Hii guys, i m back with epilogue of beautiful enough. Thank u sooooooooo much for such heartwarming response guys. This for anu, riya, abhilasha and niya, as u guys were unhappy with ending. So here we go, i dont know whether it is upto ur expectations guys, but still trying.

Veer ran as fast as he can run. His breaths were heavy. His hands were all red due to blood.. And he was searching dr. Kabir in the hospital.
He restlessly searched kabir in his cabin, but find it vacant.
He again moved out from there only to collide with kabir.
“What r u doing here?? And what is this?? Why are u so afraid??” Kabir asked in single breath. An unknown fear ran down his spines.
“Sir, wo…… Sa… nchi” veer stammered not knowing how to say.

“Sanchi???… What happened to sanchi” now kabir’s heart skipped a beat due to fear..
“Say it fast idiot! ! Otherwise i will kill u ” kabir almost yelled on top of his shattered voice.
“Sir, pls come with me” veer almost dragged kabir with himself.
Kabir just walked behind him aimlessly!! His heart was hoping for good, but this silly mind!!! Pata nahi kya kya soch leta hain!!!
Now fear was visible in his eyes clearly, fear of loosing her!!

Veer and kabir passed the corridor and reached to the central area of hospital.
Veer left his hand.
Crowd was whisphering something, he could heard.
He slowly made his way toward the crowdy area. And started taking step toward the center..
Seeing sight infront of him, his heart stopped pumping! His world stopped right there,
And there she was!!
Lying lifelessly on the stretcher. Her body was rigid and face was full of blood. Her hands were lifeless and eyes closed!!

Isha and pragya was crying badly. Veer goes toward isha and tried to console her..
Even daring pragya was in worst condition due to crying ? ? ?.
The sound of “THUD ” grabbed everyones attention…
And everybody witnessed Kabir sitting on the floor emotionless.
“Sanchi!!!”his voice was slow..
He walked toward her.
“How could u do this?? Aisa kaise kar sakti hi Tum?? We promised to stay together for all the lives we will get!!u cant break the promise!! ”
Seeing Kabir like this, veer stared crying loudly

Isha elbowed him.
“Baby, overreact ho raha hai!! ” she slowly said.
“Ok”veer replied.

“Main to aaj tumhe propose karne wala tha! Phir hum hamesha khush rehte aur tum aise kaise jaa sakti ho??please come back dear! I love u so much sanchi!!!if u left me like this then main v tumhare peeche aa jaunga! Please get up sanchi ” he sobbed.
“Bas kar pagle, ab rulayega Kya?? ?????????????” sanchi replied opening her eye.
Seeing the sight infront of him,
Faints and fall on the floor. ????.

“Abe ye to mujhse bhi bada nautanki hai!! Behosh ho gaya!!!!! ” she yelped.. ?????.

“Please koi paani lao yaar, tsunami invite karna hai” veer laughed.
After five minutes of trying, amd consant sprinking of water on his face
He finally opened his eyes.
And hugged her tightly without caring about the crowd that was watching them.

“Idiot aisa karta hai koi! ” he cupped her face.

“Unka idea ? tha!!! ” she said pointing toward pragya and ishveer.
Kabir lift his eyes to get glimpses of “mahaan peoples” who gave this idea to sanchi, but they vanished like someone washed them with washing powder Nirma!!!!
Kabir hugged her tightly still lying on the floor!!!

“Arent they “beautiful enough ” together to make scintillating couple??? ”
The crowd cheered for them!!!
And atmosphere filled with mist of redefined love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️!!!!!!!

Done!!!! I know this is short. But i typed it in hurry, so pls bear with spelling mistakes!!! And pls do like and commwnt. It encourage me to write more. Yeepeeeeeeeee!! I m so happy i got 50 likes on first part of this os. Dancingggggggg ?????????????

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  1. Anu88

    So So beautiful and amazing episode yaar……….I love it so so much yaar………..ishveer and pragya ka plan is rocked and kabir is shocked…….

  2. Abhilasha

    Superbbbb…..loved it yr!!! Thank u for epilogue and it was amazing!!!

  3. Its so sweet

  4. Wonderful yr…hats off the trio,,kya kamaaal ka plan tha…nd Kabir’s reaction…awwwwwwww

  5. Priyanshipp

    U know what when I started reading … veer came running then only i understood that this might be a drama. ….. nd I was right. …. hats off to u dear. ….. such an amazing writer u r. Truly this was a awesome os. Beautiful enough ?????

  6. Riyarocks

    Shivani yaar……..abhi tak ro rahi hoon……arey khushi ke aansoo hai budhu……..itna hasi itna hasi ki has has ke ankhon mein baadh aa gayi……..tussi kamaal karditta……….bas ek word kahungi tere liye……gazab……..ek dum khidkitod plot from a darwazatod….haha….writer………luv u a lot swetieeeee……..gud nt…….tc………

  7. Aafiya

    Wow…. Beautiful and amazing…

  8. Anee

    Woooow Shivanii

  9. Niyaaa

    Shivnii dear.. thank u so much .. hamare liye is os ka second part likhne k liye.. agar hame pata hota aise krne se tum nxt part likhti to isme bhi koi kami nikaal dete??hamein iska ek or part padhne ko milta..??per kya karun kami nikaalne k liye kuch to hona chahiye…. btw os is hilarious starting part dekh k sach kahun mujhe laga ki sach m sanchi ka accident ho gya per tumne kya twist laya mera has has kar bura haal ho gya.. especially whenkabir faints??ok ab apna muhh or hath band krti hun.. bye.. lovv u ????post something new.. asap.. till bye tc

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