A beautiful journey with cherishing moments ||EDKV|| Shot 3

Sumo and Preeti are eating Mc Donalds in the mall when Sumo feels a back hug.She looks behind angrily but her expression is changed into a sweet smile.

sumo:If I didn’t see you,I am telling you I would have Punched you on your face and you would be crying like a baby.

Pushkar:we are firstly meeting after a decade ,and you are not showing any excitement..rather you are just scolding me for hugging you.

Sumo:OH really,So should I do. “oh pushie, , It has been a long time since I have seen you”Acts in a dramatic way.

Pushkar:I am no more Pushie,I am grown up..and don’t forget that I  am elder to you.

Sumo:Even if you are it makes no difference to me,I never called Shravan ‘Bhaiya’.How can you expect me to call you that?

Pushkar:Talking about him,I forgot to tell that he is in Singapore only.

sumo interrupts:And he is teaching me and he has not recognised me. 

Pushkar:What are you saying?

Sumo:I am saying nothing but the truth.

Pushkar;Then follow me,we will go to him.

Sumo:Okay,I will come along,but you need to introduce me as your friend and not as your long lost childhood friend.


Pushman leaves for the shop where shravan was while Preeti was left behind.

She was heartbroken to see Pushkar hugging Sumo and Sumo  was talking to him forgetting her.

Preeti picks up all the stuff bought and moves to the car.She drives back home unhappily.

Pushman goes to see Shravan.

Pushkar:Meet my friend Sum..an

Shravan and Sumo handshake,A current passes both their bodies.

shravan:You are studying at NUS,under me aren’t you?

sumo nods in positive.

Pushkar was finding it very hard to control his laugh,because Shravan  was not able to remember the students in his class ,far away from recognising Sumo

Shravan:Pushkar,Where and How did you meet her?

Pushman stares at each other for a moment and starts laughing.

Shravan:What is so funny?


Shravan:I only asked if she was living in Singapore then how did you meet her?

Pushkar:I met her on my previous trip to Singapore.Now will you stop  acting like CID ?

Shravan:I have never been acting like CID,it is just that it feels that I know her from before.

Pushman again burst into laughter.

Sumo whispers into Pushkar’s ears:Your brother’s memory is horrible

Pushkar:I know

Shravan:Can you tell me what’s going on?

Pushkar:Friend’s secret

Pushman hi-fi

Shravan:Oh come on,You have started hiding secrets from me as well.Only you and Sumo used to share everything with me.

Pushkar whispers into Sumo’s ears:So he still remembers you.

sumo smiles.

Pushkar:Bhaiya,Do you know where she is ?it has been such a long time since I saw her.

Shravan:I don’t know,she left without saying anything.I know what I did was wrong but she left before I could apologise.

Pushkar;Then you can apologise now.


Pushkar:She is are sumo only.

Shraman shares a hug.

sumo:you couldn’t recognise me?

shravan:Well,every time I saw you I remembered our Sumo.Had you recognised the time you had seen me right?


Shravan:And that’s why you stammered ?And you left early for home?You had asked your friend to give me your notebook.

Sumo:Yeah…Oh wait a minute,I completely forgot about Preeti,She was sitting with me until Pushkar came and …Anyway,she must have left for hostel?


Sumo:Yeah we both live in a hostel.
Shravan: What happened to Aunty and Uncle?
A tear escapes Sumo’s eyes…
Sumo: They are no more..
She hugs Shravan and cries..
Shravan also puts his arms around her..and pats her back…
Pushkar clicks a photo of them like that.
As soon as Shraman realize what happened,they part immediately..
Shraman in unison:No way…
Pushkar examines the photo and says:Both  of you are such a cute couple..
Shraman blush like hell..
Pushkar pulls Sumo’s cheeks…
Sumo: Pushie…..(irritated).
Pushkar: Sumo,come with me to my house..
Sumo :Okay,Where is it?
Pushkar: Dolphin Cove,Sentosa
Pushvan pull Sumo along to their car…

The seating position:
Shravan is driving, Sumo is sitting on the front seat next to Shravan,On Pushie’s special request.And Pushie has the back seat all by himself..
Shravan: Why did you leave us ?

