The Beautiful Days Of My Life- Segment 1 (ufaaq back)

Airplane lands
a handsome man wearing black suit and black googles steps out and goes to reception
man;excuse me ???? when is the next flight to London????
receptionist:sir fifteen days
man:15 days ????? r u out of or senses do u know how many hours r there in 15 days ???? how my company will run????
recep: sorry sir BT there is some problem in airlines
man; hell with or airlines
he stables the table and leave
he takes out his phone and dials number of his friend adi
adi: hi yar how r u???
man: where r u????
adi: Ku????
man: where r u ???
adi; in my office
man: leave
adi: where????
man: airport
adi: kun Bhai????
man: because shr malhotra is waiting for u

adi jumps from chair; what u in India????
yes the man is non other than shr malhotra
sher: yup I m stuck here
adi: stuck how???
shr: no flight to London
adi: ohoooooo now r guys r gonna enjoy
shr: if u will come
adi: wait coming
shr cuts the phone
shr: ammmmmm hellloooooo India
adi reaches airport
shr throws his bag towards him
adi catches it
shr throws other bag
adi: tameez tameez
shr: chor aya WO main London ki roads PR
adi: main b he throws bag back to shr
shr doesn’t catches it
adi: y didn’t u catch it ????
shr: u threw u will pick it
shr goes and stands near car
adi; ugggghhhhhh and picks up the bag
he keeps it in car
both hug each other
adi: thank god u came to meet me
shr: hahahaha not to meet u I mnstuck ohk
adi gives him light punch on his belly
shr: ahhhhhhh u gunda
adi: u karela
shr: shut up let’s go
both drive off

a girl enters fashion house
ebpverybody in the staff wishes her morning
girl: morning
she enters the CEO cabin and sits on the chair
girl to her pa : where is Mr khan????
pa: mam I dnt know
girl: call him
pa: ohk
after 15 minutes mr khan enters
girl: where r the prepared files Mr khan???
khan: mam only some work is remaining
girl: I told u that before my arrival the files must be on my table
khan: ya mam but…….
girl: other wise????
khan: otherwise I will give my resignation letter
girl: and if u dnt give than????
khan: than u will give me my termination letter
girl: so the files r not here so where is or resignation letter????
khan: mam woooo I dnt have
girl: BT I have ur termination letter take it and leave
girl handopvers him termination letter Mr khan take it and leave
girl: u saw pia I had told him to do work honestly and on time but he never did so that’s the anjam………
pia: yes mam
girl; and ya now u conduct the interviews I need a new manager in my company till tomorrow
pia: mam tomorrow???
girl: you tommorow got it???
pia: yup mam
girl: warn a termination hahaha
pia: hahaha no mam there will b no need
girl: hm I have meeting u do or work bye
pia; ohk mam
that the suman malik owner of priya fashion house very strict in her profession BT very cool in normal life
segment finished

sooooooo helllloooooooo guys first of all I m really very sorry for being absent actually I had exams now over soooo I m free now
guys plzzzzzzz comment and tell me whether u liked it or not soooooo plzzzzz support
love u guys
take care

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  1. pretty preeti

    Ufffi thnk god u back.
    Missed u soooo much.
    This one was beautiful.
    Nice way of annnlucjng ur coming back.
    How r u.
    All the beat for results.
    Love u

    1. Ufaaq

      Missed u too
      Thank u soooo much preety
      How were ur exams???
      I m gud and u???
      Thank u sweety
      Love u too take care

  2. Beas

    Very awesome segment. Post asap. How is ur cat ???? Mine has turned more golu than before. It only eats , sleeps and plays a little bit.?

    1. Ufaaq

      Thank u sooooo much
      My catto does the same thing Sara din AC PR sota h
      Khata peta h r phr so jata h WO b kisi insan k swath
      So they r same golo
      Now I say him golo gowtham hahhaa

  3. Ariana

    Oh yah my sweet ufaaq is back!!!!! Missed u aloooooooooooooottttttttttttt dear. I’m glad u r back so now I can read ur dhamakedar shots…this was great. SHravan’s attitude is cool…..Sumo seems bubbly now their encounter would b amazing so I’m waiting for the next part….pls post soon dear. Love u

  4. This was amazing. I simply loved it. Post the next one soon. Take care ?

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