The Beautiful Days Of My Life- Segment 6

suman enters adi’s mansion suman comes inside shr sees him through upper storey
shr: welcome miss malik
suman looks here and there shr hides himself
adi comes and greets her
adi: miss malik right???
suman smiles : yeah mr aditya mehra ????
afi; yup please come
he takes suman to drawing room
suman: my people will bring designed clothes in a while
adi: no worries u sit here coffee????
suman: no thanks
adi: r u sure????
suman: yeah
adi: ohk than I will call my friend I will be back
suman: yeah take ur time
adi leaves

on the other side shr comes out of mansion and sees suman cars
shr: u hid my car key now I will tell u who I m
he goes and takes out a pin from his pocket and punctures all the tyres with the pin
shr: now bye bye miss malik
he was happy like he had done a great job
he enters mansion again
afi: where were u??? I was finding u???
shr: y Mr mehra???
adi: Mr mehra????
shr: its ur name u pagal
adi: oh God shut up shr
shr: how dare u to say me shut up
adi: like that only shut up shr
shr: ohk fine WO designer aae????
adi: yup she came
shr: ohk then let’s go
adi: no I will call her here
shr: sounds OK

people enters with many dresses in mehra mention
suman also comes out
she sees shr: u? what r u doing here???
adi: he is my friend
suman: he is ur friend????
shr: yup I m do u have any problem miss billi???
suman: what???
shr: I mean miss malik
suman: no I dnt have
shr: gud ramu kaka bring water
ramu kaka brings water he takes it when kaka was going to give water to suman shr forwards his leg water fall on suman
shr: oh fish
suman: what the……..
kaka: I m sorry
shr: its OK its OK kaka u please leave
he leaves
shr: miss malik y dnt u go to washroom
suman: yup where it is ???
shr: straight and then left
suman: hmmm I will be back u guys select ur dresses
suman leaves
shr: I have to make important call I will be back adi u select
adi: ohk come soon
shr: h,mmmm aya
shr leaves and goes behind suman

suman locks the door inside and starts drying her clothes with tissue
shr from the out side locks the door and says to himself: enjoy miss billi
shr smiles and leaves
he starts selecting clothes
suman on the other side tries to open the door but it was locked
oh god who the hell has locked the door she starts knocking the door and continuously knocks
suman: helpppppp plzzzzzz somebody hellpppppp I m stuck here
but no body was present
suman: oh god what I m gonna do
in hall
adi: so selected
shr: no I m not liking anyone
adi: yar itne ache to hain
shr: ahmmm I will be back
shr goes to the main switch and removes the plug due to which half house was lighted and half was not
shr again comes back to hall ,hall was lighted
adi: select kr le shr party sham ko h
shr: han wait he again starts seeing clothes
suman on the other side was very much scared of darkness this much that she begin to weep
God olzzzzzzz somebody open the door plzzzz yar open the door I m scared plzzzzzzz

she was continuously knocking the door and was weeping
in hall after 25 minuts
adi: where is miss malik???
shr: chor see I like this one
adi: great OK u take it then
shr: yup ohk I will wear that only
adi: where is miss malik ??? u go and see her
he says to one of the employ of suman
she goes
shr gets busy again
she comes back: sir there is no light in the room
adi: what???? howz that possible
shr: fuse ur gaya hoga I will check
adi= hmm go
shr goes and plugs in the plug light comes
suman: thank god light came she again knocks the door
employ goes an do pens the door
suman wipes away her tears and comes out
adi: miss malik u took so much time
employ: no someone locked thee mam in the washroom
adi: what???
shr laughs: seriously hahaha
adi: shut up shr
shr stops laughing
adi: I m really sory
suman; hmm its OK u guys have selected ur dresses???
shr: yup we did
suman : cool so I will send u them in an hour now I have to leave
adi: will u attend my party tonight
suman: sorry I m rather busy
shr: really r u prime minister
suman: no but……..
adi: no but what plzzzzzzz
suman smiles: OK
suman leaves the mansion shr also leaves behind him
she goes towards her care and sees all tyres puncture: what the hell?????
shr: hey miss billi I mean miss malik
suman: turns : u did this.????
shr: ammmmmmmm han
suman: what the hell is wrong with u how I would go my home
shr: ohhhhh same way by which I went home when u hid my car key
suman: oh u did this to take revenge
shr: told u naw I will take my revenge BTW how was ur washroom adventure
suman: u did that?????
shr: yup any doubt????
suman: nooooo how dare u???
shr: like the way u dared miss malik
suman: Maine tooooo
shr: shut up that was the reaction of ur action. I hope u enjoyed
shr smiles where as suman fumes

suman: I m not gonna leave u
shr: best of luck
suman hits her foot and leaves in taxi
shr smiles: at last the revenge taken aj ka din barra acha guzre ga
scene splits on shr smiling while suman angry face

precap: bta dun …………………………..better luck next time aj mud nae ha …………….hahaha

helloooooooooo guys
how r u????
gud I know the epi is not up to ur expectations and I m sorry for that but I was not getting any idea so I guys read it and say ur opinions openly
sorry again
meet u soon
till than take care
and do bhangra
with love

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  1. Of course..
    Its up to my expectations..
    I love to watch shraman tashan..and I fond here. the next part soon????

