The Beautiful Days Of My Life- Segment 3 ( love u guys)

next day
adi: ya shr now today is Sunday let’s go to roam city
shr; I dnt wanna go left right steering problem issue accident thapar………..
adi: hold on hold on thapar?????
shr comes in senses; nae nae I mean I dnt wanna roam the city
adi; but y???
shr: nothing I told u naw I dnt wanna roam the city
adi: then where u wanna go Mr shr malhotra
shr: when I went to Paris I took 2 or three dresses for meeting now I want more clothes so we can go to some fashion house
adi: ammmm ohk let’s go
shr: BT the fashion house must be of standard
adi: its out standing yar let’s go
shr: ohk let’s go
both leave in room

adi goes to pick up the call
shr starts seeing clothes suman was walikng busy in mobile phone shr tuns and collides with the girl suman mobiles fells down sum without seeing his face
sumu: wht the hell have u dine u and he blind insane
shr: oh oh helo dnt u dare
sum: what the hell she raises her eyes
suman: uuuuuuuuuuuu
shr: yes me
suman: yar h kia kaha tha agli bar samne aae to zor she thapar maron ge
shr: oh a cha try kr k dekho, hath na tor diye to phr kehna
sumu: how dare u???
shr: like the way u dare and dnt u dare u do that again
suman: uuuuu I will not leave u
shr: shr malhotra is not scared of u got that
suman: kitne batmeez ho tm
shr: us din chup tha because I was on mistake now I m not so dnt b over smart with me got that
suman: tm na choron GI nae tmhein
shr: hahha do whatever u wnan do now get aside I wanna go
shr pushes her aside and leaves
suman: what the hell how dare him I wilknt leave him u r gone Mr shr malhotra
suman stabes feet and leave
shr does his shopping and takes shopping bag from the counter and leaves
segment finished my dears

precap: shr : what the hell is this ???? which type of clothes these r???
so guys first of all thank u sooooooooo much my love ones
u guys supported me in my last part I was hell happy
BT plzzzzz be with me till last plzzzzzz
silent readers keep commenting love u guys
and sorry for short one and boring one epi no no no not boring haina???
ohk ihk enough enough
take care my sweeties
love u

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  1. Ufaaq..
    Sorry for not able to comment in last part
    ..little busy to read ffs..☺
    Well…it was gud..and bichara shravu…lagta hai sumo daat khaana hi naam ho gaya hai…
    Let’s see wt sumo will do next?

    1. Ufaaq

      Heyyyy sona di
      Its ohk its ohk no worries
      I can understand u r busy
      Thank u sooooo much
      Hahaha be hara shravuuuuu
      Hahahah sumu b
      Yup let’s see
      Take care
      Love u

  2. Beas

    Nice episode ? Post asap.

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u sooooo much
      I will try
      U too take care

  3. Neeti

    … thapparhahahaha, frm disappointed to luv u guys ka safar apko kaisa laga di???? phir se fight???…. mai ro dungi…. waise epi ws really nice… thappar prt usse v accha….pst nxt1 soon…hope u r nt naraz with me… luv u_ bye

    1. Ufaaq

      On the first it was not tooooo gud but now its amazing my old friends were back yar I m happy for that but u were still missing now u came thankngod
      Hahahha thapar hwheheh
      Dnt cry other wise I will start saying u cry baby neeti
      Thank u soooooo much
      I will try to post asap
      No not at all
      Love u too

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow loved it and also sumo as fashion designer u know i used to think if sumo wasn’t running pct maybe she would have run a boutique shop ?
    Loved shraman Nok jhok

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooo much fatarajo happy to see u alot
      Hmmmm I also love sumu as fashion designer
      Thank u soooooo much
      Take care

  5. Nikita

    hey, it wass amazinngg!
    Sorry ufi for not commenting on the last episodes, i’ve been busy lately!
    Love you loads!
    the nok-jhok was amazingg
    post soon!

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u sooooo much
      Its ohk its ohk busy seriously??? Kun g???
      Its ohk
      Love u more than lots
      Thank u soôooo much
      I will post asap
      Love u
      Take care

      1. Nikita

        Actually, my exams were on, then im a gujrati so navratri.. So.. a d plus me and my friends were hanging out.. n my net wasn’t working.soo.. you see.. *BUSY*

  6. Anushika

    Loved this episode to the core,Post the next episode ASAP

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u soooooo much anu
      I will post asap
      U take care

  7. Ariana

    Oh sry for a late comment. i had a busy day 🙁
    Okay so this part was moreeeeeeeeeeee than awesome. Their fights r killing up the whole story!!! Fire everywhere!!! I’m really excited. As per precap, I’m literally dying for next part so post sooooooon dear.
    I need to go to school so need to stop
    love u
    take care

    1. Ufaaq

      Ammmmmmm its ohk
      Busy day but y???? Studies????
      Aru what’s or age sweetu
      Thank u sooooooooo much
      Hahahaha yup they r
      Fire brigade will come slowly slowly
      Me too very excited
      I will try to post asap
      Ohk ohk have a gud day
      Stay hard
      Love u too
      Take care

  8. pretty preeti

    Ufu u made me die.
    Means it was fab
    Loved it.
    Sorry lambha comment nhi kr rhi cause i have to go but it SAS too gud

    1. Ufaaq

      Preety marna mat agar tm mar yar to main tmhari shadiI PR dance keses karon ge ???? Hahahha
      Thank u sooooooooo much dovy
      Ammmm got to go where????
      Ohk ohk enjoy
      Take care
      Love u

  9. Aishani Purkayastha

    Heyy dii…?
    In the last part… In your reply you asked me that can you call me Shani…. So yes ofcourse you can…. You can call me from any nickname you want !! ☺
    Btw… Epi was short but was cute and nice !!? Excited for the up coming episodes !! Waiting for every epi with much eager !!
    And loads and loads of love to you dii !!

    1. Ufaaq

      Heyyyy shani kese ho????
      Oh really thank u for permitting so sweet of u
      Yup it was short sorry for that
      Thank u sooooo much
      Me too very excited
      Loads of love to u too sweetheart
      A cha btw what’s ur age???? Class???? Where u belong??? India I think
      Ohk oihk so take care sweet
      Love u most

  10. This was more than amazing. I loved this episode more than the words can explain!!! It was brilliant. Their fight was epic.
    Post soon or I’ll die waiting.
    Loads of love. Take care ?

    1. By the way let’s introduce ourselves…
      I’m Zainab and I’m from Pakistan. I’m 17 and you?

      1. Ufaaq

        Yup let us
        I m ufaaq I m 16 and from pak 11th standard and belong from Punjab and u????

    2. Ufaaq

      Awwwww thank u sooooooooo much znb
      Hahahah fight oh no what I wrote
      U will post asap and ya plzzzzzzz dnt leave me by dieing
      Love u
      Take care:-)

      1. I’m from Punjab too. *high five*

  11. Affaa

    Ya Allah such a beautiful update… I felt bad when epi ended… Chul bulli beloved words… Hats off to u… I’m speechless after reading u update… Outstanding, mind blowing, amazing, awesome, fabulous.. Yaar… I’m proved of u really… Ur amazing writer….
    That I was shocked when my chul bulli called me di… Because my chul bulli always use to say my api is always mine… That chul bulli called me di…. After seeing ur really I was really happy… And haa filmy dialogue haa… OK how is my baby.. Api loves you soo much… Keep rocking like this.. Stay happy… Love you lots…

  12. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awesome one ..
    Sorry for being lateeeeeeeeee

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u aoooooo much fati
      Its ohk I can understand
      Love u
      And ya I like ur dp

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