Beautiful Nerd ( RagLak ) Chapter 2

Recap : ragria reach the college. Devlak too reach. Ragini notices lucky playing with a girl.

Ragria go near devlak. Ria also starts flirting with lucky.

Ria : hey handsome !!

Lucky : hi beauty !!

Ragini : ria come let’s go !!

Ria : arey ragu wait naa !!

Lucky : oho hi miss behenji !!

Ragini : ria !! Chalo !!

Lucky : arey kya hua behenji !! Why r u so scared ?!

He catches her hand. She tries to free herself without saying anything. Then a crowd gathers.

Lucky : so guys !! See who is here !! A behenji !! Miss ragini the behenji !!

All start laughing. Ragini feels bad but dosent show it. Devria too feel bad for her.

Dev : lucky yaar jaane de !! Leave her bay !!

Lucky : abbay saale am not too boring like you !! Ab she is wearing behenji type clothes so chidana toh banta hain !!

Ragini : lucky shut up nd leave me !!

Lucky : oho atlast someone is speaking !! Huh !! Miss behenji !!

Now ragini couldn’t control herself. She push him back.

Ragini : lucky r gone nuts ?! Y r behaving like a mad ?! Srsly !! From childhood u r like this !! I should talk with dp uncle !! U r ridiculous !! Never in ur life will change ?! First u flirt with girls. Then u spend one night and use them and leave them !! Huh !! U will never change u playboy !!

She insults him. Lucky was fuming in anger. Ria was smirking. Dev was looking at ragini with a shocked expression.

Now she started insulting him and he couldn’t bear it. She he pulled her close by her waist.

They both shared an intense eyelock. They could only see hatred for each other in each others eyes.

Ragini : lucky wat the hell !! Leave me !!

Lucky : tumne laksh Maheshwari ko Insilt ki ?!

Then ragini was above to say something but a girl from back started speaking.

Girl : lucky do u know this cheap girl ?!

Lucky left her.

Lucky : huh wat the hell ?! I donno who this stupid roadside behenji is ?!

All started laughing.

Ragini ( in mind ) : huh this lucky ?! Srsly he dosent know me ?! From childhood we both were studying in same school and swara di is his babhi !! And he dosent know me ?! Srsly ridiculous this guy is !! Huh !!

Dev : lucky yaar stop it !!

Lucky avoids him.

Ragini : ria chalo yaha se !! Too much !!

She drags ria from there. Lucky will be shouting from back.

Lucky : oho behenji !! Darr gayi muthse ?! Huh !!

He started laughing. Ragini was controlling her anger as he was her jiju ‘ s brother and she dint want to do more tamasha and gain attention. So without saying anything she left from there with ria.

Then all the others went. Devlak were heading towards their class.

Dev : tu kuch bhi bol yaar !! This ragini is very unique !! I mean all the other sl*ts of our college when they see you they just go mad !! But this girl she is something different !!

Lucky : huh shut up bay !! All the girls are mad over me !! Samjhe ?!

Dev : accha !! Then y was she scolding u ?!

Lucky : abbay that I donno !! But am sure she too likes me !! But she is taking time to express it !! Every girl falls for me bay !! And I..

Dev : and u will just use them for ur own pleasure and leave them !! Like use and throw !!

Lucky : ofcourse bro !! These girls r only use and throw types !! They can’t be loved and cared by some one !! Get it ?!

Dev : okay finee !! I have an idea !! ??

Lucky : wat ?!

Dev : okay so this is our last year !! So till our last year ‘ s last day completes ragini should be ur gf !! I bet u !!

Lucky : umm..okay fine !! At the end of this year I will make her my gf !! Bas mujhe 2 days ki zarurat hain !! In 2 days she will be back of me !!

Dev : no I don’t think so !! So isliye 2 days nahi whole year hain tere paas !! Do wat u want !! But on the farewell day she should be ur gf !!

Lucky : okay bro !! Done !! Come now !! Let’s go !!

Dev : yeah !!

Here on the other side ragini was so frustrated with him. But she concentrated on her studies cause she never wanted to give more importanice to a guy who dosent respect her and care for her. Whereas ria was having fun flirting around. She was just flirting she never used any boy.

Lucky was on his mission. He was trying his best to talk with her. Whereas dev was enjoying seeing him like that. Cause everytime girls r behind lucky and today he is behind a girl whom he hates the most. And ria was also flirting with dev and he was flirting with her. So they both became bffs in one day.

Ragini concentrated on her studies and lucky was concatenating on her. While ria was busy admiring dev and dev was busy in watching lucky struggle for a small bet.

So atlast their first day came to an end. And their was no progress in lucky ‘s mission. She completely avoided him and was busy in reading and writing. Then they all headed towards their houses.

Precap : swarag phone convo !! Will ragini tell swara about lucky ‘s behaviour with her ?! If she will say wat will swasan and lucky ‘s reaction be ?!

Okay guys am back with the second chapter !! Thank u sooooooo much guys for commenting !! Really it means a lot to me !!

Vavachi, lovely, dafsi, swati, lavanya, prateeksha, samyu KK, Piya, priya, ammy, shagun, sanchami, anaita and ammu !! Thank you guys for commenting !! Love u all !! Muah !!

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