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooo much
      I will post asap
      Take care

  2. This was really good. Liked it. ?
    Your story is very interesting.
    Excited for the next episode. Post soon please. Take care. ?

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooo much znb
      I m glad u like my story line
      Me too
      I will post asap
      Take care

  3. Ariana

    I laughed hard the whole epi just imagining Sumo’s situation. Ik u didn’t mean any “fun” but i couldn’t stop myself. Shravan’s revenge was damn cool…I feel like the taxi drive or someone else will try to harass Sumo nd Shravan with help now blah blah blah…idk too filmy…just post sooooooooooooooooooooooon coz i don’t wanna bring out other possibilities nd turn into a fool.
    Love u
    take care

    1. Ufaaq

      Hahahaha its ohk just keep smiling
      Thank u sooooo much
      Annnnnnn aru u revealed my story line chaval
      I will post asapppppppppppppp
      Yup plz dnt otherwise u will reveal my storyline
      Love u toooo
      Take care

  4. Anushika

    Awesome episode.. Poor Sumo…But I had a smile on my face reading this FF….
    Post soon
    Love you didi

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooo much
      Oh keep smiling
      I will post asap
      Noshi what’s ur age????
      Should I call u noshi plzzzzz???
      Love u tooo dear
      Take care

      1. Anushika

        Ufaq didi,You are most welcome to call me Noshi..
        I am 11yrs old

      2. Ufaaq

        Just 11 years not bad
        Glad u permitted
        Sweet noshi

  5. WeirdSister

    Hey uffi…!
    Ur precap was just awesome…u know that?????
    No precap means..u will post really soon…!
    Oh my god what is happening wid the…playing revenge revenge?
    Anyway loved it..
    Waiting to c how love blooms up between them…
    Now bye..!
    Love u loads..
    Take care..

    1. Ufaaq

      Hey WS
      Yup I will try to post asap inshallah
      Hahahha thanks
      Revenge revenge game lol
      Thank u soooo much
      It will bloom plzzz wait for that
      Love u too
      Take care

  6. Poor sumo her condition hahahahahhhahahhahahahahhahahhaha
    Di post soon
    Plzzz tell the precap
    Cannot wait

    1. Ufaaq

      Hahahahahha thank u sooooo much yar Simi
      I will post asap
      Plzzzzz wait
      Next time I will
      Take care

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey nice epi liked it
    Shraman ???
    Poor sumo ?

    1. Ufaaq

      Heyyyyy fatarajo
      Thank u soooooo much
      Poor sumu hahaha
      Take care

  8. pretty preeti

    Ufi u rocked.
    Poor sumo.
    I loved it.
    It was marvellous.
    I m still laughing and doing bhangra.
    Logs of love.

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooo much
      That was reaction hahaha
      And keep smiling and keep doing bhangra
      Love u lots
      Take care

  9. Aishani Purkayastha

    You nailed it dii…??
    Shravan rocked… Suman shocked !!??
    And yes… It was up to our expectations !!
    Loved it and enjoyed it!?

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooooo much shanu
      U know what I posted this epi only to talk with u yar how r u????
      How’s ur festival going????
      I was busy in writing my shots but for u I stopped them and posted this segment so that I can talk with u
      Hahahah shr rocks always
      Thank u
      Y dnt u register ur self plzzzzzzz do it
      BTW how was ur holidays????
      Love u yar
      Take care

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Nice one ..
    Poor sumo .. naughty Shravan???

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooo much

  11. Aishani Purkayastha

    Very happy to know that you took out soo much time just for mee !! Love you too didu? you know… I just love talking with you !! I wait for your replies !! I am awesome!! How are you ?? My festival is gng to end and I enjoyed it a lot !! Your festival is coming!! Hope you enjoy a lot !! I saw the possession once when I was in Delhi… I was strucked in traffic that time I saw… I really liked it a lot !! I want to register but how to register !?
    You to take care
    Will be waiting for your Lovely reply?

    1. Ufaaq

      Me too very happy that u replied back
      Me too love talking with u
      I m better than better
      Its not festival yar its death ceremony pagal
      Ohooooo traffic sorry for that
      Open the menu it will ask u options there will b register option then register
      If u want I can help u ,u tell me ur email Id and name I will register otherwise u can do it ur self
      Love u
      Take care

  12. Aishani Purkayastha

    oops soory I didn’t knew that its sum1’s death ceremony !! Really sorry!! btw… post the next segment soon !! And I will regiater soon…thanks!!

    1. Ufaaq

      Its ohk
      I will post BT I dnt think u r gonna like it so sorry for that in advance
      Yeah do it soon

  13. not fair precape kyun nahi bataya??
    very bad………now I m dam curious
    toh plz jaldi post karna
    aur haan epi bohot bohot bohot acha tha
    loved it

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