The Beautiful Days Of My Life-segment 7(want opinion)

hey guys I want ur opinion on something plzzzzzz don’t neglect it its feeling so plzzzzz BT not now in the end
epi starts:
party starts
shr enters the party wearing black pant red-black shirt and black blazer and was looking solo much handsome that any girl will go flat on him
adi: where is shr???
he sees shr
adi: oye hoye aj to bijliyan gir rae hain
shr: oh really where????
adi: in mehra mansion
shr laughs
shr: oh adi u r not looking that much handsome hahahha
adi: lanat h there p I was talking about u
shr: oh really thanksss yar
adi: haha very funny ur biglian gave me current shock hat yahan se
he leaves

shr: hahaha bechara
shr goes to bar counter
waiter: yes sir
shr: a soft drink plzzz
girl comes
girl: soft drink I think man like bear in these parties
shr smiles:yeah they do BT difference of personality u know
girl: oh so u r saying u r different
shr: nope I m not saying I m different
girl smiles: I like ur attitude
shr: thanks
girl: what do u think I should take
shr: except me all urs
girl: oh really y u can’t???
shr: I m engaged
girl: oh really???
shr: hmm
girl: where is ur ring
shr: I dnt like to wear
shr qaas trying his best to get rid of that girl
girl: oh so who is the lucky one
suman enters wearing baby pink saree with open hairs and light makeup
shr sees her and gets mesmerized like really is this miss billi
shr: oh bete ki……..
girl: what???
girl: I said who is the lucky one???
shr points towards sumo: she
girl sees sumo

girl: oh nice choice
shr : thanks and leaves
shr goes to suman
shr: hey miss billi I mean miss malik
sumu: bye
shr: oh so u r going back bye bye
sumu: oh god will u plzzz shut ur mouth up mr malhotra
shr: yeah sure BTW some one is looking amazing
sumu smiles : oh really who???
shr: me who else
suman smiles fade away: yeah ur imaginations
shr: yup thanks
suman: oh god
she leaves
she meets adi
she sees towards shr
shr makes face
suman gwta irked
scene split on shr making face and suman irked face
precap: a long epi
heloooo guys I m really sorry I didn’t mean to go low fro m ur expectation BT isko likhne ka mud nae tha sorry for that
and ya if u dnt comment about my epi its ohk
just read it and tell me how it was
its a poem written by my bro he write his name as malik so written by malik
on the door step of my heart
I heard the footsteps of yours

tears fetch my eyes up
which tear my heart apart

stumble my dreams and thoughts
crumble my hopes,which were lost

abduction is all what you did
destruction is what all u caused

I,abed my heart with flowers
you, site my heart on fire

you started abscission of my heart
its only you the key to stop

you tossed the papers of my vibe
you robbed the twinkle of my sky

its you,who is the kick start of my heart
its you ,who is the generator of my heart

I wanna feel your love,infect me with it
I wanna feel your touch, touch me with it

you are the hope of my spirit
you are the grim of my soul

you are the life boat of my flood
you are the red colour of my blood

love knot of my string
its you the only spring
so guys how it was its one of my brother’s big treasure which he had given me to burn
but I dnt think it deserve burning I have alpt of his poems to burn but I didn’t so guys tell me how it was should I burn it ???
or publish it so,where with his name so opinion needed
plzzzzz read
and tell me how it was
take care
love u guys

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  1. Uffu letting the epi side
    Ur bro nailed it man
    U should really publish it
    As its really gud n easy to connect
    It’s actually nice…. Thts what i think
    Baaki its upto u
    Btw nice update waiting for the next part
    Lots of luv

    1. Ufaaq

      Yup let it aside
      Yup me too think so I will surely publish it somewhere
      Thank u soooopp much yar for reading it
      I will post asap
      Love u
      Take care

  2. No need of burning it its nice n epi was also awsm I m waiting fr next post it asap

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooo much yar
      Posted u know

  3. Aishani Purkayastha

    Hii dii….?
    Howzz you doing ??
    Well the episode was quite short but it was super duper !! Finally Shravan has started feeling a lil about sumo…???? About the poem… I guess you shld publish it coz it’s great !! ?? It’s heart touching !! Very well written !! Btw… Will be waiting for your next segment !! Keep that lil long !!
    Your Shani?

  4. LogaMegan

    Hey ufaq ep was amazing dr
    U loved ur brothers poem it was awe amazing
    Post the next part soon
    Lots of love

  5. Sandra Antony

    nice episode
    update next part soon

  6. U brothers poem is amazing and ur ff too. Both brother and sister r brilliant writers. Plz post asap.?

  7. awesome epi
    and the poem was beautifully written
    loved both
    so don’t make us wait more post the next part

  8. Hey ufaaq…
    Episode awesome tha yaar…
    I’m eafmgerly..waiting for next part..
    And about the shayaries..
    Its superb..bahut acha hai…?????tumhari ff sey bhi acha..haha??????

  9. WeirdSister

    M upset…
    Y so short epi…?
    I was waiting so eagerly….???
    Anyway…it was amazingggggggg….!!
    Loved it totally…
    Coming to ur bro’s poem…
    Let me tell I just love reading all sorts of poems…!
    So it was really good…
    Publish it on wattpad…what say??
    Nd plz post ur next part soon..
    M waiting…
    Love ya..!

    1. Ufaaq

      Dnt be upset WS I have posted next epi it will publish soon so dnt worry y my dear
      Thankmu soooooooo much yar
      I will see where to post it thank u solo much yar
      Posted bus tu Walton se kaho jaldi publish KDE
      Love u too

  10. Uffaq the episode was fantastic???. Please post next segment as soon as possible. Very anxious to know about it . N your bro poem was superr se bhi upparr ?????

  11. hey di iam back after the wonderful durga puja.. loved the epi but expected a long one.. precap was grand but post asap,,
    the poem was tooo good..

  12. Anushika

    It was just amazing….Didi, I think you should post it on Wattpad… You will be able to give credit to him on that..
    Post soon..
    Waiting eagerly

  13. Aishani Purkayastha

    Dii…Can you do a lil favor to me… ?? Actually m not able to register !! Can you register for me… My name Aishani Purkayastha and email id is [email protected]

  14. the episode was brilliant and the poem is just fabulous no words to say for this poem

  15. Ariana

    Hey I’m angry nd sad too…y a short epi? Now u can only make me happy by posting a longer epi next time and that should b very quick. Post asap!! Like tmrw. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. btw jk. I can’t b angry on u. U wrote such wonderful shots ho can I say angry. And ur bro’s write up is just…… speechless!

  16. pretty preeti

    Uffu ur bhangra wali vapis.
    It was soooooo gud.
    Firstly u write marvellous.
    It ws short but sweet.
    Loved it.
    Ur bros awesome.
    Why he want those to be burn.
    I loved it.
    Soooooo superb.
    U and ur bro superstars.
    Loved it also

  17. Rukhsar

    The epi was soo cute ufaaq just like u
    And yeah u should not burn the poem u should publish it somewhere so that ur bro gets credit bcz it was amazing

  18. Fatimagulesarfraz

    hey ufaq deary !!!! this ep was awesome as alwaysss ..
    bt bt bt ….
    ur brother’s poem .. OMG !!!!! that was aammmmmmmaaaaaazzzzzzzzziiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggg …
    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwessooommmeeeee …
    nd dont burn it .. its just fantabulous …
    Aha !!!!! Now i can say u not only belong to dr’s. family bt poet’s tooo 😉 ..
    take care .

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