her room is reading a book and noting down some points. Then her phone rings. She checks it. Seeing the name a smile comes on her face. She lifts it.

Ragini : di !! ?????

Swara : ragu !! How r u ?!

Ragini : am fine di !! Wat about u ?!

Swara : arey yeh sab chod !! Pehle tell me !! U know lucky is also in ur college !!

Listening his name the smile on her face fades away. All their fights flash in her mind. She fumes in anger but dosent show. She wanted to tell about him but she dint as she dint care about him and she wanted to be strong and solve her problems without taking anyone’s help.

Ragini : umm…haa… toh kya ?!

Swara : arey tell me !! Did u guys talk with each other ?!

Ragini : umm…no ria was talking with him and dev.

Swara : oh… ?

Ragini : anyways chod na !! U know Wat some girls were gossiping about him that he is a playboy and spends nights with girls and stuff !! Srsly I have no interest in him yaar !!

Swara : kya ?! Night spend ?! No yaar lucky is not that type !! He only flirts with girls !!

Ragini : hmm…leave it anyways bye !! Gudnite !!

Swara : yeah bye !!

They both hang up. Swara feels something is fishy and goes to lucky ‘s room. She sees him talking with dev on phone.

Then lucky notices her and hangs up the call.

Swara : hi lucky !! I wanna talk to u !!

Lucky : hi babhi !! Haa boliye wat is it ?!

Swara : woh actually mujhe ragu ka call aaya !!

Hearing her name lucky gets tensed that she told everything to swara wat he had done with her.

Lucky : kya ?! Wat did she say ?!

Swara : She told me that…

Swara tells everything. Lucky gets shocked.

Swara : lucky !! Tell me !! Do u really play with girls ?!

Lucky : ba..babhi no ways !! I just flirt that’s it !!

Swara : hmm.. I knew it u won’t !! Okay fine sleep now gud nite !!

She leaves. He starts thinking about ragini.

Then he takes his no. From swara and calls her. But she dosent life it. He fumes.

Time forward : next day

In college. Ragria r talking. Then ragini gets a call so she goes. Then dev comes and devria chit chat. Lucky notices that ragini is alone and goes near her.

Lucky : hi miss behenji !! ?

Ragini : l..Lucky u !! Move lemme go !!

Lucky : no ways !! 😉

He goes near her and pins her to the wall.

Lucky : y did u say swara babhi that I play with girls ?!

Ragini : truth !! I told the truth !! U can’t misbehave with me like this !!

Lucky : misbehave ?! I dint do anything still !!

Ragini : u touched me !! Without my permission !! So it’s called misbehaving !!

Lucky : oh really ?! Okay lemme show u wat is misbehaving !!

He pulls her close by holding her waist.

Ragini : lucky leave me !!

He pulls her more close and tightens his grip on her waist. He holds her waist so tightly.

Ragini : Ahh !! Lucky it’s …. its hurting !!

Without listening to her lucky smirks and kisses her neck.

She tries to push him but fails. Then they both have an eyelock. Lucky saw hatred while ragini saw lust in his eyes.

She got shocked and pushed him.

Lucky : ab u have understood misbehave kya hota hain !! So next time don’t try to mess with me !!

She pushes him back to the wall.

Ragini : huh kya karoge huh ?! Will u beat me ?! Or like this misbehave with me ?! Do wat u want !! I srsly don’t care !! Get it !!

Saying this she goes away. Lucky gets shocked.

Then dev comes and he asks him wat happened. Lucky tells him everything wat ragini said to swara and did with him.

Dev : hehehe !! Sahi hi toh keh rahi ain woh !! U playboy !!

Lucky : shut up just shut up !!

Dev : wait !! I told u to make her fall for u and u r falling for her ?!

Lucky : shut up !! Now pakka I will trap her in my plan !! U wait n watch !!

Screen freezes on his determined look.

Precap : lucky starts talking with ragini. He saves her from goons.

Okay guys am back ur APY !! Srsly am overwhelmed with ur comments !! I replied to all of them !! Thank u guys !! Thank u soo much !! And this is a very small chapter but spare me I could wrote only this !! Love u all!! Muah !!

Thanks !! ☺??????????

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