A Beautiful Distraction (chapter 4)

Ragini came to her room running and closes the door with bang

Ragini angrily – how can Laksh ji love Swara. How can he ….. (she heard all the convo between swalak)

She threw a vase on mirror causing them to break in several pieces

Ragini madly – Laksh ji is just mine . He is mine . I will not let Swara snatch him from me. He is mine (shouts)

She takes her phone and calls someone …
Swara steps inside badi when dadi shouts on her

Dadi – where were you whole night chore

Swara – dadi vo … Interrupted
Dadi – i don’t want to listen to your lies might be with some boy malinging our respect

Swara with tears in her eyes – dadi there is nothing like that

Dadi – shut up i don’t want to listen to your nonsense and now just go with ragini she has to do shopping for her marriage and dont you dare do some drama

Swara silently moves out controlling her tears … While ragini follows her with a smirk

Ragini monologue – swara after today you will remove the thought of laksh ji from your mind …..

Shopping mall …..
Swaragini came out from a shop holding many bags …..
Ragini handles all the bags to Swara
Ragini – swara you keep them in car till i will do my rest of the shopping …. You directly come to kaka shop …..

Swara just nods and leaves from there to parking lot
Ragini smirks evilly
She calls someone
Ragini on call – she is coming to parking lot do your work nicely

Os – yes mam and our money

Ragini – don’t worry you will get it after work is done ….
She cuts the call and laughs
Ragini – enjoy Swara ……

In parking lot
After keeping the bags in car Swara was coming back when two men block her way

She tries to move from other side but they stop her by keeping hand in front of her .. .

Swara angrily glares them
Swara – leave my way

Men 1 – chodane ke liye thodi na raasta roka hai madam ji (we have not block the way to leave madam ji )

Men 2 – vaise you are very hot madam ji
He came close to her
Swara gets afraid seeing them coming close to her she takes few steps back in fear but both holds her one hand …..

One pair of eyes were watching this 
He immediately calls someone …..
Person – hello sir

Os – yes mike say
(You might have guessed whom he have called …. Remember part 3 …. Sanskar and mike convo)

Mike – sir mam came in parking lot and when she was returning few men blocked her way …. He narrated everything

Sanskar blood boils listening this
Sanskar shouts – so what the hell are you waiting for go and save her damit

Mike – yes sir . ..
He kept the call and immediately moves towards them ….. Sanskar also climbs down from window and leaves to mall

Here those goons were trying to get close to her when mike comes and pushed them

Mike to Swara – are you alright mam

Swara just nods in fear ….

Goons – who are you and dont you love your life that came here

Mike in mind – ary idiots i love my life that’s why came here …. He thinks about sanskar and shook his head …..

Mike – if you love your life then go from here otherwise

Goons – otherwise what

Mike – otherwise this …. And he starts beating them …..
Obviously he is a trained fighter that’s why sanskar kept him for Swara safety so no chance of those goons wining

He beats them harshly those goons ran from there saving there life

Mike cleans his cloths
Mike – mujhse pange lene chale the

He turns to Swara and finds her shivering in fear

Mike in mind – oh damn man she is so sensitive

He comes near her

Mike – mam are you alright

Swara – yes….. Thank you

Mike smiles – its ok mam now i think i should move …..

Swara nods with a fake smile (guys more Swara don’t know him as sanskar has kept him for her safety she just thought of him as a stranger who helped her)

She moves inside mall to ragini …..

Swara comes and stands beside ragini

Ragini looks at her pale face and thinks that her plan has worked and smirks evilly in mind

Ragini with fake concern – swara are you alright

Swara fakely smiles

Ragini hands her a dress
Ragini – swara ho try this it will look good on you

Swara – but ragini whats the need

Ragini – ary i have selected it for you … You will wear this only in my engagement now go

She forcefully drags Swara to changing room

Swara tries that dress but she was struggling to pull the chain as her hands were not reaching her back ……

She was busy pulling the chain when suddenly someone comes in and immediately locks the door

Swara gets shock seeing the person and immediately covers her back with her hairs

Swara – what are you doing here sanskaar

Sanskar with concern cups her face
Sanskar – swara are you alright

Swara blinks her eyes several time looking sooooooo innocent

Sanskar smiles seeing her and kisses her forehead softly …..

Swara close her eyes tightly fisting the dress in her fingers when sanskar lips touched her forehead

A shiver ran down from both there bodies
Sanskar caress her cheek with one hand while his other hand slides on her waist pulling her on himself

Swara was too lost in his touch to think anything ….. Her mind went numb and her heart was enjoying the sweet essence of touch …..

He slides her hair to her left shoulder and looks at her back through mirror

He takes her in his embrace smelling the aroma of her skin which as usual is driving him crazy ….

