The Beautiful Days Of My Life-segment 9

sharavan enters the car
shr: hey
suman: u r late
shr: seriously????
he looks at his watch
sumu: r u seriously a business man???
shr: yup I m the owner of malhotra industrial yar
suman eyes widen
suman: like seriously u r its owner???
shr smiles: yup
suman: I dnt believe it
shr: didn’t u get my name shr shr malhooooootrrrraaaaaa
suman:;yeah I wonder how a late comer boss handles his office
shr: much better than a nakchirhi boss
suman: u r taunting me???
shr: nope not at all

suman piches shr
shr screams: u billi
suman: haaaa u said me billi???
shr: yup I kept ur nick name r yar she to koi kisi ko kuch b bula skta h( my bro says me billi and says the same like seriously????)
suman: I will also keep ur name Mr Karela malhotra yeah karela ur nick name will b karela
shr: fine with me
suman : seriously???
shr: rules r followed by the people who make them
suman smiles: yeah so let’s go Mr karela
shr: yeah BTW u r looking gud
suman: u too
both smiles and drive off

shraman reach the beach
suman : so let’s go
shr: where???
suman: in the water
shr: no no no I dnt wanna die this much early I hate water
suman: nothing happens life ending doesn’t matter the thing matters is IS IT HAPPY ENDING OR SAD
shr smiles: hmmmm
suman = so let’s go
both go near water

suman: shr touch it
shr : nope no way
suman: I will make u wet otherwise
shr touches it
suman : shr do u know what does water reflects????
shr: what???
shr smiles: wow nice theory han
suman smiles

then suman starts splitting water on shr
shr: u said touch it I touched it then y this cruel treatmen????
suman smiles: oho yar enjoy
shr: ohk wait then
he throws water on suman but less that she don’t get drenched so does suman
suman : bhutta……….(sita ) corn ( I really dnt know what u guys say it we in seraiki say it sitta and but ta in Urdu )
shr: han WO raha
suman: I wanna eat
shr sits on the sand: go take it
suman: haaaa u should go
shr: y ???
suman: u r a boy???
shr: so is that something written in ginnese book of world record
suman: han???
shr: ja le k aa

suman goes and brings corn
Sherman eats it with joy : so u r MBA ???
shr: yeah any doubt???
suman: nope so u were topper ya bs ESE hi
shr: ooooooooo I was the topper ohk???
suman: wah
shr: and u???
suman: I did fashion designing as I like it
shr: hm ur profession suits u
suman: thanks
shr: so how many family me members u have
suman: ammm v r 4 mama papa preeti my sisi and me and u???
shr: ammm my mama my papa my bro push mtlb pushkar r me
suman: wah g wah
shr: thanks
suman: let’s leave yar
shr: y???
suman: mjhe fashion house m much kam h??
shr: then???
suman: then we will go to ice cream parlour
shr: u said we will spend our whole day together no work
suman: if u have ur company here then we would talk about that leave it let’s move
shr: nahhhhh
suman: come on karela
shr: ohk fine
they both sit in car and drive off
segment finishes

precap: ice cream parlor with fashion house

hey guys first of all sorry for the same precap but as I got time so I wrote but the time was not enough to make it complete so its half segment half on other day sorry for that
but guys I posted 4 days before
anyway tell me do u like it or not
via comments
and guys thank u soooo much for the wishes for my health on last chapter
seriously love u guys
I will post soon and ya I m lil better now but not fine so keep praying
take careand ya comments were low:'(


  1. Zainab

    Really liked it. Hope you get well soon. Post the next part when you get time and feel better. Will surely wait. Take care of yourself. Loads of love πŸ’•

  2. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    Awwww it was such a sweet nd cute seg….brilliant… Loved it soooooo much. Really enjoyed their closeness…FInally friendship’s magic working
    I wanna say post asap but then all i can say is take time and get well soon. Ur health matters more. love u dear

  3. sona

    Thanks for posting early..😊😊😊
    But I’m not getting one thing..they are in London right?
    Abh..London mey bhi beach hota hai kya?..
    I really don’t knwπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    Well..a nice one..😊😊
    Take care..
    And our prayers will always b with youπŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

    • Ufaaq



      Ofooo sona di
      U mixed whole story in ur mind
      Shr lives in London went to Paris for some work while returning back to London flight landed in india due to some problem then airlines have some problem so he had to live in india
      Adi and suman lives in India
      India has a beach in Goa I guess
      I hope ur misunderstanding gets clear
      All the things r happening in India Yarr
      Ur welcome
      Hahahathank u sooooo much
      Thanks keep praying

      • sona


  4. Nikita


    |Registered Member

    Awhh it was adorable!
    Such a cute one!
    I love ShraMan here!
    Their nok-jhoks are so fun!
    I wanna say post soon, so do post soon, but after you’re fine!
    Get well soon and then post amazing episodes! πŸ™‚
    Love you!
    Take Care

  5. AnShIta


    |Registered Member

    Lovely episode di!
    Sorry for not commenting on earlier episodes..
    Shravan and his cuteness😍😍
    Do post soon!
    Love you!😘😘😘😘😘

  6. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Uffu sorry didnt comment on last 1 WiFi problem.r u not okay my darli g.kya hoya.everything fine.lll
    Get well soon.
    Ur epi kya kaho kuch bacha hi nhi ur dis story is just fwb.
    Loved it.
    U wrote beautifulpy.
    Shravo cute cute.
    Love u

    • Ufaaq



      Its ohk my bhangre wali no worries
      Lil ill BT I m fine now dnt worry
      Thank u soooooo much puni
      Sharo is always cute

      Love u too

  7. Aishani Purkayastha

    Hey myy didu…😘
    Di if from next time you don’t take care of your health it won’t be good!! How could one be so careless about their own health!! Get well soon plzz!!! Btw… Poem jalaayi nyi na…???πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And did you enjoy with your bro!??πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ Well…. Before time likha usme no prob after all I always wait for it eagerly and short hain ussey bhi no prob coz content is aweeeesssssoooooommmmeeeee πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ‘ supperrr se bhi upperrr…. hehe!! And yaa… If you can then plzz help me to register !!! πŸ˜… Btw….. My didu I will be waiting for you to get well so that you start replying again!! Really missing you…πŸ˜₯ Plzz come back soon !!!
    Your Shani😊

  8. Affaa


    |Registered Member

    Hiiii… Do you know nah… OK I’ll give intro… I’m affa… Ff writer 7 chumzzzzzzz….and I have one sis.. I call her cul bulli… She is more sweet then gulab jaamu… She is my little princess… U may think why I’m saying all this for u right… She is also I amazing writer like….now she is writing on ff the beautiful day of my life… It just mind blowing… I love it sooooooo much… She is very talented…
    And this episode fantastic, fabulous, marvelous…. Keep writing like this keep rocking love you lots…

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