Beautiful Love (Ragsan os) by Aliya

This os is dedicated to all Ragsanian’s including me???

Let’s begin….

“Will you Marry me”asked a guy standing in his knees..

“Yes”said the girl smiling with tears in her eyes…

She hugs him immediately…he slides the ring on her finger

And their families comes there and claps….

And the couple is revealed to be RAGSAN


Rag:sanskar..i m scared ..that if this beautiful dream will be broken if i open my eyes…
San hugs her from side:this won’t be broken as our trust our love for eachother will always bind us together…

Rag held his hand:i m still scared
San:why? This isn’t any dream too.. It can never be broken

San:oh ho..Ragini..if you tell this again na i will drink poison and will kill myself with Revolver
Rag smiles: sanskaaar…
San: then wat Ragini.. Think positive na..hmm yeh batao..from when you started to love me?
Rag blushes
San:arey batao na
Rag:u tell me first…!


Sanskar comes out from his car..
His friend comes to him..they hugs and was talking…

There was some special childrens couldn’t cross the road..and teacher was worried how to make them cross with the crowds of cars in the road…

He was abt to go to help the children’s..

Before he could…
There comes a girl who was wearing a red long kurta with a black Jean’s with a orange coloured side bag…

She comes in the middle of the road and stops the vehicles…

A men from the car:get out of your way can’t you see the crowds..(as the drivers were giving horns continuously)

And the girl is recealed to be Ragini

Rag:uncle..only 2 mins..
Man:bt why r u wasting our time you stupid girl..
Rag smiles and points to the direction
And he sees the special childrens crossing the road..

Rag goes to them and helps them to cross the road…

Sanskar was seeing her with a smile…

After crossing…

Rag: thankyou uncle for co-operating with this stupid girl…

Man smiles:may god bless you..

Rag smiles

He goes..

Rag goes to the kids and buys the balloons for them and gives them …
They kisses her..

Rag smiles….

San was looking at her..he liking her each and every expression.. Its not like he didn’t see more beautiful girl then this girl has something..wch is attracting him…

He sees she was moving somewhere else..
So he started to follow her..

She goes to one shop..
Shopkeeper:arey Ragini beta..tum..

San smiles:RAGINI

Shopkeeper:hmm…yeh lo tumhari candy..

Rag smiles like a child..
San immediately takes out his mobile and captured her photo…

San himself:i m behaving like jerk!no no its not my prblm her cuteness is overloaded…!

Rag gives him money
Shopkeeper:aaj bhi
Rag: arey how can i ?
They laughs…

Rag:meri ice candy…she starts to eat

Shopkeeper:eating tbis everyday will make you fat
Rag:let it be…
Shopkeeper:your husband will hv prvlm wat if he hanged me..
Rag:if he even thinks to do something like this..then i would hang him before only…
He smiles

Sam was admiring her

Rag: ok then i vl leave now.. Nai tho mummy daategi(she tells like kid)
He pats her cheeks and laughs

He thrn follows her to her home

Fb ends you were stalking me before itself
San: ha
Rag: then we meet in friends party…
San: you tell

Rag smiles:you followed me by line and i followed you online..

Rag gets a call from her frnd shanaya and she invites her for her wedding..

Rag then scrolls her fb

She sees a guy’s photo with shanaya
And he is Sanskar
Rag: who’s this guy?

Shanaya hv tagged him..
So she opens his account SANSKAR MAHESHWARI

Rag:naam bhi sanskari?

