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Hi all,I am back with the next episode…This one will be of the same length as the previous one..

Recap:Shraman and Pushkar meet ,They are sitting in Shravan’s room.
Sumo:Please send me these pics..
Shravan: Nope…You never gave me the childhood pics we had clicked on school trip to Lankawi,Malaysia.
Sumo:Fine,I will send those pics to you and you send me these..
Shravan: I miss that trip..
Pushkar: ….Where you both were acting as a complete couple….
Shraman start beating Pushkar …..
Pushkar: Okay at least agree that you didn’t allow any boy to go close to Sumo… Actually, You both were together 24/7.
Shravan: So,Mr Pushkar Malhotra was alone with nothing to do.
Sumo:Don’t forget you were there with us the whole time.So how can you say that no boy was with me except him.
Pushkar: BTW,We both are boys and you are the only girl among us..Don’t you feel uncomfortable..
Sumo: Nope…It is nice to have you guys around..
They again share a group hug.
Pushkar:Let’s play truth or dare..
Sumo frowns while Shravan is happy.
Pushkar goes and gets the bottle..

They spin it..It stops at Sumo.
Sumo: Dare
Pushkar: Kiss Shravan on the cheek.
Sumo: What??
Pushkar: Just like the childhood pic.
Sumo moves towards Shravan and gives a peck on his cheek.
Sumo: Happy??
They spin and it lands on Shravan this time..
Pushkar: Narrate your Lankawi trip looking it Sumo’s eyes..
Sumo:The truth Is his not mine.
Pushkar: Wherever he goes you come free.
Sumo:Shut up.
Pushkar: Also add all your romantic moments… Sumo,looks very cute when she blushes .
Sumo glares at Pushkar.
Shravan starts to narrate and looks into Sumo’s eyes..
They both can see Love,Care among the many emotion in eo’s eyes..

In the bus ride to Lankawi…
Sumo was sitting alone when Aditya comes and sits next to her.
Aditya was her classmate and had a big crush on her..He would find ways to be near Sumo all the time..
Sumo: Sorry, Pushkar is sitting here.
Aditya: I came first
Sumo without saying anything gets up from her seat and moves to the seat near Shravan.
Aditya becomes jealous.
He knew that Shraman liked each other and wanted to sit with Sumo desperately.
His jealousy became anger when he saw that Sumo had a her head on Shravan’s shoulder and their hands were entangled with each other.
They were laughing and playing..
Just then Pushkar enters the bus..
He sees Aditya sitting on Sumo’s place..He understands what would have happened ….
He moves to the back seat of the bus. Shraman also join him as he was alone..
Pushkar is sitting on the left of Sumo and Shravan is sitting on the right of Sumo..
The teacher enters the bus….
Teacher:You will be roaming in pairs in Lankawi but since our class has odd no. of people there would be a group with 3 people..The person sitting you in the bus would become your pair..
Aditya was annoyed as sitting next to him was Urvashi ,She liked Aditya but Aditya liked Sumo more.
Shraman and Pushkar became partners…
In the beginning they sang songs,cracked jokes  and laughed..
Slowly,Sumo felt sleepy and dosed of on Shravan’s shoulder.
Shravan felt the weight and smiled at her sleeping… On her shoulder, Pushkar was sleeping peacefully. Even Shravan decided to sleep so he rested his head on Sumo’s and slept…
After sometime,Sumo wakes up and finds herself in an unknown room..
She is about to scream when Shravan enters.
Sumo: How come I am here?
Shravan:Actually, You fell asleep in the bus..When we reached you were still sleeping so me and Pushkar
brought you to our room.

Sumo:So where is my room?
Pushkar: There was a small error in the booking so the room which Aditya has a free bed or our room..because it is a suite.You can decide.
Sumo:I am not going to share a room with Aditya.I would rather stay with you ..
Shravan smiles..
Sumo: During sleep overs,I also sleep with you only ..And Aditya is only one year elder to me while you both are 2 and 4 years elder to me.
pushkar: And Aditya likes you so he can do anything while you and Bhaiya both like each other so the feeling is mutual.
Sumo throws a pillow at him..
Sumo:Can you just shut up??
Pushkar: That’s just completely out of my control…I am not lying BTW..
Shravan: Keep Quiet Pushkar.. Otherwise I will reveal your secrets to Sumo.
Suman:What secrets are you hiding from me?
Pushkar: Nothing.
Pushkar glares at Shravan.
Sumo: You are so bad,I reveal all my secrets to you.. But you hide from me your secrets.
Pushkar: We don’t hide anything from you.
Sumo: Just now Shravan was telling about some secrets.
Pushkar: That’s why I tell you both are love birds because you believe each other  without any proof.
Sumo:Excuse me…!Pushie,After how many lies you have told me ,I have learnt never to believe you…Despite being 2 years older than me you behave as if you are. Come on you are 14  Years old now ….
Pushkar: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…
                        End of flashback

Pushkar:Shravan,you can stop tellling it.Your truth is complete.

Shravan stops telling but Shraman continue their eyelock.

They were staring in each others eyes but it was not just mere attraction ,it was how much they missed each other ,their love and care for eachother..

Pushkar screams:Shraman

shraman break their eyelock.

Shravan:who is Shraman?

Pushkar:Since you both are going to be together ..I took Shra from shravan and man from Suman soo it became Shraman.

Sumo again turns red this time both Pushkar and shravan pull her cheeks.

Sumo;I am not a baby..

Pushkar:But you are younger than  both of us..

Sumo frowns

Precap:Past revealed

A very happy Neeti Didi…..Sorry for the late wishes….
I will try to comment on FF’s from now…Very sorry for my absence for so many days

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    Well, the episode was soooooo awesome!!
    Loved all the scenes….they were soooo cute!????
    Please do try to post the next one soon!
    Love ya!?????

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  4. I’m sorry I am late ?
    This was too good. I loved it so much. It was amazing. So excited for the next episode. Post asap please. Take care ?

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    Anu sry for a late cmnt. It was amazing…the precap is killing me so plz post sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon. Need to study so can’t cmnt long.

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