A beautiful journey with cherishing moments ||EDKV|| Shot 2

Hey guys….It is Anu back here with the next episode… I have decided to make it a FF rather than a TS….I will put Rich or Poor on hold for some time….. I will try to post this regularly…
,Thanks for your overwhelming comments…
I am here with the next episode…
Precap: Shravan thinks about Sumo but dismisses his thoughts ..

Sumo sits with Preeti on the bed…
Preeti: We are so lucky today….It is such a luck that first that I got the second rank while you topped and then we get to skip our boring lecture..
But Sumo wasnt paying attention,she was thinking about Shravan..
Her inner thoughts “Don’t let him captivate you..Wait!Why are you thinking that??Are you even sure that he is your Shravan?There are innumerable Shravan’s in the world..

Her chain of thoughts are disturbed by Preeti..
Preeti: Where are you lost??I have been talking to the walls for the past 10 mins…we are gonna go shopping today..
Sumo: No….
Preeti: Yeahhhh
Preeti: You are soo bad,Last week we went to watch M.S Dhoni,On your wish..
Sumo: Hey,Okay fine…
I will freshen up and come..
Preeti: I am going to the Principal’s office to confirm our ranks..
Sumo:Okay bye
Preeti leaves .
Sumo goes to her cupboard and opens a small box….In it was a small diary and a pendant on which SS was engraved ….
She Traces her hand over it and goes reminiscing a memory…

It was 22nd April,midnight…
Our princess was sleeping peacefully.. But her beauty sleep was disturbed by the knocking of the window…Due to the sudden disturbance and seeing a man dressed in black clothes,her imagination started to haunt her …
She finding nothing else to do,she started to scream…
The man immediately pushes open the window and covers her mouth pushing her on the bed .

Some thing like this but imagine that the boy is on top of the girl on the bed..

Sumo pushes the guy immediately…
Sumo was about to scream again when the guy removes his hood ..
Sumo hugs him immediately..
Shravan: Are you crazy???If your parents would have come then I would be in trouble..
BTW, Happy Birthday!!!
Sumo:Thanks, But where is my birthday gift??
Shravan:Oh,Was it necessary to give one??I Forgot about it..
Sumo starts beating him on the chest ….
Shravan: Wait ,Don’t be so impatient…..
Here is it

Just imagine that both SS are on one pendant..an inside is a pic of both of them…
Sumo:Wow,It is soo pretty…Thanks a lot…
BTW, Where is Papa and Muma??Every year they wish me at this time…
Shravan: Don’t know…I should leave now..
Sumo: pls Wait until Muma and Papa come…I am not feeling sleepy ..
Shravan: Okay fine…Just then one more person enters through the window. .
Sumo pushes Shravan in the washroom..
Sumo: Hi Pushkar…
Pushkar: Happy B’day Sumo
Sumo: Thanks a lot..
Thinking about Pushkar,she starts thinking…
           End of F.B
Her thoughts “Can it be possible that the sir who came to to our school for teaching??
Even though he was teaching computer science department, he took one class with is in which I was absent…I should ask Preeti to give me a photo of him..No-no, She will be curious to know why??and she would think that I like him and she would be heartbroken…
Actually, you know what… First freshen up and go to Preeti… She is waiting for you…
Sumo quickly dresses up and wears

She puts on minimal make up and leaves…
She sees Preeti waiting for her….
Preeti: Sumo,Can you wait for a minute?I will change..My clothes are a mess….
Sumo: Why not??
Preeti: Hold my phone and purse…
Sumo smiles
As soon as Preeti goes inside the room.
Sumo unlocks her phone and opens her gallery..
She opens her camera folder but there was no use….
Just  then Preeti comes in….
Sumo:Wow,You look beautiful..

Preeti: Thanks,But you are no less..
Sumo: I know 

Preeti frowns 

Sumo chuckles

Sumo:if you are done with your expressions,can we leave?

Preeti:Lets leave.

Sumo and preeti takes Sumo’s car and leave for Tiong bahru Plaza

Preeti:lets go to cotton on…There is a sale there

Sumo:You go there,I need to go to popular,to buy stationary items and books

(Remember,they live in Singapore)
Preeti:Okay then,We will meet at MC Donalds after we are done..
Sumo goes to the Popular and starts  books… Her eyes fall on a fashion magazine… She takes and starts to browse through it…
She thinks to purchase for Preeti as her birthday is coming up.
She buys a few more items and moves to the cashier…
She gets her stuff billed .. 
She takes her bags and leaves for Mc Donalds…As she was about to enter she takes a U turn and goes to Cotton On knowing that Preeti won’t finish her shopping fast…
What Sumo assumed was right..
Preeti was completely confused on what to buy ..
As soon as she Sumo,A smile automatically appeared ..

Sumo:I knew you would be in a dilemma ,thats why i came along..
Preeti: Now help me choose…
Sumo sees and points to a pink floral jumpsuit beneath the pile of many other dresses and frocks..
Preeti: Only one..
Sumo nods …
Preeti hugs her and goes for billing the things..
———————————————————–Meanwhile Shravan was not at peace…He wanted to distract his mind from the thoughts of Sumo….
He had tried to get some sleep…But that was also far away..
He listened to soft music… But that reminded him more about Sumo…
Just then, He got a call from his dear bro Pushkar…
Shravan picked up the call with excitement..
Pushkar: Hey Bro..What’s up.
Shravan:Nothing much…Just getting bored with out you…
Pushkar: Okay ..I never knew you will miss me soo much.
Shravan laughs..
Pushkar: No close your eyes…No peeking..
Shravan closes his eyes like an obedient child.
Pushkar comes him and gives him a big hug..
Shravan was ecstatic.
Shravan: What are you doing Here??
Pushkar first thought about Preeti but then said..to surprise you..

Precap:Still don’t know

I am done  with the next episode …Pls comment and vote to tell me how it is….
This episode was not up to the mark …as I wrote this episode in a very short time..But the upcoming episodes. …Will have a lot of drama

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