A Beautiful Distraction (chapter 8)

Sanskar is sitting on bed resting his head on headboard …. He was staring at Swara pic in his phone …. Remembering there happy moments
Sanskar says looking at her pic – you came in my life like a answered prayer

He drifts in his thoughts ,
I never thought that after getting a heart break in love i will ever be able to love someone again but you thought me to live again (he caress swara pic ) the day we first time met in collage i was lost in your eyes (remember there first meet) that was the most beautiful day of my life …. I was on cloud nine when i got to know that you are selected as a part time designer in my company . You changed me from that heartless devdas to this fun loving man …. The feelings i get with You i never got that with kavita, sometime i think do i really loved kavita … Any ways i loved her or not its not important because now i love you more than myself , you became my need my only way of living, …. I LOVE YOU SWARA , n i will confer it soon because your little brain will never let your heart feel my love ….
He smiles

His thoughts were broken by door opening sound …
He immediately hide phone under his pillow and acts like sleeping

Laksh enters inside and smiles seeing him….
He went near sanskar and tries waking him

As sanskar was just pretending he.acts as waking up and looks at Laksh innocently

Laksh smiles – bhai chalo get ready we will go and meet swara

Sanskar eyes shine listening her name
He jumps on bed and claps happily
Sanskar – yes wE will meet dost

Laksh tries to pull him down but after many unsuccessful attempts he make a fake angry face and starts going

Laksh – fine bhai you stay here i will go And meet your dost

Sanskar immediately comes down from bed and holds Laksh hand

Sanskar acting as mad – no no i will come …

Both leaves to badi
Again a new drama of dadi was going on

Dadi shouting – hey you chori how dare you being this stupid dog in my house

Obviously she is shouting on Swara

Swara – dadi vo ….

Dadi stops her – i don’t want to listen anything just take him away from me and dare you step back in my house with this dog

While obviously shekhar was standing quite obeying his mother
Shomi wants to stop dadi but then she was shoved off by her

DADI shouts again making Swara and fuzzy both jump in fear

Swara instantly took fuzzy in her arms and ran to dida home crying

Sanskar who just now enters badi sees Swara running to dida home crying

Both gets worried and moves behind her

Ragini who was standing near door steps looking at Swara smirking gets angry seeing Laksh going behind her

Without wasting time she comes near Laksh and stops him sanskar also have to stop unwillingly because Laksh is holding his hand

Ragini – Laksh ji i think you forgot that my house is there
She points to gadodia house

Sanskar makes faces seeing her while Laksh was too busy seeing closed door of bose house
This angers ragini more
She holds Laksh and drags him with her
Taking this as a chance sanskar frees himself from Laksh grip and moves to bose house
Poor Laksh he has to go with ragini ? hope god show some mercy on him

After asking dida sanskar enters Swara room
He find her lying on bed on her stomach
He was not able to see her face as she was facing other side

He moves towards her thinking that she might BE crying but to his shock she was enjoying her DMS with fuzzy

Sanskar pov , here i was getting worried for her but look at her how cutely she is enjoying her DMS  but wait ….

His eyes wide seeing fuzzy licking chocolate from her fingers

How dare this little dog to lick my shona fingers
He makes crying face

Swara who was too busy enjoying her chocolate stifns feeling a manly hand caressing down her waist …

She immediately sits on bed and looks at sanskar shocked

Swara – what were you doing

Sanskar smirks and moves close to her – what do you think i was doing

Swara tries pushing him but he get a more close to her
He was about to hug her but before that fuzzy jumps and wraps his tiny legs on her shoulder as if hugging her
Sanskar gets shock seeing it
Swara laughs seeing sanskar and hugs fuzzy back

Sanskar – swara i doubt this dog intentions are not good

Swara glares him
Fuzzy also turns his head and barks at sanskar

Swara – don’t dare to say something about my bf

Sanskar confused – bf

Swara – yes my boy friend

Sanskar – just in one day he became your bf and what about me we are together with each other from past five years

Swara expression changes remembering her past life
Swara – correction mr maheshwari past four years … Last year we were not together

Sanskar – so let me also remind you it was your mistake

Now the tension was increasing between them

Swara let fuzzy from her grip and little dog being understanding left from there

Swara gets up from bed and starts to leave but sanskar stops her

Sanskar – wait Swara i still didn’t complete … I need my answers Swara . I trusted you and told my whole past but what i got in return more pain …. You just left like you didnt even cares

Swara closes her eyes tight letting few years to drop from her beautiful eyes

Swara – i cares sanskar and that’s why i left

Sanskar being hell confused – will you sometime talk clearly instead of making riddles

Swara again starts moving from there silently not wanting to lose herself
But is sanskar going to leave her so easily ….. Definately not ….  Hr was so into getting his answer anyhow today
He held her hands and turns her in a swift such that she lands on his hard tone chest

Sanskar dangerously – swara either you speak the truth OR we both are going to stay here till you decide …

Swara could not hold more
She pushed sanskar with all her force and shouts

Swara – hell with you sanskar from the day we meet everytime you were drowned in your own miseries …. I tried healing you but when you told me about kavita i cant control myself …. From that day all you used to talk was kavita this kavita that it suffocated me sanskar …. It’s hurts ….

Sanskar calmly – why Swara why it hurts ?

Swara just blurts out – because i love you damit ….

Both were shocked from her confession

Swara instantly keeps her hands on mouth while sanskar was too surprised or we can say happy to react

Swara again thought with her little brain that he doesnt love her
She gets sad and starts moving again
Before she could open the door she was turned swiftly and pined to door

Swara struggles – leave me sanskar

He can we her between his hand on either side and moves dangerously close to her

Sanskar huskily – won’t you hear my answer shona

He softly bites her ear lobe

Swara closes her eyes tightly to control the unknown sensation rising in her stomach from his touch

Sanskar smirk grew wider seeing his effect on her ….

He moves more close to her reducing the minimul distance between them

There bodies moulded like perfect jigsaw puzzle

He cups her face and whispers – i love you too ….
With this he leaves his hot breath on her shivering lips

Swara stood there numb
Sanskar felt her grip loose so he breaks the hug n looks at her confused
Swara – how you n kav….. But she stops n looks down
Sanskar cups her face n makes her look at him
Sanskar – me n kavita were past you and me are present and future
He stated the matter of FACT

Swara – but …

Sanskar keeps his finger on her lips making her to shut immediately

Sanskar – don’t use your little brain

Swara pouts
Sanskar pecks her pout
Swara ???
Sanskar ? i still didnt get my answer ….

Swara – which answer ?

He caress her lip with his thumb
Sanskar – should i tell you

Swara cheeks instantly turns deep red

He nuzzles his nose in her cheeks standing dead close to her …..
Sanskar whispers – bolo shona
Swara stammers – sa….ns….kar
He blows air near her ear sending shiver down her spine

Sanskar – I’m listening shona

Swara held his collar tightly in her fist to hold her knees which is getting weak by his every actions …

Swara – sanskar please ……

Sanskar kisses on her cheeks senseously sanskar – please what shona ….

Swara – sanskar leave me ….

Sanskar looks in her eyes n smiles …..
He hugs her tightly nuzzling his face in her neck
Sanskar – that is the only thing I can’t do

Swara hugs him back even more tightly

Swara in one go – i love you sanskar

She hides herself in his chest
Sanskar closes his eyes feeling her
He wraps his hands around her lovingly
Sanskar – i love you too Swara …..

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