My beautiful love in my dream city….A shivika love story by ayushi-Episode 1

Hi guyss..I m grateful for all the comments i get on my posts..Keep in the beautiful love coming..Here is a new story.It is a harmonious blend of some ideas..Enjoy and plzzzz comment?????????????

The scene we see a girl on a train talking to someone on the phone..
She says”Haan maa i hav reached Delhi..Haa yes maa.I remember all ur teachings that u tell me each time i go out..Don’t talk to strangers…Always think of saving urself first in a tragedy…Help those in need..Beware of street rogues and blah!blah!blah!
Ok byee maa see u..Ha ha love u itna zyada..She tries to explain her point to her possessive mom…She says”Ok byee byee byee..The train is coming to the station..The train screeches to a halt..There she gets down and looks mesmerizing while the cool wind ruffles her hair..She is wearing a scarf collared pink and purple top with blue jeans..

She shouts,”Hey anika.Here u reached ur dream city.Ab dkhte hai iss city mei tu aona jalwa kaise bikherti hai aur kya kya raite failati hai.”She stops seeing the mob staring at her.
“Geeee..Sorry people carry on.”She laughs being embarrased.She clicks a selfie and posts it on snapchat ,her addiction..She counts 1..2..3 and

PING!She hears a notification.And she got to know who it was..”Gauri”..she sighs.Anika says,”Meri pyaari behen.She is 24/7 online.I sometimes doubt her topper ranks..Huhh!!”
She calls a taxi.But she hears at the same time a man calling the same taxi.Both shout”Hey u”.Anika says”O bete ki meri awaaz ko kya hua.”The man yells,”Fhat the wuck!meri awaaz ko kya hua”They couldn’t see each other as the taxi stops between them.They both open the opp.doors and sit.And without seeing bang each other’s heads.”Ouchh!!they see each other. Anika makes an angry pout.Shivay (of course if not boys girlss wud hav guessed)kept glaring at her with his kanji eyes.Shivay says,”Girl watch where u r going.”

Anika-“Oh hello Mr.Kanji aankh.Taxi mne bulai thi.Aap kabab mei haddi bne hain.Aur apni yeh befizool ki tadi mat dikhaiye.”
“Watch ur language.”He screams being irritated with her alien words.
Shivay says,”Excuse me mr.driver.I will giv u double money.Iss ladki k paas toh sharing k bhi paise nhi honge.”
Anika gets down unable to bear the insult.She screams,”Baagad billle.You 2rs cheapde tadibaaz kanji aankhon waale.Mai dkh lungi tumhe.Uhhhhh!!!
She stamps her foot and gets hurt.

“AHH!”She says.Shivay looks out from the window nd laughs.Anika glares.

Precap-Shivika under the same roof!!
What will happen?

Plzzzz comment if u like the story my lovely readrs..
Your comments boost up my confidence ????

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  1. Alekhika20

    Superb update

  2. Awesome….please continue the story…. Looking forward to the next part.

    1. SatyendraSharma

      Surely i will continue dear???

  3. Ashwinee

    Interesting update

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      Thnx.Keep sending the wonderful love?????❤❤❤


    Dear Ayushi
    Story Is Interesting? ShivIka Meet? Waiting For Next Update?
    Keep It Up?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. SatyendraSharma

      Thank u soo much.My pleasure that u liked the story???❤❤❤??

  6. Shabnam

    intersting starting lovely shivika 1st fighte awesome keep post soon

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      Thank u sooo much shabnam❤❤❤????

  7. Banita

    Wow!!!! Interesting…. Waiting 4 next… Post ASAP….

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    It is lovely

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