A Beautiful Knot – SS – Intro

Hi guys back with a short SS. I am presenting the character sketch and a short intro. Let me know your suggestions and comments. Do help me with the same.

Swara: 25 years old. Lives in London.

Shemish : Parents of Swara

Shekar: Busisness man in London.

Shamista: Helps Shekhar in his business and very independent women.

DP: Business man in Kolkata. Mainly runs educational trust schools and colleges.

AP: Very traditional waiting for her daughter in law and want take over her works and wants to enjoy mother in law status. In short longing for a daughter.

Laksh: Elder son of the family very responsible and takes care of everyone.

Ragini : Fiancee of Laksh.

Sanskar: Youngest son of the family. Care free and doesn’t bother about anything.

Kavitha : swara’s friend.


Swara is sitting like a lifeless body with continuous tears flowing.

Shemish: Are you sure you want to go to india and in this state.

Kavitha: Aunty she need a change if she will be here she will not be able to forget anything.

Shamishta: How my daughter’s life changed within a day. We did not even think a bad thing to others thn y god is punishing us clutches Shekar shirt and cries.

Shekar thinks how naughty bubbly daughter used to tease, play and her smile and a tear escapes from his eyes.


AP: Ji plz finalize Raglak marriage. I can’t wait anymore

Laksh blushes and turns crimpson red

Sanky: Offo Laksh how much will u blush. You are blushing for the past 3 months. Mom plz arrange his marriage as quickly or else poor pillows are suffering in night and giggles.
AP: Holds sanky’s ears. In the name of Laksh . You u want to get married soon. I will search a beautiful girl.

Sanky: Mom dnt worry I will never give u such a herculean task. I will only choose my partner will never allow u to interfere in those matters and winks.

Other characters will be revealed as the story progress.

So what happened in Swara’s life and what was that incident that changed her life

How will she manage alone in a new country and how will Sanky be with her

How will Raglak help Swara to overcome her problems and how will they maintain a relation.

So what do u think guys do let me know.


  1. nikky

    nice want raglak scene swara to fell for lakshya and then try to get raglak and sanskar to protect or swara to use sanskar raglak moment plzz

    • Mirna



      Sorry dear my plot will be not be like ur wish sorry abt that but i hope u will like it 🙂 will try my best to give importance to both couples 🙂

  2. Aleena

    Plz clear in the beginning only if its going to revolve around one character only or everyone is equally important… nice beginning btw

      • Scooby


        |Registered Member

        Aatha na pass ayeten solu cosmic conektion.. haha… semma.. enaku treat kuda machi… vacation enjy pannu… na nalla iruken… aprm vaction la enga pora?? Any plans??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.