Beautiful Nerd ( RagLak ) Chapter 1

A big house is shown. A room is shown where a girl is getting ready. Then her face is shown and she is none other than our heroine ragini. She was looking simply fab in a yellow anarkali suit. Then she took some of her books and put them in her bag. Then she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.

Ragini : omg !! Ragu you look soo gud !! Love u !! Muah !! ?

Then she heard her mom calling her so she took her bag and went out of her room. She went down took the blessings of her mom and dad.

Shomi : ragu today is ur first day of college !! R u happy ?!

Ragini : ofcourse maa !! Am soo happy !!

Shekar : ab beta come I will drop u !!

Ragini : no papa !! I will go by myself !! And ria is also there to accompany me !!

Shekar : umm…okay

Ria : ragu chal !!

Ragini : yeah coming ria !! Bye maa !! Bye papa !!

Saying this she goes from there and she sees ria with her scooty standing and waiting for her. She goes near her and they both head towards their college.

Next the scene shifts to MM

A room is shown. A guy was sleeping like a kid. Then another handsome guy comes.

Guy 2 : lucky utt Bay !! Today is our first day !!

Lucky : Nhi !! Dev pls yaar spare me !!

Then swasan enter the room.

Sanky : oh boy !! Lucky get up man !!

Lucky : aa okay am going !!

Swara : lucky chal !! Go fresh up and come down for breakfast !!

Dev : nahi babhi !! We r already late !!

Lucky : yeah canteen mein kha lenge !!

Swasan : okay !!

Swasandev leave. Lucky heads towards the washroom.

Time forward : in the college.

Kolkatta College of Arts ( KCA )

Devlak were flirting with girls.

Lucky : soo meera r u free tonight ?!

Meera : yes ofcourse !!

Lucky : toh aaj blue moon hotel be ready !!

Meera : okay !!

She pecks his lips. Then ragria enter. And ragini notices this and fumes.

Ragini : yeh lucky !! He will never change !! Uff !!

Ria : omg !! He is so handsome hain na !!

Ragini : huh watever !! Chal !! We r getting late !!

Ria : hey !! Do u know him ?!

Ragini : arey we both r family frnds !! I mean my dad and dp uncle r business partners and bffs !! And swara di is married to sanskaar jiju !! So I know him !!

Ria : omg !! So u guys know each other !! Arey pls come naa let’s go !!

Ragini : arey no !! We just know each other !! We never talk with each other chill !! Come let’s go !!

Without listening to wat ragini was saying ria dragged ragini and they both went near lakdev.

Precap : raglak interaction !! Lucky insults ragini !!

So guys I know I dint give any intro. So spare me. So this is about two individuals who hate each other but eventually fall in love. But one truth changes everything. So how they come together is the story concept. And am fond of raglak but there will be some scenes of swasan too. Am not promising but maybe I will add. I hope u guys will like it.


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