She sees many of his picks
Rag:he is so i guess he won’t be good bcs most of the handsome guys will be frauds

But she didn’t felt right watever she told abt him

Rag:ragini.. Don’t judge a book by its cover…

Then she started to follow him on his every social websites

And ragini went shanaya’s wedding…

Wr she got to sanskar isnt the jerk

Rag: shanaya who’s he?
Sh: he is sanskar..ajay(her husband)his frnd..
Sh:you know wat he is not like every guys..he spends his half of his salary’s on the poor ppl..never been so close to a girl..he don’t like sticky girls…he is very intelligent…
Rag interrupts ??:bas..bas..bas..i not asking his biography

Sh:i m telling you bcs u can try on him

She hits her playfully

Then sanskar and ajay comes

To them ..and they introduced to eachother

Fb ends

San:so you also followed me..?great.. that means desthad played a stupid game with both us …
Rag laughs..
San:u know wat that was the happiest day of my life that we became frnd on that day..then hanging out together..i was in love with you..long back…bt after meeting hv become and integral part of me…
Rag smiles: and you too…

San: tommorrow..m going to Switzerland..will u be able to live without me
Rag smiles and nods: bcs i don’t mix personal and professional life
San smiles: bt I can’t.. it will be hard for me..
Rag smiles: mein hoon hi aisi..tum kya cheez ho
San??:is it?
He tickles her
Rag:haha..haha..sorry sorry sorry

San:wn i vl return..then seedha shaadi no waiting..

San;will stay in connect ok?
Rag:not ok..i vl search new guy for me
Rag laughs…
San chases her..he held her

San:u cant do that bcs you r engaged to me
Rag: don’t worry i vl remove the ring at that time
San smiles: bt how vl u remove me from your heart?
Rag smiles and hugs him…


San has been left to switz
Days flew…
Ragsan were always connected through messages calls video calls etc…


Like destiny gives us happiest days…not to forget even it will gives days of sorrows too..bcs life is a movie with every emotions… Nothing ever happens like you imagine will!

Ragsan were missing eachother.. They were connected.its been 7 months..5 months more to be gone…bt still Ragsan never left eachother..they made little time for eachother even in the busy schedules….

Rag was moving in her car.. She was lost in Sanskar’s thoughts.. She was smiling…!
A speedy truck hits her car..
Its rolls over the road…rag was severely injured bcs hit to the front glass

She falls on the road injured

Here Sanskar takes out.. Ragini’s photo wch was on his drawer
San:wn vl i meet you…this boss of mine…he gives me loads of work..inwhich can’t able to come for one day atleast….

He goes to the meeting and switch off’s his phn…as its Ragini’s rule that if he us in a meeting he should switch of his phn so that she doesn’t disturb him..

But did he knew wat thunder is waiting for him

Here Ragini was taken to hospital
Ragini’s dad tried to connect to sanskar his phn was coming switched off


After the operation….

Rags dad: how’s my daughter…!?
Doc:she is fine bt……..
Rags mom:bt waaattttt….?


Rags dad:wat?
Both cries
Rags mom:is there no treatment…
Doctor:i m sorry to say that..she can never speak or listen…bcs her vocal cords hv stopped working…and if it was injured then there was it hv dead and there’s no treatment!


Rag cries after knowing her condition

And here Sanskar was busy with his work

Shek writes and tells Ragini that he will inform sanskar and his sanskar hvnt pick their call..

Rag tries to tell no…bt reality stucks her
And she nods in no and folds her hand..

Rag himself: if sanskar got to know abt my condition..he will love me to the same bt….i don’t want to be burden on him….i don’t want to spoil his future…

Rag writes and tells her parents that she wasn’t too stay away from Sanskar and she never want to meet him

Shejan were shocked

Shek:bt why…
Rag couldn’t listen him….

She takes his hand keeps on her head
And cries..

Shek writes if this is your will..then ok…

She smiles through tears..
He hugs her and cries….
Jan too joins them in the hug


San sees his phn…wch had many missed calls frm shek

He calls bt he wasnt picking
So he tried to ragini’s phn…

At the time police handovers Ragini’s phn to Ragini …

Rag sees the call from sanskar…she switch off’s it

San gets confused..he thinks may be she is busy


Finding Ragini sitting depressed..
Shejan took her to other place and shifted there..
They had no contact on sanskar and his family(his family was also in Switzerland)

Rag couldn’t ask for wat she wanted or could she listen…she becomes highly depressed…

So shejan joined her to the sign language classes…


Rag smiled at her fate…wat was her life few days back..and wat now?
Everything has changed in a single accident


Sanskar tried to connect to Ragini and her family in every possible ways….bt he couldn’t reach her…he was heartbroken
Now he really felt Destiny has played and evil game with him by taking away his Ragini…from him

It’s been 5 months to her accident..

