A Beautiful Distraction ( chapter 9)

Bose house
Swasan were standing in Swara room still hugging each other tightly

Suddenly something strikes in Swara mind she breaks the hug

Sanskar gets irritated for lack of her touch
He was about to hug her again but Swara stops him

Swara – i need to ask something

Sanskar – you don’t need permission

Swara seriously – you came here as mad for taking revenge from maheshwari for kavita death right then how …..

Sanskar gives her are-you-serious look

Sanskar – swara how many times i told you stop using your little good for nothing brain

Swara pouts
Sanskar smiles and pecks her pout

Hr made Swara sit on bed and he himself sat in front of her on ground and took her both hand in his

Sanskar – swara if i will tell you the truth will you belive me

Swara pecks his cheeks – sanskar i belive you more than i belive myself

He felt light listening her. This is what everyone expects from their betterhalf …. There trust on them

He took deep breath and starts telling her

Sanskar – it started before six years ..
I loved kavita then (He looks at Swara she assures him through eyes ) Dp threw me out knowing she was bengali and then when we both were from MM on way we met with accident that was what i thought but then in hospital i listened docter speaking to someone …. No no not someone but Dp …. He planned that accident ….
His voice cracks remembering that worst day when he got to hear his bade papa planned to kill him

Swara understood his situation
She made him like on bed and kept his head on her lap caressing his hairs

Silence prevailed for few min when sanskar again continued

I was broken and then the need of kavita being dead …. I was hurt , more then me being in pain was not coz she was dead but it was due to Dp whom i once considered my ideal , whom i loved more than my own father killed someone …. Then i started my own company hiding my identity , i needed more designers that’s when i came to your college ….. It was nice meet by the way (we winks at her in return he got a smak on his shoulder ) ok let’s continue …. Then started our Iove story , surprisingly the feelings i had with you were not with kavita ,

Swara interrupts – and to understand your love you took five long years

Sanskar –  you understood before only so why didn’t you said

Swara mimicking – why didn’t you said … You were a heartless devil at that time

Sanskar raises his eyebrow – what did you said?

Swara shrugs her shoulder – a heartless devil

Sanskar makes faced n was about to
Get up when Swara pulled him back with his head again layed on her lap

Swara – we will continue out fight but first complete

Sanskar – as you say my QUEEN

Swara blushes listening him

Sanskar smirks – swara don’t blush i will land up doing something which we will regret latter

Swara cheeks turn more red but she compose and glares him

Sanskar – ok cool i will not tease you …. So i understood my love for you i want to propose you in grand way but before that i wanted you to know my past so that’s why that day i told you everything from my family to myself than kavita and next day i was supposed to propose you but you left there was no sign OF you , i literally searched you in whole delhi

Swara looks away being ashamed on her act
Swara – sorry …. I thought you still loved kavita ….

Sanskar tries to lighter her mood
Sanskar naughtily – that’s what your problem is you think more than the capacity your little brain have

Swara pouts – i hate you

Sanskar winks – i love you too

Swara smiles – continue

Sanskar again drifts into memory lane
Sanskar – after searching you for whole one day i was returning in night when i saw a car met with an accident …  There was one old lady and man in it , i took them to hospital and his grace they were fine just had little scratches …. Then when i went to meet that old man in ward

Flash back

Sanskar enters inside ward
He moves towards the man lied on bed
Sanskar – how are you feeling now uncle

The man looks shocked seeing him
Man – are you sanskar maheshwari

Sanskar looks confused as to how this old man knew him

Sanskar – excuse me do i know you

Man makes sanskar sit on stool
Man – beta i am financial advisor of maheshwari co.

Sanskar face color changes after listening him

Sanskar coldly – what can i do

Man – beta save your family they are in danger

Sanskar gritting his teeth – they are no more my family

Man – beta try to understand there life is in danger

Sanskar finally giving up – and what is that danger

Man – your bade papa

Now it was time for sanskar being shocked

Sanskar – bade papa , how ?

Man explains – beta the whole maheshwari properly is equally divided between the two brothers Dp and rp

Sanskar confused – so

Man – your bade papa wants to take over whole maheshwari properly and according to will to take over the property he needs agreement from every member of rp family that is rp his wife , you and your sister and even your wife , he already have all your signatures and now just need your wife signature …. 

