A beautiful journey of life in love!!! Ek duje ke vaste OS!!!By Anushika

Hi guys here is an OS written by my Best friend and I am posting it in her behalf .Hope you like it.

A man is shown working on his computer when he someone opens the door without knocking.
Guy:Who is it??
Until he sees the guy.
Guy:Hey Pushkar when did you come it has been 2 years since I saw you.
Pushkar:Bhaiya,that’s why I came directly from the airport.
The door knocks
Shravan: Enter
The girl enters
Both Pushkar and the girl get a shock to see each other when Pushkar pulls her cheeks.
Pushkar: Sumo!!
Suman:Pushkar,teri to aise ki tesi

They start running around the whole room while Shravan stands their baffled.Shravan gets irritated and says ,”Stop it guys”
Suman:Sorry sir as she pulls Pushkar’s cheeks
Pushkar: Anyway what are you doing here??
Sumo…I work here.
Pushkar: In Bhai’s company??
Sumo gives a bland expression.
Pushkar: Let me explain.
Bhaiya, she is Sumo who I used to tell you about and he is my elder brother who I used to tell you about.
Sumo…I never knew you can be that good as worth the praise Pushkar gave
Shr gives a shocked look and says..
Do I look bad to you???
Pushkar and Suman giggle .
Sumo…No Sir…
Pushkar interrupts and says…. sumo,you don’t need to call Bhaiya anymore as Sir,you can call him by his name.
Shr…pushkar,you don’t get to decide.
Pushkar…. You can’t deny me
Shr…fine Suman you can call me by my name.
Sumo …Okay Si….Shravan
Shravan loved the way his name rolled of her tongue but of ignored it
Pushkar… And you can call her Sumo.
Sumo widens her eyes but later on accepts it.
Pushkar…How is Chipkali???
Sumo… All well ,You can come home today to meet her.
Pushkar… okay,Perfect, Let’s see Chipkali’s reaction after seeing my surprise gift.
Sumo… what surprise gift??
Pushkar… You will see it
Sumo…Then you are not going to meet her.
Pushkar… that’s soo unfair.
Sumo…That it is
Shr…Can you guys not trouble me???
Pushkar… Let’s go for coffee
Shr..She is not going anywhere with you
Pushkar… She is
Shr…She has work to do and she has to reveal all your secrets to me
Pushkar… No she is not going to do anything as such,anyway I need to show her Chipkali’s surprise
Shr…Who is Chipkali??
Sumo…My younger sister
Shr…You guys are surely very mean to her.
Pushkar… Mr know it all Pls keep your knowledge to yourself

Suman starts laughing,Shravan gets mesmerized to see her laugh and thinks I have never noticed her before.She is soo pretty
Sumo….Sir,Are you there!?
Pushkar… Sumo not again
Sumo bites her tongue
Shravan wakes up from his thoughts .
Pushkar… Since you finished day dreaming I got a better idea let’s all go to the café.
Sumo…you guys are planning without even asking me,I won’t be able to come,I need to go somewhere
Pushkar… I am hopping along
Sumo..Sure,why not??
Shr… Even I am in
The trio leave in Sumo’s car
Sumo was driving,Shravan in the first seat while Pushkar lying in the back seat.
Shr..This is not your car that you are lying down like this.
Sumo…It is completely fine if he does that
Pushkar.. See if she has no objections then why do you??
Sumo and Pushkar Hi-fi.
Shr is left quiet.
Suman and Pushkar keep discussing about their old friends etc leaving Shravan as odd one out.
Sumo..Here we are.
Pushkar… Okay,Chipkali get ready for your surprise.
Pushkar….This is Chipkali’s college .

Sumo gets out and enters the college.
Preeti runs and hugs her.
Sumo.. Today even Bandar came along.
Pushkar enters and hugs Preeti.
While hugging Preeti ruffles his hair and calls him Bandar and runs behind Sumo.
Pushkar…you still remember… And runs behind Preeti.
Shr feels left out ,Sumo notices this and goes to him.
Sumo..Soo feeling left out???
Sumo…I even know that you are confused with what is going on??
Sumo..Let’s sit in the car I will explain they will not come easily.Anyway when I ask them to come they will ask me to go as they will slowly go around and come home.
Shr..Let’s see
Sumo…Preekar come let’s go
Pushkar.. Sumo you go I will come later with Chipkali.
Sumo..See I told you
Shr..You know about Pushkar more than me.
Sumo…That is not the case.Anyway let’s go
Sumo is driving while a strand of hair keeps disturbing her.
She tries blowing it multiple times but it comes back again,this time Shravan holds it and tucks it behind her ear.
Sumo..Thanks a lot
Shr…No worries
Sumo drops Shravan home while she goes back home.At all most midnight the door bell rings,she thinks that it is Preeti and opens the door but is surprised to see Shravan.She is even more embarrassed looking at her tank top and shorts and her super messy bun.
Sumo…What are you doing here??
Shr…Actually, Preekar have not come yet and that’s why I thought they will be here.
Sumo…Oh,I got their call saying that they were with you.
Shr…I thought they are with you
Sumo…I know where they might be.
Shr..OK let’s go

