A Beautiful Distraction (chapter 6)

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So let’s start ,
Bose house
Swara was in her once used to room when her ma baba was not united
She is playing with fuzzy her boyfriend …… The little pug

Sanskar and dida are sitting in hall discussing something serious so let’s do there jasoosi ….

Dida – sanskar do you found those papers
Sanskar frustrated – nahi dida. I don’t know where have they kept them and about all this they are planning to make me marry

Dida shocked – make you marry …. But how

Sanskar explains all what he heard when he returned mm after meeting Swara . There he saw badi ma also ….

Dida more shocked – ap is also involved

Sanskar emotionless face – ha dida they already have mine uttra and mom dad sign in those papers and after i will be married they will take my wife sign and whole share which we have in property will go to bade papa

Dida – i didnt knew for property Dp and ap can stoop so low …..

Sanskar angrily – let them do what they want to but when i will start playing my cards then there whole kingdom will collapse (smirks)

Dida – i think you should go its not safe for you to stay here for long

Sanskar nods and silently leaves to gadodia house where both the families were present discussing about raglak engagement ……

Next day
Whole badi was decorated beautifully. Gadodia house is decorated like a bride after all its the engagement of its most favoured daughter ragini ?

Maheshwari arrives there all dressed like typical marwadi
Dadi dada shekhar welcomed them …

Shomi brought ragini down who was dressed in same dress she snatched from Swara doing drama

Dadi – where is Laksh ap ji

Ap – laksh is coming with sanskar

Dadi – oh

Here comes our hero dressed in royal off white sherwani ….. Behind him Laksh comes in his purple colour sherwani

Acting like mad yet sanskar was looking smart handsome dashing hot …. Hmmm you guys add more

Ragini pov
Omg my Laksh ji is looking so handsome
I am so happy to get him . I smiles looking at him but i get surprised seeing him smiling back and then he starts approaching me . Now i know he will complement me after all i am wearing his favourite color dress. He is still smiling and moving towards me. His gaze is making me weak. I look down shyly seeing him so near me …. I am waiting to hear his complement and finally my wait is over

Laksh – you are looking like an angel in this dress …… SWARA

Oh wait did i heard right he said Swara . I immediately looked up , he is not in front me but i heard his voice ….
Then again i heard some voice

Voice – thank you Laksh

What the hell i turned around and found my Laksh ji standing so close to Swara . How dare this Swara . She is snatching my Laksh ji from me . I will not leave her. And from where she got such expensive dress. I know she wore it deliberately to attract MY Laksh ji ? ?
Ragini pov over (Friends first time i wrote in someone pov i hope its not bad )

One pair of eye was also seeing swalak with anger . He was non other than jealous ops sanskar maheshwari

Dadi came near ragini and held her from shoulder
Dadi – ladoo chal muhrat ka time ho gaya hai . Re Laksh tu bhi aa ja (laksh you also come )

Both raglak went in center of hall for exchanging ring

Swara was also about to move there when a strong pair of hands slide on her hate waist pulling her out from hall to a line corner making sure no one see them

Swara gasped in shock and was about to shout when the person key his hand in her mouth still his other hand was on her waist caressing it smoothly yet senseously

Her eyes wide knowing who the person is
She instantly look up only to meet his intense eyes ….

He slowly moves his hand away from her causing his fingers to rub on her lips sensing several shivers down her spine

His hand moves to wall for support and he leans his face near her ear
Her both hands which were rested on his chest moves to his sherwani collar holding them tightly for support

His hit breath on her sensitive skin is making her knees goes weak

He smirks on her skin seeing his effect on her and grips her tiny waist more tightly

Person – you are mine only mine

With this he softly pecks her ear lobe and leaves from there hurriedly but Swara stood there with a deep frown hearing him

She was breathing heavily . She can still feel his touch , his cologne ….

She took several breathe to control her heart best

Swara pov – what does he mean by ” you are mine only mine” . How can he say this to me? Don’t he love kavita? Didn’t he came here for taking revenge of her death? Oh god this sanskar is so confusing. But then …. (she remembers recent incident) offo Swara stop thinking so much otherwise your little brain will blast. I think he thought me as kavita that’s why he said like this .

A layer of pain covered her heart but then she composed herself and went in hall

Sanskar side
he came and stood beside ram
Ram – sanskar beta where did you went

Sanskar scratching his head like a child – vo …. Dad ….. Vo ….. washroom …

Ram smiles – on now dont go anywhere without informing

Sanskar smiles childishly to ram
As ran got busy in ceremony sanskar also went in thoughts

Sanskar pov – oh damn you sanskar . Can’t you control your feelings . What did you just do with Swara . She still thinks that i love kavita and came for her revenge, she dont know my real motive of being here and now she will run her brain and i don’t want to get her involved in any king of trouble . Oh god where an i stuck ….. ( suddenly something strikes him ) oh how can i forget she might be five feet four inch but her brain is tiny which she rarely use

He smiles like an idiot on his own thoughts

Soon ceremony for over. Guest also starts to go after having dinner

Now only gadodia and maheshwari were left behind

All say on chairs for having dinner …..

As usual ram was feeding sanskar and he was showing tauntrams

Laksh also came with his plate
He saw that the chair beside Swara is empty
So he stars moving there
Ragini looks at this and fumes in anger
Laksh comes near swara
Laksh – if you don’t mind can i sit here
Swara looks up at him then the empty chair
She nods silently and starts having her food
Lal sh gets disappointed seeing her cold behaviour but still some what happy that she said yes to sit beside her
He initiated a talk with swara after making himself comfortable on chair

Laksh – swara i am sorry for that day

Swara just gives him blank expression

Laksh – swara plss talk to me i will not do this again plss

Swara sternly – laksh it will be better if you ear your good silently and get lost

Laksh felt bad but still smiles
Laksh – finally you said something

Swara glares him

Two person who were not able to hear the convo between swalak fumes in anger + jealousy seeing them (guess who)

Ragini pov – huh look how she is sticking to my Laksh ji i need to do something to this Swara otherwise she will snatch my Laksh ji from me ?

Sanskar pov – look how this fevicol maheshwari (laksh) is sticking to my innocent Swara . I swear if i was not on this maheshwari se revenge lo mission i would have stick him to nagin ? that too with fevicol huh ….

Precap – swara rolling on stairs ….. Sanskar helpless ……. Ragini smirking …..??

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