He carefully pulled the chain of her dress and slightly kisses in her nape ……
Swara breath gets heavy feeling him so near her …..
He took a step back still gazing her face .She has closed her eyes tightly still under his effect
Sanskar smiles looking at her …..
He moves the tip of his figers from her shoulder to fingers and slowly held her hand

Sanskar lovingly – swara

Swara opens her eyes and finally looks at him ….. A short cute eyelock takes place which was disturbed by nagin ops ragini

Ragini – swara come fast yaar

Swara gets nervous and her eyes wide seeing sanskar leaning towards her lips

Swara immediately – i am coming ragini
She pushed sanskar slightly and went out making sure ragini doesn’t see sanskar …..
Ragini notice Swara who was smiling brightly ….
Ragini monologue – I thought that she will be hurt and in trauma after those goons will molest her and will be away from my Laksh ji for few days but here she is smiling … Oh god now she will take him away from me no no no i will not let this happen

Sanskar smiles keeping his right hand on his heart
Sanskar – swara you are playing with my mind ….. No one have the capacity to make me loose my control but you …..
He nods his head and also left from there

Swaragini enters and ragini happily went near dadi and hughes her …
Ragini – dadi you know i bought so many dresses for me wait i will show you

She ask Swara to keep all the shopping bags on table and started showing it to dadi …..

At that time laksh also came .ragini blushed seeing him.  He took blessing from dadi and shekhar hughes shomi …..
He smiles looking at Swara whole Swara stood there with no emotion ….

Dadi – ary damad ji come ragini did shopping for engagement come and see

He smiles and sit beside ragini

Ragini gets happy and stars showing him what all she bought

Ragini showing a pink color lehnga
Ragini – Laksh ji i bought it for our engagement . You know pink color is my favourite

Laksh passes her a tight smile
Laksh – its good ragini
He turns towards Swara
Laksh – swara what you bought

Swara angrily – nothing

Dadi shouts – swara give respect he is damad of this house now show him what you bought

Swara nods silently and unwraps a purple colour dress which ragini selected for her and keeps it in front of laksh

Laksh – wow it is beautiful. Its my favourite color and on engagement i am wearing purple sherwani only

Ragini angrily looks at Swara and then her dress
Ragini in mind – how dare Swara . She knew that Laksh ji will like this that’s why she bought this dress . She is trying to snatch Laksh ji from me .

Laksh stands up
Laksh – now i should leave
Shekhar – why do early stay for sometime Laksh – No no papa i just came here to meet someone (he gazes Swara ragini notice this and books in anger) so not i will take a leave

He left from there

Ragini collected all things and left to her room stamping her foot

He angrily banged the door behind her and threw her dress on bed
She looked around madly ….. When her eyes caught press

She bought it and plugged it in letting it to heat for sometime

She took it and kept it in her lehnga
Ragini – Laksh ji didn’t like this dress na so how come i have something which is not his choice …..

She moves it after few min …. The lehnga was burnt very badly …..

She threw it in dustbin and slept thinking something

Swara room
Swara was not getting sleep. She was again and again turning on bed. Today  parking lot scenes were running in her mind ……
Fear starts to occupy in her heart remembering them . Tears formed there way from her eyes
She was lost in her thoughts when she heard some noise

She immediately sits on bed and looked towards window

Swara – who is there at this time
She gets more afraid

The person was continuously banging the window

She gets up and took out the flowers from pot and held the flower pot tightly in her hand

She opened the window and was about to hit the person but he felt her hand on right time
Swara looks on shocked

Person jumps inside room and took pot from Swara hand and kept it on table

Swara – sanskar

Sanskar smiles and cups her face
Sanskar – i know you might be crying like a cry baby thinking about those morons so thought to come here and enjoy the show

Now this was like another shock for her
Swara in utter disbelief – don’t tell me that you are spying on me

Sanskar pats her cheek – i didnt knew cry baby is this much intelligent . Now come and sleep i am toh feeling very sleepy

He lies on bed

Swara – sanskar that’s my bed get up from it

Sanskar ignores her and pretend to sleep
She signed and went on couch she was also feeling sleepy and tired from today incident so does not have any energy to fight from him …

Soon sleep took over her
After some time sanskar opens his eyes and looks at Swara who was sleeping like a child . He smiles and went near her

He carefully picks her up like a bridal style making sure not to disturb her sleep and made her lie on bed
Covering  her with comforter he kisses her forehead

Sanskar – have sweet dreams jaan (shocked everyone ?)

Looking at her for one last time he went from there through window
Ok friends i want to know what you all want next ..

Swasan past
Sanskar real motive of coming back
Ragini obsession

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