Our beautiful journey (swasan ts) part 2

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Next day
Sanskar is leaving her house..
Shekhar: Swara beta, you go and drop him at bus stand..
Swara(hesitant): papa mee but you know na I am going to college..
Shekhar: first drop him then go your college.. You know na he is new here … how can he go alone..
Sanskar: no its okay uncle… I can managed…
Swara: okay papa..
Sanskar: but you late your CLG..
Swara: don’t worry… let’s go..
Then both left for bus stand.. Both are silently walking… but Swara see some girls see sanskar.. She hold his hand … sanskar shocking see towards her..
Swara: why are you staring me like I am alien???
Sanskar: I not staring you… I am shocked… yesterday you told me you don’t want to do marriage but today you hold my hand??
Swara: so I can’t hold my future hubby hand… I do my work..
Sanskar: huhh
Swara: we reach bus stand..
Then she about to leave but sanskar hold her hand and go near her..
Sanskar: means you are ready for marriage..
Swara: when did I say …??? Then she run from here..

After sometimes
Shekhar talk with Ap (sanskar’s mom) for swasan engagement..
Swara reach her home.. And she fully confused for marriage … what to say yes or no.. But then she see her father talking to about her marriage…
Antra: Swara dii, you came today so early…
Swara: why I can’t came home early…
Sahil: both of you shut up.. Whenever you both get time always started your fight…
Swata: we are not fighting… we are only tease each other.. understand
Shekhar: Swara beta came here… I want talk with you
Swara(go and sit beside her papa): what happened papa, anything serious..??
Shekhar: I want to know ur answer about marriage…
Swara: papa I want time…
Shekhar: okay but before today’s night you’ll say.. Then I will talk with AP ji…
Antra: well papa.. What about jiju… means what he say (yes or no)..
Shekhar: yes beta, nobody dare say no to her…
Swara listening this… and left for her room…

Swara room
Swara sit on bed and thinking about her father words…
Swara monologue “I am not ready for marriage but what about papa, after mom dies papa today again smile…
Her thinking broken by phone call.. Swara see the no… who is this.. ??
Swara pick up call..
Person: hello.. May I talk with swara
Swara: yaa I am Swara but who are you..
Person: you forget mee… I ur prince charming..
Swara: huhh… prince charming… I don’t know any prince
Person: arre prince charming means ur future hubby Sanskar
Swara: then directly say you are sanskar, and how you get my no., why u call mee…
Sanskar: how many question you ask… and about your no. your father give me.. And about call
Someone knock Swara door..
Swara: sanskar I call you later..
Sanskar: one min but Swara cut the call.. And open the door..
Swara: Arre bhai you.. Anything you want then call me …
Sahil: I want to talk you about your marriage… sit here Swara
Swara(sit on bed): haa tell me
Sahil: I know you are not ready for marriage… and don’t dare to thinks about family, all support your decision.. And I also know about sanskar, he is nice guy for you, he fully fill your all dream and about your study after marriage you can continue it… we are already talk about this … thinks about only your happiness then tell your answer…
Swara(hug him): thanks you bhai… about my decision for marriage.. I am already think it…
Sahil: thinks again and he left her room..

Sanskar side
Sanskar continues see his phone and roaming here and there..
Sanskar monologue “ when she call me, I call her no no if she is busy”
Ap silently seeing her son… and go near him
Ap: sanskar beta, what happened you… why are you roaming…
Sanskar: nothing mom…

Swara side
Swara(hesitation): papa I want to say my decision..
Sahil and antra see towards her…
Shekher: beta if you are not ready for marriage then no problem.. Swara interrupted
Swara: papa I ready for marriage but marriage should be simple….
Shekhar(happy): okay beta, I have no problem but I should ask this Ap ji…
Swara nodded in yes then left her room…
Sahil and antra also go behind her and stop her
Anhil: Swara/dii … its your decision na means you only thinks about yourself…
Swara nodded in yes..
Anhil: pakka na…
Swara: haa, then trio hug and left for their respective room…

Next day
Swara room
Her sleep disturbed by sun rays, she lazy open her eyes and cutely rubbed eyes… and her phone vibrant, she see 45 missed call and 100 msg , she about to call but someone knock the door…
Swara open door.. And shocked
Swara: you here… no no he can’t, and close the door…
Again someone knock the door… Swara open the door..
Person: Swara why you closed door to see me..
Swara: bhai vo but suddenly she notice someone stand near door and she go check but no one there..
Sahil: Swara what happened you…
Swara: nothing bhai, I forget to ask you why you came..??
Sahil: offo I forget tell you today sanskar and his family came here and came fast down and he left
Swara close the door and go for freshen up…

After sometimes
Swara came from washroom and shocked to see person sit on bed
Swara lighty slap her head and monologue “how can he here, its my imagination”
Swara see him through mirror… he is smiling to see her… Swara go near him to check … and she about to touch him but he pulled her…
Swara shocked to him and this sudden happened…
Swara(shocked+tensed): you.. Here… what .. Are … you … doing???
Person(smile seeing her tensed face): how can I am here … I am imagination of Sanskar mashewari… you see your Phone how much I call but you no reply (angry)…
Swara(tensed): sorry but plzz go for here if someone see you here then (someone knock the door)
Antra: dii if you and jiju done your talking then came fast , papa is calling you..
Swara shocked seeing him… sanskar pass smiling…
Swara: I am coming antu..
Sanskar: where are you going…?
Swara: for jogging, you want join me (angry)
Sanskar: yaa but not right now after marriage…
Swara left her room in angry… Sanskar also go behind her..
Sanskar monologue “what happened her, why she is angry… here I should be angry but she is angry”
Shekhar: Swara beta, she is Ap ji sanskar mom and your mother in law…
Swara go and touch her feet..
Swara go stand near sahil… sanskar sit beside her mom
Ap: arre Swara beta, came sit here
Swara: no aunty I am fine..
Ap(fake angry): arre here I am going to your mother in law and you should call me mom but you call me aunty… call me mom
Swara(tears came her eyes): ha mom..
Sanskar: it means after my marriage you love swara more then mee (fake tears)
Ap: yaa any problem
Swara family see this, they are happy for Swara future…

Precap: shopping

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