A Beautiful Distraction (chapter 7)

Ragini went near Swara with fake smile
Ragini – swara can you please bring my phone its there in my room actually i would have gone but i cant leave guest and go so

Swara smiles – sure ragini

She got up and went upstairs
Ragini also excused herself and went behind Swara making sure no one notice her

She went near stairs and spill something then joined everyone so that no one doubt her

Here Swara came after taking ragini mobile
She was descending stairs searching for ragini in hall and didn’t notice the stairs
Suddenly her leg slipped and before she can get hold on something she starts rolling down leaving a painful moan

While everyone attention went on her hearing her shout

All were shocked seeing her
Sanskar went numb looking at her delicate figure hitting on the hard surface of stairs ….

Ragini on other hand smirk seeing her
Ragini pov ,
Now finally laksh ji will be mine .
She remembers how she spiled oil on stairs
Pov ends

Everyone came out from shock when she landed on ground in pool of blood
Her head was badly injured with continuous blood flow ….

Sanskar was about to rush towards her forgetting everything when dida caught his hands

He looks at dida who was looking at him with teary eyes . She nods him no

Meanwhile Laksh reached Swara and picked her up in his arms ….
And rushes her to her room (no hospital ?) adarsh calls doctor
All follows Laksh to Swara room

Sanskar stood There helpless
He tries freeing his hand from dida but her grip grew tight
Tears were continuously flowing from his eyes

Sanskar with wet voice – dida plss let me go

Dida some how composed herself
Dida – sanskar don’t forget you are in mission

Sanskar – i don’t care right now my priority is Swara please let me go dida please

Dida sternly – ok fine but don’t lose your senses seeing her in that position

Sanskar simply nods and starts moving towards Swara room
When he was moving he saw ragini doing something on stairs but he was not in his senses to notice her

He went and stood near door steps

Doctor has already came and started treating Swara

While family was standing outside her room

He stood a bit far away from them leaving on wall such that bo one notices him

Sanskar was looking at her painfully through window . He just became lifeless . Not he can hold her on his right embrace nor show his any emotions . It hurts him to core .

After about a hour doctor came out from her room

All rushes to him except sanskar . He was still standing there looking at pale Swara who loved on her bed lifeless

Shomi – how is my daughter doc

Doc – thankfully the stairs were not much so they didnt hurt her internally . It’s just the external wound which she got on head and minor scratches on body . I have bandaged her wound and give her these medicines and make sure not to stress her much

Shekhar nods and take the slip from doctor and leads him to exit

All went inside to see her
After getting satisfied seeing her fine maheshwari took leave

Sanskar was adamant not to go and but getting a sharp glare from dida he silently went with them …..

Sanskar room

He was pacing in his room angrily
Sanskar pov
Hell with you sanskar . You can’t even save your Swara and claim to love her. You are just useless . blo*dy hell

He punches the nearby wall hardly

When his phone rang
Sanskar – shoot mike

Mike – sir i went to gadodia house as a worker there i found that mam didn’t fell by mistake

Sanskar shouts – say clear damit

Mike – sir i found some oil marks on stairs seems like someone wanted mam to be hurt

Sanskar – i am giving you a week i want who the hell did this to my Swara

With this he ends the call

Sanskar pov
I am damm sure its not there work . So now who is this new villain
Oh god can’t i just have normal life . And now first i need to check Swara dida will definately not let me meet
Her in day time ….
Pov ends

He locked his room door and climbs down with the help of pipe
He enters badi from back door and with the help of stairs reached Swara room

He stood in front of her room and took several deep breathes
Sanskar – his please no one should be inside

He pushed the door making sure not to make noise continuously praying to god

Seeing her lying on bed alone he sighs in relief

Closing behind the door he walks near her

His eyes tears as he see her pale face with a huge bandage on her forehead
He silently sit beside her and started caressing her forehead softly yet lovingly ….

(One of my favourite song SALAMAT from SARBJIT)

«Chahe main rahoon jahan mein
Chahe tu na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe
Chahe yeh zameen, yeh aasmaan
Rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe»

He slightly pecks her forehead over bandage
Few drop of his tears land on her eyes in this process

« Darr hai tujhe main kho na doon
Mile jo Khuda toh bol doon
Main do jahan ka kya karoon
Tu bata… o..»

Feeling the wetness on her eyes and a feather touch on her head she slowly opens her eyes …. Adjusting with the light her eyes met with deep chocolate brown pair

« Tu jo mere paas hai
Mujhko na koi pyaas hai
Meri muqammal ho gayi har duaa..

Chahe mere jism mein
Yeh jaan rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe»
Swara in weak voice – sanskar
He instantly keeps his finger on her lips
Sanskar – sshhh don’t speak
Shiver run thorough her spine feeling his touch on her lips
He removed his finger from her lips and starts caressing her checks while his other hand was still on her forehead
Both lost in each other eyes just feeling there love

«Thhe tukdo mein jee rahe
Tum jo mile toh jud gaye
Pankh laga ke udd chala mann mera o..»

He lay beside her,  takes her in his embrace making sure not to hurt her
While she keeps her head on his chest and wraps her hand around his manly torso
No words exchanged between them but just silent conversation . Feeling each other

« Tujhme main hoon, mujhme tu
Aur hai saansein roobaroo
Kuch bhi nahi ab dono ke darmiyaan»

Sanskar stroking her back to and fro
Sanskar – is it paining

Swara looks up at his face and then again keeps it on his chest
Swara pouts – very much

Sanskar smiles listening her voice

Sanskar – i want to see you in evening it self but dida stopped me

Swara – ya i know

Sanskar cups her face and makes her look at him
Sanskar – i was so scared seeing you in that position

Swara thinks from her little brain – why did he got scared? Do he care for me? Hmmm might be just because we are friends

She becomes sad thinking this
Sanskar – hey what happened

Swara nods in no and tries to get up but sanskar made his grip tight on her waist

Sanskar – don’t move Swara

Swara ignores him and struggles to free herself

Sanskar sighs and pins her beneath him taking care of her wounds

Swara – leave me
She tries pushing him but ge was strong enough

Sanskar irritated – stop struggling Swara . Stubborn girl with little brain huh !

Swara angrily – how dare you say me that you hulk

Sanskar – seriously Swara hulk … Take a free advice and stop watching those stupid cartoons

Swara pouts angrily
Seeing her pout he urges to kiss them shamelessly but its not the correct time

He some how controls his hormones and lay beside her taking her again in his embrace

Sanskar sternly – sleep
He close his eyes

Swara blinks innocently and looks at his hand on her bare waist as still she is in her lehnega

Swara pov – oh god ! Damm this sanskar. He always make me lose my control and look now how is he keeping his hand on my waist only i know how i am controlling …. Huh monster

Her thoughts were BE men ny sanskar
Sanskar with still his eyes closed – stop cursing me and sleep Swara

Swara in mind – did i speak loudly or do he know some magic like in my barbie move her lover can read her mind

Sanskar – you didn’t say it loudly its just that i know how much your little brain works

He winks at her and again close his eyes

Swara rolls her eyes and hits his chest
Swara – idiot

Sanskar laughs slightly
Morning around five

Sanskar sleep breaks due to sunlight
He looks at them and sighs
Then his eyes land on Swara who was sleeping cuddling more n more in him

He smile and pecks her forehead then nose

Sanskar – my innocent kiddo

He makes her lay on bed properly
Covers her with comforter and make bed towards door
While leaving he looks at Swara
Sanskar pov – don’t worry Swara i promise who ever is behind your this condition will pay for it …

He leaves from there
Precap – what do you all want

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