Sanskar – i don’t belive you

Man – its up to you beta of you belive me OR not and ha one more thing as you were not ready to marry and girl of his choice coz you already loved someone else he planned to kill you with your lover so that he get hold is your property and look he succeed in it

Sanskar sternly – do you have any proof

Man- no but now you are strong enough to take out proof

Sanskar – i cant doubt my family

When a voice interrupts
“Once try believing him ”

Both turn in that direction

Sanskar was double shocked
Sanskar whispers – dida
(Yes guys it was dida and the man was her brother )

Dida – you know me

Sanskar – ya Swara always talk to me about you (then something clicked his king he happily went towards dida ) dida can you please take to Swara , i don’t know where she went i have searched her waist n whole delhi , is she fine or did something happened to her no no i know she is fine haina

She smiles looking at his care
Dida – if you searched whole delhi and not found her then let’s go to kolkata

Flash back over

Sanskar – this is how i came here … And this is why i came here … Early it was just planned to meet you but than your dida made me to show real place to maheshwari so

Swara – sanskar you came here just take revenge for snatching your properly

Sanskar gets up and move to window Swara also follows him

Sanskar – its not about property Swara you know na this maheshwari property of not even 10% of what i have

Swara – then

Sanskar sighs – i came here for the betrayal i got Swara , if Dp would have asked me OR papa we would have happily given him whole property but he played cheap tricks , he played with our emotions Swara and i cant let him ruin my family

Swara smiles and hugs him
Swara – don’t wory everything will be fine sanskar

Sanskar kisses her head
Both stood there in each other embrace feeling blessed unaware of the fact that someone has heard then

The person smirks evilly glancing one last time to Swasan and left from there
Early morning
Whole maheshwari family along with gadodia were in gadodia house to finalise about raglak marriage

Bose house ,
Swara was running in whole house panicking followed by fuzzy
Where ever she goes he is also moving behind her moving his tail cutely

Dida – aye shoru stop , look at house you have made full mess

Swara stuffing her bags with things
Swara – ary dida here i am getting late for college and you care about house huh

Fuzzy also barks at dida

Dida glares the little creature making him scared and hide behind Swara
Swara – aww..my baby (she kisses his head)look dida you made him scared

Dida – Both are dramebazz

Swara and fuzzy both makes faces

Swara – acha dida bye and ha take care of my baby
She again kiss fuzzy and runs out

Dida shouts – you also take care your wounds are still not healed
But Swara was already gone
Dida hits her forehead – this girl will never change ….

Swara as soon as steps out
She collided with someone and both fell on ground with her above that person
Her eyes were closed in fear but the person is looking at her with naughty smirk

He lifts his head and whispers near her ear
Person – you are not so light doll

Swara comes in senses and opens her eyes in shock
Swara – you mean i am heavy
She beats him on his chest and gets up
Person also stand properly
Person innocently – i didn’t said that doll

Swara angrily – but you mean it only na huh devil

Person gets irritated
Person – don’t call me this doll

Swara laughs – ooo…. You look cute when angry ….
She pulls his cheek

There moment was disturbed by a voice

“Dude what are you doing with her ”

Both turns there head and find laksh standing there with confused face
Beside him sanskar and ragini are standing

Sanskar is playing with ragini dupatta

Swara smiles looking at sanskar but he turns his face angrily

Swara in mind – now what happened to him

Person – ary lucky you here

Laksh – ha but what are you doing here manik

Manik – i came here to pick up doll for college

Ragini angrily – she is not a child that you always come to pick her

Manik folds his hands – mata ji stop giving lecture i get enough from my khadoos boss

Laksh confused – you three know each other

Manik – ary luck you forgot i always tell you about my doll so now meet her
Ha holds Swara from shoulder and winks at her

Sanskar burns more seeing some other guy holding HIS SWARA

Swara – devil come i am getting late for college

Manik fake anger – doll stop calling me that

Swara makes faces

Manik smiles and kiss her forehead
This was it for sanskar he became pressure cooker which can burst anytime ?

Manik – come …. Bye guys see you later

Swara manik leaves
But before leaving Swara turns and smiles at sanskar but he glares her
Swara looks in confused but than shrugs her shoulders ….

In a dark room
A person is standing smirking evilly
He held a photo in his hand and talking to it
Person – you enjoyed enough Swara now its time to show you hell
He/she laughs madly

Swara college
We can see number of students surrounding something
Everyone was calmly waiting for something
After few seconds of silence a melodious , heart soothing voice filled the atmosphere

«Maana ke hum yaar nahin
Lo tay hai ke pyaar nahin

Phir bhi nazrein na tum milaana
Dil ka aitbaar nahi
Maana ke hum yaar nahi…

Raaste mein jo milo toh
Haath milaane ruk jaana

Saath mein koi ho tumhare
Door se hi tum muskaana

Lekin muskaan ho aisi
Ki jisme ikraar nahi

Nazron se na karna tum bayaan
Woh jis’se inkaar nahi
Maana ke hum yaar nahi…»

Sanskar who came there for some work heard this magical voice
Automatically his lips curved into a smile and his legs start moving in its direction

«Phool jo band hai panno mein
Tum usko dhool bana dena

Baat chhide jo meri kahin
Tum usko bhool bataa dena

Lekin wo bhool ho aisi
Jis’se bezaar nahin (x2)

Tu jo soye toh meri tarah
Ik pal ko bhi karaar nahin
Maana ki hum yaar nahi…»