Sumo goes on a beach and sees them playing with water.She goes and pulls Preekar’s ears hard
Preekar… Ahhh
Shr…Pull harder from my side as well
Preekar faces turned pale seeing Shravan.
Preekar… Sorry
Suman..next at least inform where you are going.
Pushkar knows Sumo and splashes water on her.
Sumo splashes water on him back.
Shravan stands there staring at Sumo.Pushkar sees and decides to ask him about it.
Shraman and Preekar leave for their respective houses and go to sleep.
Pushkar… Bhaiya,you love Sumo right.
Shr(stammers).. No
Pushkar.. You do,I have seen the love for her in your eyes
Shr…Nothing can be hidden by you
Pushkar.. I know that
Shr…please don’t tell her at least
Pushkar.. I will do something better
Pushkar tells something to Shravan in a muted conversation both sleep happily thinking about it.
The next day
Sumo sees a card with aglarerose with a letter next to it.
She kept looking at the letter and was in dilemma on who could have ever sent it.
Shr comes to her cabin when he sees the card.
Shr…Any problem??
Sumo..Nothing, just don’t know who kept this useless card on my table.
Shr…Can I read it??
Sumo…here you go
Shr reads it and says…you have got an amazing fan following.
Sumo gives an angry glare.
Pushkar also enters and starts laughing reading the card.
Sumo takes the card from their hands and throws it on the nearby table
Sumo…Are you guys done laughing???
Pushvan…Not yet
Sumo leaves the room in anger.
Pushkar gulps.
He also exits the room making an excuse.
Shr goes nearby table to see the card when sees a photo fallen down of a small boy.
He takes a snap of it anpichinks to show it Pushkar. He later leaves the
room and goes to his cabin.Pushkar enters the room.Shravan asks him about the pic.
Pushkar… He is Aryan.He was Sumo’s elder brother.
Pushkar.. He died with Sumo’s parents in a car accident
Shr…oh,I didn’t know about it.
Pushkar… Shr, today’s their death anniversary.
Shr…Enjoy and Party.
Pushkar…. Hmm
Shr…I will go and meet Sumo.

Shr goes and is shocked to see Sumo crying a lot.
Shr goes to her
Shr…Why are you crying??
Sumo tries to avoid the topic but ends up telling him the whole truth which Pushkar told him.
Shr… Don’t cry
Sumo…on top of that there is that love letter….I already love someone and I just don’t want any love triangle.
Shr gets a huge shock but controls
Shr… Who is that guy???Does he know about your feelings??
Sumo…I will tell you about the guy soon and he doesn’t know about my feelings but you are gonna help me tell him.OK??
Shr… Okay,
Though Shravan was heartbroken inside he kept quiet and thinks that the guy who she loves would be soo fortunate
Sumo…I will tell him about my feelings tomorrow
Sumo..I will pick you up at 7pm
Shr…Why me??
Sumo …you need to help me.
Shravan goes back to his cabin and tells everything to Pushkar.
Pushkar… Plan fail
Shr gets angry and leaves.
The whole night Shravan doesn’t sleep thinking about the proposal.
The next evening at 7pm
Sumo comes wearing her usual clothes leaving Shravan shocked as he thought she would be wearing something glamorous.
Sumo goes to the beach and tells she will tell her feelings over here.
Shravan leaves to go but suman holds his hand and hands the letter in Shravan’s hands.
Sumo…this was written by you right??
Shr…Ummmm yeah
Sumo..I knew it and I love you too
Shr hugs Sumo and spins her slightly
Shr…How did you come to know??
Sumo…pushkar told
Shr…How can Pushkar not tell me ??
Sumo..I threatened him that I will reveal all his secrets.
Shr..That’s Soo unfair.
Sumo… Everything is fair in love and war

Like this ends the OS but not the tale of these love birds
Hope you like this OS .Pls comment and share your views.
Love Anushika

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