Beautiful Nerd ( RagLak ) Chapter 10


Beautiful Nerd Chapter 10 ( RagLak )

Recap : flashbacks revealed.

Laksh goes away from there. He sits in the car and remembers everything starting from he meeting ragini and their fights and romance.

His thoughts were disturbed by dev. Laksh lifted the phone.

Dev : lucky yaar jaldi aa! Barista coffee shop! We all are waiting for you!

Laksh cuts the call. Dev gets shocked. Ragini gets confused.

Laksh heads towards the shop.

Time forward : laksh reaches there.

His eyes were red. He knew it that dev would doubt on him. So as he entered without anyone ‘s knowledge he washed his face.

Then he went near them.

Devria and ragrav were waiting for him. Ragini was looking at him with mixed emotions.

Laksh went near dev and sat with them.

Dev : arey tu jaake ragu ke paas bet!

Laksh : no yaar gaurav and ragini are good friends. Let them sit together.

Dev: hmm…

Ragini feels very bad! Then laksh looks at her and smiles. She feels weird.

Then she excuses her self and goes near the plants. It was drizzling. Laksh also goes near her and hugs her from back.

She first gets shocked.

Laksh : hey sweetie!

Ragini :….la..laksh…..

She slowly whispers.

Laksh : when I flirt with you uh get irritated right! So I am habituated to irritate uh!

Ragini gets shocked. Before she could speak laksh started kissing her neck.

She was feeling happy!

He slowly gave her love bite! For ragini it was a love bite but for laksh it was his first step of revenge.

Ragini : laksh… Please… let me go….

Laksh left her. She looked down and blushed hard. Then slowly she turned and looked at him and ran away smiling.

Laksh was smirking as he got to know that it affects ragini when he touches her.

Time forward : after a few hours….

Ragini reached home. Laksh also reached home with dev.

As soon as laksh came home ap hugged him.

Laksh was confused but still he hugged her back.

Laksh : oho maa aaj apne bete par itna pyaar?

Ap : laksh…. woh tumse kuch puchni thi…

Lucky : haa pucho maa…

Swara : laksh actually badi maa wants you to get married… With ragini….

Laksh was shocked. He asked some time.

Laksh sat on his bed and thought for awhile. Then he walked out of the room.

He smiled at ap. Ap sujatha swara parineeta and uttara hugged each other and congratulated each other.

Kavya was shocked. She took laksh aside. Dev was happy as he thought laksh started liking ragini.

Kavya : lucky baby! You have changed alot!

She started her drama. Laksh hugged her.

Laksh : oh stop it kavya! I just want revenge from ragini! I will marry her use her and make my mom happy! Then I will torcher her and leave her! I will accuse her of loving someone and make everyone hate her!

Kavya was on cloud nine! She was very happy. She broke the hug and kissed laksh on his cheecks and ran away.

Ragini was dancing. She was jumping on her bed.

Ragini : yay yay yay!!!! Lucky loves me!! Yay!!!!!

Then laksh entered her room. He was shocked.

Ragini realises that laksh was watching her.

Ragini : aa…umm… laksh? Tum?

Lakshya : woh actually maa ne kaha tumhe MM leke jaane ke liye. Toh chale?

Ragini : hmm… okay I will inform maa and come.

Laksh : no they aunty and uncle already left. Chalo tum bhi aajao…

Ragini : hmm… okay…

She pretended as she dosent care but from inside she was jumping

Then they reached MM.

Ap informed Ragini about their marriage. She was shocked confused and happy. She also accepted and shekar dp hugged each other.

Then swasan forced laksh to take ragini to his room. Raglak left.

Ragini was looking at his room.

Ragini : laksh….umm…. are you happy with this relationship?

Lucky : pehle tum bolo! Are you happy? You hate me naa?

Ragini : no! I never hated uh! I love uh soo much! I’m very happy laksh!

Lucky smirked

Ragini : tum bolo ab!!

Lucky came closer to her. He slowly held her arms and pinned her to the wall.

He pressed her hands even more harder. His eyes were red.

Ragini : you are…

Lucky : shut up just shut up!! I hate uh! You behenji!!!

Ragini : then why are you….

Lucky : because I want to make your life hell! I want to punish you! You better get ready!

He left her. He got a call and went to attend that. Ragini was weeping.

Precap : ragini decides to make laksh fall in love with her. Raglak engagement fixed!

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