Rag was sitting in the car..with a blank expression…

At the time shanaya sees her who was travelling with her..

Rag sees her and was shocked …
Shanaya goes to her and she speaks something..wch rag couldnt understand..
Rag smiles sadly and points to her ear and mouth and signs no through her palms..
Tears flew from Ragini’s eyes…

Shanaya was shocked


Ragini’s home

Sh writes:Sanskar was asking me abt you!he is searching for you
Rag felt hurt..she closes her eyes

Rag determinedly writes:tell him that..not to try to meet me..we r no more a couple now..and tell that i had fed up with him
Sh:bt why Ragini..he loves you…
Rag couldnt understand

Shanaya writes it down

Rag:i m feared of that…and plz do this for me…tell him to move on….

Shanaya nods helplessly


After few days…

Shanaya comes to Ragini’s home

Rag sees her and smiles

Sh writes:i did as you said…

Rag smiles and thanks her…

Sh writes:he is moving on

Rag smiles sadly
Sh writes:coming sunday he is getting married

Rag smiles

Sh gives her card

Sh writes:he told me that u should hv to go…

Rag herself:how I wished to hv a beautiful life with destiny had some other Sanskar..i still love you..and will keep loving you till the eternity…

She opens the card…

The thing shocked her was.ho smiles at her

The card has SANSKAR WED……

She looks at shanaya…. WS RAGINI

Rag signs her wat is this?

Sh smiles and writes: Sanskar is standing out for you..watever you want to ask!ask him….!

She goes

Rag reads down and was shocked

Rag herself: I can’t go… I can’t face I can’t run too….she stands…
And moves out….

She was fearing while taking steps

Rag sees none….
Rag moves lil front…
She couldn’t see anyone…

Rag turns and she hits to hard chest
It’s Sanskar

He smiles warmly…

She tries to free herself..sans has held..he isn’t in the mood to leave her…she couldnt hold herself bt to cry….
San wipes her tears…
She points to the invitation

He smiles.. And leaves her….

He moves back….
He signs her I love you…

She cries

He signs:will you promise me to let me hold your hand till the eternity…

Rag was shocked seeing sign language
San signs:sorry..i was late…i took time to learn this language…will you forgive me..and will you accept ne once again…

Rag nods in no she starts to move back….

San stands on his knees and folds his hand and makes cute face signing plzzz

Rag signs:why you love me this much?

San signs: I don’t i love you i want to be with…and i want to share you my every happiness and i want you to share your sorrows to me…will you share your sorrows?…i want to be with you…i love you …

Rag cries and runs to him and hugs him tightly and cries
San smiles through tears..he kisses her hairs…he wipes out his tears immediately…

Both their families sees this and smiles

He picks her up in his arms
Rag was shocked….

He makes her sit in Car…
Rag was still crying
Rag sighns him:wr?we r going?

San signs:before you chng your decision..hmm i dont want to risk…

Rag smiles through tears..
He wipes her tears

He droves off…with Ragini


They got married on the same day…
They lived happily supporting eachother

Sanskar’s love for her hv only increased for her…
Sanskar was a medicine to her..
She was mute…sanskar was like a music to her…sanskar was strength to her..for her without sanskar she is nothing

Same goes to sanskar..Ragini is everything to him..he encouraged her to work again..she has started boutique…Ragini is a lifeline to him..for him without Ragini he is nothing

They lived happily ever after

Sometimes the road of life is the difficulty leads to beautiful destination ending…


Do tell me abt this os!both negative and positive comments are welcomed warm heartedly ??
I m really very bad at writing one shots..if u find it bad you can tell me i will not even think abt writing os’s???

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