A Beautiful Distraction (chapter 3)

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Now let’s start ,

Swalak were standing outside sanskar room after making sure that he is sleeping

Swara tries to move to hi st room but Laksh stops her ….

Laksh – swara i want to tell you something

Swara – hmm say …

Laksh stammering – um n don’t ….. know how …. to say …. Vo i …. vo

Swara – Laksh say properly

Laksh takes deep breath
Laksh – swara i don’t want to marry ragini

Now it was like a shock for Swara …. She looks at him
Swara panicked thinking about how this news will shatter ragini and break her heart

Swara , Laksh why sudden decision look if you and ragini fought then you both can talk and sought it out but don’t do this she will break …..
She said holding his right hand between her palm

Laksh – No Swara this is wrong this marriage is wrong and how can i marry ragini when i love you Swara …..

Swara immediately jerks his hand from hers
Swara angrily – are you out of your mind Laksh . How can you say like this when day after tomorrow is your engagement

He tries cupping her face but she moves back
Laksh – swara engagement is not yet done so it is not a big issue we will tell everyone that we both love each other and want to marry

Swara raise her hand to slap in disgust when someone stops her and pushed her back hardly ….

Swalak looks shocked at the person

Swara whispers – ragini

Ragini shouts – swara how dare you to raise your hand on Laksh ji

Laksh – ragini please its not her fault

Ragini angrily – its her fault Laksh ji always trying to snatch my happiness. And now roaming around my husband shamelessly

Laksh – ragini please stop

While swara was too shock to response …. It hurts her …. Hurts her heart to listen such harsh word from her sister mouth

Before ragini continues hurting Swara more Laksh forcefully took her from there

But a pair of eyes was watching all this drama with rage eye
Swara stood there still in the isolated corridor with silent tears slipping from her eyes

Before she could recover from the shock a hard masculine hand wraps around her waist and pulls her inside room

Swara tries shouting but the person closes her mouth with his hand ….

He was standing too close …. Too dead close to her such that there bidies were just inches apart

She struggles to free herself but then her teary eyes meets his red burning eyes in the dim light of moon

Person – don’t shout and dare you move

He left her and switched on the lights of room

Now she can get the clear view of him
Swara – sanskar now what do you want

Sanskar ignores her and walks close to her
Sanskar sternly – swara stay away from Laksh

Swara head snaps at him
Swara – and now you will tell me what i have to do and what not

Sanskar angrily hold her arms
Sanskar – swara i am not telling you but ordering you

Swara in same tone – and if i do not listen to you then

Sanskar – swara you have no other choice
Swara pushed him getting out from his right grip
Swara – mr maheshwari its not your office and i am not your employee over here so that you just order me and i listen to you saying yes sir

Sanskar calms down a bit but still was some what angry
Sanskar – look swara i am here for revenge and to snatch everything from these maheshwari’s and Laksh is my first target. i will snatch his love like he snatched mine and here he started loving you so is you dont get away then unwantedly i have to hurt you

Now that it for Swara the person whom she loves from all her heart and soul is just thinking about his mere revenge being all selfish …. No she can’t stand here more its all suffocating her …… Without wasting time she left from there running ….. Running away from all this mess in her life ….

As soon as Swara left from room sanskar ganga his fist on wall

Sanskar – damit i hurted her again but i cant back of from my revenge these dad and son have some enough harm now its time for payback i will show them the same pain ….

She quietly stepped out of house where her friend was already waiting inside her car

Swara silently sits on passenger dear in front when she drive off

Swara – Thank you for coming at this time nandu …..

She couldn’t complete as she recieved a playful smak from nandini …..

Nandini – now you will say thanks to your besti also

Swara smiles at her

Nandini can sense her sadness but thought to fine her some time because she knew in the end of the day Swara will herself tell her but then she thought to change her mood

Nandini teasing tone – waise Swara you know your secret lover send one more letter today ….

Swara confused – i didnt remember we checked the letter box today in college then

Nandini – ary i was too desperate to know what he might have written today so i again went to college and took it now you stop asking question and read it …… Its there on back seat

Swara sighs and takes it and read out loud

«Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born : you are my dil my moon and all my stars. You are the key to my soul. Your presence in my life brings smiles and loving thoughts within my heart. Your beauty is unspeakable, your love is inescapable. And i have fallen deep for you. The heavens twilight stars, lit up the night sky, and i saw you through the midnight.


Nandini – he is damn deep in love with you

Swara thoughtfully – maybe

Scene changed to mm
Sanskar room
He was packing on his room roaming someone number

Sanskar frustated – why the hell this Mike is not picking up my phone i swear i will kill him if he do any mistake

After few seconds the call gets connected

Sanskar shouts – finally you got time to pick my call you blo*dy idiot

Mike – sorry sir

Sanskar – do hello with your sorry just tell me where is Swara

Mike – sir man is with her friend Nandini and both are driving back to Nandini mam house

Sanskar sharply – don’t dare you leave her alone

He cuts the calls and throws the phone on bed

He runs his finger in his hair
Sanskar – this little girl is playing with my mind …. She is too much …..
Ok guys you all might have many questions but please wait for few parts everything will be clear ….
Thank you for reading
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