Sumo:After you had slapped me for a mistake I hadn’t done…I called Papa and Muma ..where I came to know they had their accident…Despite everything, I decided to come and tell you …but I heard you scream at Pushkar.. Saying that whether I am in your life or not it wouldn’t effect you a lot…So I left..

Shravan: How can you do that??That night when I slept I got a dream that you have left me forever …So the next morning when I came over to your house ,I found you missing…I became frantic looking for you…

Pushkar: And he was regretting that he should have ….

Shravan interrupts:So,How is life now??

Sumo:all okay …

Shravan: Sumo,Were you happy seeing me a your professor..?

Sumo:Yeah,I was happy …I thought that you will recognize me but I think you have a bad memory
Shravan breaks ….
Sumo: What happened??
Shravan: I think that I am elder to you..
Sumo sarcastic: So should I call you Shravan Bhaiya??
Sumo laughs: You don’t want me to call you Bhaiya and both of you keep reminding me that you are elder to me….
Shravan whispers into Sumo’s ears:If the boy is elder then it can mean also one more thing…
Sumo’s expression changes from a smile to angry and a slight blush plays on her lips..


she starts beating him on the chest..
shravan laughs as well..

Sumo:Can I borrow your phone,I need to call Preeti..To tell her I will come home late.

Pushkar passes his phone as Shravan didnt want anyone to get his no.

Sumo calls Preeti.

Sumo:Preeto,I am going outside with my friends..I will come back home late.

Preeti:Okay,I will wait for you.


Shraman and Pushkar move inside the house,Shraman and Pushkar go to Sumo’s room ..

Sumo :Wow,you have a nice room .

Shravan :thanks

Sumo sees a photo collage kept by his bed side.of the three of them

Sumo:You still have all these pics….


Sumo:I still remember how we hid eachother’s mistakes especialy Pushkar’s …and stayed up late in the night when we had sleepover’s

Shravan side hugs sumo.

Pushkar :I am missed out.

Sumo:You behave as if you are younger than me

pushkar smiles.

Shraman and Pushkar have a group hug and click many photos together.

Precap:Need to think

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  1. Hey Anushika di!!!
    I’m so sorry I couldn’t commenton the previous part…had been really busy..but I sure did read it and it was FAB!!!
    Now, coming to this episode, once again, or rather as usual, it was simply WONDERFUL!!!
    I simply wonder how you manage to make everything seem so real! You seriously go on playing with human emotions and all this makes the simplicity of your words even more beautiful!
    Please do post the next part as soon as you can! I am eagerly waiting over here to see what’s next in the fate of these people, may it be good or bad.
    Loads and tons of love to you!<3

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Anshita…You have seriously. Made my day…I will post the episode on Monday….I loved your 4 shots…Sorry, I couldn’t comment… They were simply amazing….
      Loved the idea and concept a lot…Waiting for your works…
      Love anu

      1. Awwww…I’mglad you liked them!!
        And yeah, I’ll definitely write to come up with something soon!
        Love ya!<3

  2. wow yaar awesome one
    it was too good…….

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Reema for your precious comment

  3. Intresting story.. To kya bhaiya kahoo oh God that part was soo funny..
    u rocked dear
    post next part soon…

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Alina….Happy to make you laugh… Will post the next part soon

      1. Ur welcome ??

  4. It was so superb…
    I just loved it..
    Their meeting..their talks..
    And shraman blush and the last group hug??

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Wowwww yar !!!!
    Just mind blowing one ???
    Tooooooooo good ??????????????????
    Post soon ..
    Take care.

  6. Just too good. Loved it!! Please post the next part soon.. waiting eagerly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This was amazing. Post the next one ASAP!

  8. Beas

    Wow ? damn amazing. Post the next part asap?

  9. Ariana

    Sry for a late comment yaar. Actually I got confused between ur shot 2 n 3. Anyways this shot was amazing!! Bechari Preeti. Pushkie ??? I bet she’ll thing PushMan have something. But I really wanna know ShraMan’s secret. I mean what happened in between them? Its soooooooooo interesting ff. Looooovvveeee it
    Take care

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