Hii guys, thanx for response frnds.. This is a stupid OS . So read at ur own risk… Dont throw chappals in me fir.
!!! *Beautiful enough*!!!
Sanchi entered sbch canteen in lunchtime. She was actually ? tired ?!! Tired of his taunts and insults, tired of his ignorance, tired of running behind him! The khadoos kabor kapoor.
Yes, he was in relation with her, but a secrete one!
He didnt wanted to make it public, that was ok for her! But he used to taunt in for small small thing in front of her friends and others. He even dont want to go out with her.
“Did, he actually loved me??? ” her mind questioned, bur somehow her ? heart was hoping for ❤️ love..
“Hiii, guys!!! ” she greeted her frnds.
But none of them answered, actually how they will answer?? They were busy in their own world.
Sanchi sat on the seat ? adjacent to isha, but our supermodel ishu was busy in her mobile chatting with her bf Veer.
Even pragya was busy gawking at her love, sanchi rolled her eyes in disappointment ? ?.
Sanchi wished she could express her love like this,but may be her luck wasnt on her side ?. She munched the cookies in disappointed mood.

“Hey, look pragya, my pic on Veer’s whatsapp DP. ” isha said holding her exitement..
“Abe Yaar, kya lag rahe ho tum log ek saath!!! Bilkul made for each others. ” this was pragya’s reply.
Sanchi felt ba. It was not like she wa Jaleous of her friends, she was happy for them.
But she though cant he express his love in front of peoples ? Even his mom liked her alot, then whats the problem!?? Is he ashamed of me?? Or i m not beautiful enough to be his partner??
Ok, she accepted that she ws nt beautiful and image consious like isha, pragya!! But she loved herself, her ways, her principles of life!! And she cant change them for anyone!!
“I m not worlds most beautiful lady, but is that my fault? “She asked herself.
So, she decided not to run benind him onwards. Iy is difficult to ignore him, but she has to do this for her self respect..

Sanchi left canteen, as she has to go back to her duty. She passed the corridor and enters the general ward.
She goes inside the ward, as soon as she entered, nurse came running toward her.
“Dr. Sanchi thank god, u came on time! Xyz patient is having adverse effect of medicines. Pls do something! ” nurse explained.
Sanchi quickly ran toward the patient and she treated the patient wasting no time!! After sometime patients condition was stable.
Sometime passed,
Kabir called sanchi and others into his cabin.
Everybody was standing infront of him with innocent faces.
But kabir only blamed sanchi, he thought it was sanchi’s patient and thats why he blamed her for not taking care of patients. Her eyes filled with tears ?.
Then veer cleared his misunderstanding and before kabir could say anything she ran out of their holding her tears back.
“Are ye to bhaag gayi!! Kabir ab teri kher nahi” he thought to himself.

Obviously sanchi ignored him for full day, she even didnt looked at him once.
Soon, the sun goes to small vacation and moon decorated the entire galaxy.
Kabir tried calling sanchi, but she didnt responded his calls.
Sanchi had dinner with her friends. Her head was heavy due to all incidents. Ishagya asked her to go have some golgappa, but she was not in mood to eat golgappa, so she stayed back.
She opened the door of her room and entered the room. She latched the door behind her and switched power button only to get shock of her life!!!!
There he was sitting on her bed folding his arms as if waiting for her since long time.
She was about to shout when he quickly ran toward her and sealed her mouth with his palm.
“Shhhhh, chillao mat” he commanded.
“What are u doing here! And why u came here! Kisine dekh lia toh kya hoga!! “She panicked.
“Shhh, kisine nahi dekha!! ” he grinned.

“But tum aaye kaise?? Aur mere room me Kaise Aaye!! ” she again
“Papa CID the kya tumhare? ” he asked.

Huhhh? ” came her confused reply.

“Itne questions q kar rahi ho tum? ” he said looking straight into her eyes and thus making her more uncomfortable .
“I dont want to talk to u. So just go from here ” she said sternly.
” I M sorry ” he hold his ears.
“Just go kabir, and find someone who will suit uh! I know i not beautiful enough! I knew it! And important nahi hai ki tum mujhe bar bar ye realise karwao!! ” she said controlling disaster in her eyes.
“What is this shit yaar?? ? Asked confused kabir.
“Yes, u feel actually same, thats why u alwys hurt me! Just like today! ” she let out her furstration on him.
“What the!!! “He exclaimed., but she pushed him hard thus cauzing him to fall on bed.
She tried to unlatch the door, but he quickly pulled her toward him.
“Ek to main khidki se kud k aaya kitni mushkil se!! And here tum bakwas kar rahu ho” he tightly hol her by shoulders. “And stupid tum ground floor pe nahi reh sakti??? ” he continued.
“So jaha se aaye ho wahi jao, i dont wanna talk to u ¡” she was stern.
“Idiot, i yelled at u infront of peoples bcoz i didnt wanted them to misunderstand our rwlation. Thats it. And kis idiots ne kaha tum beautiful nahi???
Actually U R BEAUTIFUL enough to invade my dreams all the nights.
U R BEAUTIFUL enough to inraod my concentration and focus every damn moment”
He stepped toward her, thus almost mixing his breath with her’s.
“U R Beautiful enough to make the moon envious ” he continued withr husky voice.
Sanchi felt like thousand of butterflies running in her stomoch.
He leaned again towards her.
“U know, u r beautiful enough to occuoy my soul. Beautiful enough to toss my sense into air.
U R beautiful enough to throw my attitude into garbage. ”
He completed his sentence and leamed toward her.
“Gussa gaya!!??? ” kabir asked her slowly.
She slowly pushed him and ran from there, but this time she was successful.
“Are, fir dhakka deke bhaag gayi, ye sport day pe paida hui thi kya ?? He asked himself.
She was walking in corridor. She openef her hair band and let her hairs open and twirled in air happily.
“Beautiful enough ” she smiled………….

Ufff, ho gaya!! Pehle hi bola tha read at ur own risk.. Ab mujhe mat marna. Bye bye bye ? ?. Kindly avoid spelling mistakes

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