A beautiful mistake (episode 1)



Sanskar a bachelor works with TCS.. Once he was
calling sm1 bt he dials d wrong no nd d cal is picked by a grl (swara ,an average looking grl bt vry hard working nd courageous). She picked up d cal nd shouted hello.. as if she is frustrated nd d voice came frm other side hlo… She asked who is dis thn he replied its sanskar. He further asked was he talking to supriya , a big noo came frm d other side. That was d only convo which was held b/w thm bt sanskar was in thought of sm1. Yes, he was thinking about d grl to whom he had just talked. There was smthng which attracted him towards swara. He was mesmerized by her voice. D nxt day , he couldn’t control his anxiety n excitement n called swara.
Sanskar- hlo! May i knw who is talking??
Swara- swara here bt who is dis??
Sanskar- I called u wrongly yesterday.

Swara- so why r u calling me nw??
Sanskar- I want to tell u smthng.
Swara- U need to tell ME smthng. (Launging)ok say.
Sanskar- I called u wrongly yesterday bt i was mesmerized by yr voice. I strongly feel tht there is some connection b/w us smthng really special tht i can’t xpalin u bt ths ia only thng tht is pushing me towards u.
Swara- ( laughing) oh really! ‘Kya m jan skti hu or wo chij h kya’ .
Sanskar- idk .
Swara-so where r u frm?
Sanskar- chandigarh. N u?
Swara- frm Chandigarh.
Sanskar- that’s grt.

Swara- btw, idk y i am telling all dis to u.
Sanskar-coz there is smthng b/w us(launghing)
Swara- (laughing inside) ok bye . i hv so much stuff to complete.
Sanskar- i would be waiting fr yr call .

Nw, d stry takes its turn in a vry romantic way.swara n sanskar began to talk almost everyday. ‘Pyar ka to pya nhi pr un dono ko ek dusre ki aadat ho gyi thi???’. Sanskar asked swara to meet n here it goes, there was a green signal frm d other side. They both were excited to meet (afterall it was their frst meeting). U could understand his excitement level by knowing tht tht vry day he took one and a half hour to get ready. Isn’t tht silly?? Idk bt i think it was d magic of love. They to meet in a cafe. He was there at 11:00a.m sharp. Swara was nt there yet. ‘Pyar me intezaar krne ka alag hi mza h’.(??? ) The moment came when swara in front of sanskar. He was just nt able to put off his eyes frm her. They talked ,had coffee n some snacks. Bt throughout the meeting sanskar was just seeing swara romantically???. Tht nyt around 12:30am he was nt able to sleep (ha wo swara k bare me soch rha tha) n he decided to call his lady love swara. Hardly two rings rang swara picked up d call.
Sanskar- hey! I think i m nt disturbing u.
Swara- of course nt. Tell me.
Sanskar- there is nthng imp it’s just tht i was missing u.
Swara- (thinking- mai to tmhe hr roj yad krti hu
??) i was missing u too.
Sanskar (shouted happily)- wht u was missing me . I am so pleased to listen tht. Hey i want to tell u smthng.

Swara – say.
Sankskar- Today, whn i saw u i couldn’t control muself. I just wanted to see u as long as i can. My heart my beating fastly indicating me tht ‘ I AM FALLING FOR U’. Swara .. I …. L..i…k..e u. I mean i….l…o..v…e ….u… His voice was cracking.
Swara interrupted him nd said ‘bs itna hi ab meri bat suno’ . It shocked him fr a moment. Swara continued saying whn i talked to u d vry frst tym i felt smthng bt i ignored. D nxt tym whn u rang nd told me tht there is smthng b/w us. Frm tht vry moment i started liking u. As soon as we started talking regularly nd once u said ‘pta ni kyu tmse bat na kro to mn ni lgta’ tht vry moment i fell fr u. I started loving u frm d deep core of mah heart. Bt i was scares whether u hv d same feelings or nt. Bt today u said it finally. I am so happy( silence fr a moment). She started crying nd said i .. L…o…v..e….u…t…o..o..

Sankar was on d top of d world. At tht tym he was d happiest man on earth. Swara was happy too. Nw they startwd to meet frequently, have long talk on phn sometimes whole nyt.

Special thnks to:- Meher

Credit to: kiara

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    Luv u Bae ??

    Keep writing ??

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