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Hey guys, I am back with the next episode … this will be very short… And there will be no Shraman romance in it….

They spin the bottle again…It lands on Pushie..

Pushkar: Truth

Sumo:How would you want your dream girl to be?

Pushkar: Hmmmm.No thoughts about it yet.


Pushkar thinks”How does she know that I already like some one??Still pushkar you can’t reveal your secret to Bhaiya”

Pushkar:I am telling the truth.

Shravan: Okay..

Sumo: I should leave now.Preeti is also alone at hostel.

Shravan: Okay..

Sumo :Bye…

Sumo leaves for the hostel…

She opens the box and takes out the diary ..

She flips open a few pages and starts reading..

Date:27 June 1988

Their summer holidays were going on and Shraman,Pushkar were enjoying..

It would be Shravan’s last summer holiday with them.

He was in twelfth while Pushkar was in 10th and Sumo in 8th.

They had left no space to enjoy but had also done their homework well.

Shravan was extra happy about it because it was a clean and neat report..It’s marks were to be added as FA’s (Co curricular marks) in the results.

It was the last leg of holiday’s and they were trying to make these Holiday’s as memorable as they could..

Pushman were sitting in Shravan’s room having a pillow fight…Meanwhile ,Shravan had gone for a bath….

Keeping his orange juice on the table beside his report.

Pushkar throws a pillow over to Sumo but it knocks down and spills on the report.
Sumo:Pushkar, What have you done??
Pushkar: I don’t know…How it happened??I will bring tissue to clear it up..
Sumo : fast..
Pushkar leaves the room meanwhile Sumo covers it so that Shravan won’t scream at Pushkar.

Shravan sees Sumo covering it and thinks that she was the one who had destroyed his report…
He slaps Sumo as an involuntary action and Sumo runs away crying..
Pushkar comes in the room slowly takes the tissues when he sees Sumo missing.
Pushkar: Where is Sumo??….Wait! Did you scold her??
Shravan gives a blank look.
Pushkar: It was not her fault at all,It was mine…I dropped it on your report by mistake…
Meanwhile, For Sumo…Sad news had no stop. As soon she had reached over to the door …A passer by informs Sumo about her parents accident..
Crying,She moves up the steps to tell Shravan but she hears him screaming…”What you both fif was extremely wrong..If anything happens to my studies..Then mind it …I don’t care if Sumo is there in my life or not.
Sumo runs and leaves …
She packs all her stuff …Books a flight for Singapore and leaves..
Pushkar…Bhaiya,Listen..There was no fault of Sumo in dropping the juice.. It was done by me ..She was helping me so that you don’t scold me a lot.
Shravan :Oh Shit,I will apologize to Her tomorrow..She would be upset by me ….Her anger should cool down by tomorrow…
End of F.b

Sumo closes her diary and starts crying….
Just then Preeti’s phone rings…Sumo picks it uo and Preeti is still asleep.
Sumo says hello in a broken and sad voice.
Pushkar: Sumo,Were you crying??
Sumo’s eyes immediately lift up..
Sumo:No,N.ot…. a. t a ll
Pushkar: there is no use of lying to us..
Pushkar: You.yourself, Bhaiya and me.
Shravan:Now tell us quietly
Sumo:If I am quiet how do you expect me to tell?
Shravan:Don’t try to divert the topic.
Sumo:Nothing much
Shr :Tell us that nothing much.
Sumo: I was thinking about Muma and Papa.
(she doesn’t tell that she was remembering the past and Shravan will feel guilty…)
Shr: That is not the complete thing.
Push:Don’t think that you can lie to us… You were thinking about something else..
Sumo: I promise I was missing them only.
Pushkar: Okay..I called to ask you for your number..
Sumo: Oh yeah, It is 8*** ****.
Pushkar: Thanks… See you tomorrow.
Sumo:When will I see you tomorrow?
Shravan:Arey Yaar,I asked permission if he could come along to school.. From there all of us can go out together..
Sumo:I will confirm with Preeti tomorrow and come because she also wanted to go somewhere..
Pushkar:Bye Sumo…
Push leaves the room.
Shravan: Bye Sumo…
Sumo: Please also bring my notebook tomorrow… You forget stuff easily.
Shravan: Yeah,I will bring it….
Sumo: Bye
Shravan: Bye

Precap:Shraman romance

So I am done with this short and boring episode…
The next episode will have Shraman romance.


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  1. Beas

    Wonderful. I’ve a query. Do ShraMan have feelings for each other?? Post the next part soon ?

  2. Hey Anushika di!
    The episode was WONDERFUL!
    Loved it to the core!
    Each and every scene so far has been amazingly well scripted by you!
    And, the precap makes me wanna jump all around!
    Please do try to post soon!
    Love ya loads!<3

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