As soon as song gets completed huge sound of clapping and whistling filled the whole ground

Sanskar smiles brightly
Obviously he knew whose voice it was….who else it can be other than HIS SWARA

That’s when he saw Swara coming out from crowd with Nandini smiling laughing but his attention was drawn to the thing she was holding

Sanskar pov , omg it’s the same guitar right which I gave her three years back on her birthday when we were in delhi and SHE STILL HAVE IT

But his chain of thoughts were broken by he himself when he found Swara coming in same side where he is standing
He immediately hide himself behind a pillar

When Swara passed from him he took a with relief
Sanskar – off thank God she didn’t see me otherwise her little brain and its question
He shook his head

Here Swara was standing outside college looking at Nandini with pout

While Nandini was jumping happily and reading the letter

My Sweet Heart,
I love you so much….you are just the best! Now all I want to say is that I can’t live without you and don’t even want to. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and you make my life complete.

You appear to me in my dreams . I adore you from my heart and soul and want to let you know that you are my little angel. You make me so happy that all I need now is you to make my life complete.

Love you my love
Yours truly
Till last breath

(Guys don’t get confused Swara nandini and sanskar scene is going alternate )
Nandini – haye he loves you so much right but poor him you already love someone else

Sanskar who was silently listening them hiding himself
His back gets straighten listening Nandini

Swara shook her head vigorously

Swara – i cant love anyone accept sanskar

Sanskar mentally slapped himself
Sanskar – how can i forget she dont know that I’m only the one sending her letters

Nandini mischievously – Swara I think

Swara raised her eyebrow – you think

Nandini – naughty smirk – i think that
She again stops
Swara – argh you keep thinking I am going

Nandini stops her
Nandini – sorry na baba actually i was saying that i have a doubt that he only send these letters

Sanskar eyes wide
Sanskar – now who is the guy her friend is talking about

Swara confused – who?

A voice interrupts them

“Who else than me ”

Swadini (Swara + Nandini) turn towards it’s source

Swara frowns
Nandini makes faces

Sanskar who was hiding feels anger rising in him seeing the same guy who was sticking to his Swara In morning

Nandini angrily – it was not at all funny manik

Manik keeps hand in his chest
Manik – ouch it hurts

Swara innocently – are you my secret admirer

Nandini bangs her head with her hand
Nandini mumbles – innocence overloaded

Sanskar angrily looks at Swara
Sanskar – she is innocent to dangerous level man

Manik confused – secret admirer?

Nandini – none of your business Mr

She forcefully takes Swara from there

Manik stood there grinning widely becoz he knew what is going to happen with him next
And exactly to his thinking someone pulled him to some lone corner and pushed him hardly towards wall

Manik – hey cool man you are hurting me

Person angrily – if it was in my hand you might have been dead till now

Manik straight his shirt and looks at the person
Manik – hey sanky what’s up
Yes the person is none other than sanskar

Sanskar cold tone – your death you idiot

Manik – look sanskar you can’t kill me what will happen to my lady love , and think about you …. You will not look good in jail
He said dramatically

Sanskar – hogaya

Manik nods innocently

Sanskar in threatening tone – now listen stay away from her she is mine … She is my Swara ….. And if i found you in any way near her you will surely see hospital

Manik gulps in fear
Manik – ok boss i will stay away from Swara no no mam
He smiles tightly

Sanskar – better for you
He went from there

Manik sighs in relief
Manik – god ji kon si manhus gadi me maine mr khadoos maheshwari ask sanskar ka pa bane ka faisla liya
He makes bad bad faces
(Manik is sanskar pa cum friend cum laksh childhood friend as he was working under sanskar as his pa sanskar asked him to keep an eye on Swara for her safety along with mike )

A dark room
Same person was standing there holding the same pic
He smirks
Person – it’s time to play my trump card

Same time we can see a girl dressed in simple Salwar suit standing on door steps of badi

She slowly moves inside near sacred tulsi plant

As she moves few steps forward she dashed with someone and his phone fell down

Person picks the phone and days without looking at her face
Person – be careful yaar ……
But his words frozes in his mouth seeing the girl

Maheshwari family which was coming out from gadodia house looks at laksh confusingly as they were not able to see girl becoz of her back towards them

Dp – what happened laksh

Lal sh came back in senses after hearing Dp he just stood up still gazing at the girl shock

Sujata – re je ke chore tu muh me dahi jamake kyu baitha hai aur tu ja ladki ko aise ghoor ke kyu dekh raha hai jara mai bhi toh dekhi koun hai ya

She moves towards girl mumbling something but her words her jamed in her throat seeing her face

Sujata – k…aaa….vi..ta ….

All gets shocked hearing sujata
Sanskar who just now secretly entered badi from back door gets shocked seeing kavita but gets even more shock seeing Swara standing near door steps with tears in her eyes and nandini supporting her through her shoulders

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